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RUSH: Here’s Candy Crowley from Saturday morning from CNN’s special coverage of Romney’s announcement of Paul Ryan…

CROWLEY: Not every Republican has signed on to this kind of… I mean, they will publicly, but there is some trepidation —

GLORIA BORGER: They’re afraid!

CROWLEY: — that this might be — uh, look… looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish, that, “Oh, my gosh, do we really want to talk about these things? Is this where we want to go? When the economy’s so bad, we coulda stayed on that!”

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah. She’s one of the debate moderators. She’s moderating the town hall on October 16th in Hempstead, New York. “It’s a death wish ticket! It’s a ticket death wish! Oh, my gosh, do we really want to talk about these things?” See, she thinks that putting Ryan on the ticket takes the economy out of play. I’m sorry, I think it does just the opposite. Somebody is going to need to ‘splain to me how putting Paul Ryan on the ticket, or having Romney on the ticket with Ryan, somehow takes the economy out of play.

It moves it front and center, as Romney and Ryan demonstrated throughout their appearances this weekend.

Now we have an inane media mantra. We have a montage here from Saturday and Sunday, a bunch of mainstream media people describing the race. And they’re all saying the same thing, by the way. It’s now a “choice.” You see, it’s not a referendum. It was gonna be a referendum on Obama. Romney had said that. But now he’s put Paul Ryan on the ticket, and it’s no longer a referendum on Obama, ’cause now that Ryan’s on the ticket. It’s now a “choice.”

Here. Listen and see if this makes any sense to you…

MARK MURRAY: They wanted to make this a referendum on Obama; now it’s a choice.

JOHN KING: Romney has tried to make it a referendum; now you have a choice.

CANDY CROWLEY: What Barack Obama wants to do is make this a the choice. Mitt Romney wanted to make this a referendum.

PERRY BACON: Is was going to be a referendum. (gasp) Now it becomes much more of a choice.

F. CHUCK TODD: This is not a referendum election; this is a choice election.

RICHARD LUI: No longer a referendum on the president. They now had to move into a choice election.

ROGER SIMON: (whispering) It makes the election not a referendum on Barack Obama.

DAVID KERLEY: This changes the storyline from a “referendum” on the president to a “choice” election.

GAVIN NEWSOM: We have a choice, and it’s no longer referendum.

RON BROWNSTEIN: … shift the election more toward the choice and away from the referendum.

RUSH: Isn’t this amazing how they all get the same fax? They get the same talking points, every one of these people. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, ten people in our montage. Remember when Bush put Cheney on the ticket, “It brings gravitas.” Now it’s a choice election, not a referendum election. What changed? Somebody smarter than I am is gonna have to explain this to me. Would somebody explain to me how in the world this all of a sudden did not become a referendum on Obama? Are they thinking that the previous Romney campaign was just to run out there, be a decent guy, nice guy, and talk about what a reprobate and a louse Obama is, how bad the economy is. But now that we got Ryan on the ticket, well, we’ve put an arch-conservative up there, and now that there’s a conservative on the ticket, oh, no, oh, no, the American people hate conservatives as much as we hate conservatives. And so now this is a choice between Obama and a mainstream racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe conservative who, by the way, wants to cut your Medicare.

That’s how they look at it. A conservative on the ticket, they hate conservatives, and they think everybody else does as well, that’s the world they live in. And so since there’s a conservative, I mean he may as well have added Satan, and when you put Satan on the ticket, well, that takes everything about Obama off the ticket. It now becomes a choice between a Messiah and Satan, not a referendum on Messiah. That’s how they think. This is inane. They’re deluding themselves.

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