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RUSH: By the way, did you hear what Michelle did? Gabby Douglas was on the Leno show, The Tonight Show. You gotta hear this. Gold medal gymnast, Gabby Douglas. She’s on The Tonight Show with Michelle (My Belle) Obama. Leno says, “Gabby after you won your gold medal, how did you celebrate? What did you do?”

DOUGLAS: After the competition, I splurged on a Egg McMuffin…

LENO: Egg McMuffin!

DOUGLAS: …at McDonald’s. (laughter)

OBAMA: Gabby, we don’t…

LENO: Egg McMuffin!

OBAMA: … donÂ’t encourage him! I’m sure it was on…

DOUGLAS: A salad. (laughs)

OBAMA: …a whole-wheat McMuffin.

LENO: On a whole-wheat bun.

OBAMA: Yeah!

LENO: So what was…

OBAMA: You’re setting me back, Gabby.


RUSH: Get on our gymnast for eating an Egg McMuffin on The Tonight show? “Jocularity there, Rush, a little lighthearted. Don’t make too much of it.” I think that’s where you misunderstand these people. Of all things to say to this woman. Gabby, you’re setting me back, babe. An Egg McMuffin is some kind of transgression that needs to be called out? And, yes, it does. And then you have Barack, did you hear what he said the other day? (Obama impression) “Michelle told me that I can’t eat a fried Twinkie.” He said this in Iowa. He said it yesterday. “Michelle told me I can’t eat a fried Twinkie.” A, who would? Have you ever eaten a fried Twinkie? (interruption) Are they? Fried Twinkies? You would know, you eat fried cheese. I love that vegan diet. So Michelle won’t let him eat fried Twinkies. Here is the leader of the free world: “Michelle won’t let me eat fried Twinkies.” He does it anyway. That’s why he leaves the White House. Hell, this guy wolfs Egg Mcmuffins and burgers left and right. Here’s his wife jumping on our Olympic gold medal champion for having an Egg McMuffin.

Christine in Virginia. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, this is wonderful to talk to you. I have loved you since I was a teenager back in the ’80s. I was actually first introduced to you through your television show. And I’ve been a fan ever sense.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Well, the reason I was calling was I got to thinking about something you said earlier about the fact that Obama is waging war on seniors. And it seems like we’re hearing that a lot. He’s waging war on seniors. He’s waging war on women. I want to know when we’re just going to stop generalizing it and say the actual truth. Obama is waging war on America. Period. He is waging a war on every American who loves freedom, loves liberty, loves the Constitution and wants us to remain a constitutional republic and not turn into a communist state where we’re all completely dependent on the federal government of the United States and on him.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you ate an Egg McMuffin?

CALLER: (laughing) Actually, I don’t like them. But I do love McDonald’s. And I actually just finished a huge burger from Wendy’s. No lie, that’s the truth.

RUSH: Okay, now, when you say that Obama’s waging a war on America, do you mean to imply or are you stating directly — I mean, if you’re waging war that’s not something that accidentally happens. Are you suggesting that this is a purposeful set of policies that are designed to harm America?

CALLER: That is exactly what I am saying. That is what I believe he came into office to do. That’s what everyone in my entire family — and we’re all devout conservative Republicans, we’ve never voted any other way — have been saying for years. That his policies are intentionally destroying our freedom and our constitution and our republic.

RUSH: When you say this to people who are not as into all this as you are, what’s their reaction? I know you do say it. What’s the reaction you get from people?

CALLER: Depending on their individual beliefs, some agree with me. Some believe he’s misguided, and others think I’m being difficult or that —

RUSH: Yeah, but is it that they think you’re nuts or they just can’t believe that a president would actually want to do the things he’s doing?

CALLER: People who know me are going to say that’s not what he’s trying to do. The people who don’t know me just think I’m being some conspiracy theory whacko.

RUSH: But what I’m asking, it’s not about you here, what I’m asking, those people that figure you’re a whacko or disagree or whatever, is it because they have such a respectful notion of the office of the presidency that they just can’t conceive that any president would not love this country, they just can’t conceive that, right?

CALLER: No, they cannot believe that anyone would come in with the intention to take a country and take its history — (crosstalk)

RUSH: That’s why they think you’re a kook. It’s not that they think you’re a kook from beginning to end. It’s because they can’t imagine, they can’t get their arms around the notion that any president would not love this country, that any president would not want job creation and a growing economy. They can’t understand it and they don’t want to believe it either. That’s another thing.

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