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RUSH: It wasn’t just Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz who got in trouble on CNN. It was also Soledad O’Brien, twice in two days. Last night, Soledad O’Brien (substituting for Anderson Cooper) was interviewing Barbara Comstock. She’s a well-known Republican consultant and strategerist, consultant and so forth. She’s a good conservative and all that. She’s now an elected official in the Virginia House of Delegates.

And all during the questioning of Barbara Comstock, Soledad O’Brien was consulting pieces of paper. Eagle-eyed viewers did a start/stop, expanded, zoomed in, and found out that she was actually questioning Barbara Comstock with talking points from a blog called The Talking Points Memo — a well-known, left-wing blog. She was reading “The Myth of Paul Ryan the Bipartisan Leader,” from that blog. She never cited it. She just used its contents.

She claimed to be reading a direct statement from Ron Wyden’s office. Ron Wyden is out there trying to distance himself from Ryan. He was the co-sponsor of Ryan’s budget, including the Medicare reforms. But now he’s out there under orders from the Democrats to distance himself from it and to say he never signed on to this. No, he never did. So Soledad O’Brien was giving it up that there was no journalism going on. She doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. She’s got blog posts and questions being posed for her by these blogs.

When she talks to a Democrat, she has no pieces of paper. She needs no guidance, no assistance, no help whatever. Then today, this morning on her own show, she had Sununu on. And they were talking about Medicare and Obama. She said to Sununu, “You know, I understand that this is a Republican talking point because I’ve heard it repeated over and over again. But these numbers have been debunked, as you know…”

SUNUNU: I have Congressional Budget Office report right here.

O’BRIEN: (snickering)

SUNUNU: It’s reduced revenue.

O’BRIEN: I can tell you what it says!

SUNUNU: Yes, it cuts a reduction in the expected rate of growth, which you know.

SUNUNU: No, ma’am!

O’BRIEN: Not cutting budgets to the elderly. Benefits will be improved.

SUNUNU: He gutted it.

O’BRIEN: The focus is on hospitals. The focus is on health insurance.

SUNUNU: He gutted the program by $711 billion —

O’BRIEN: (scoffs)

SUNUNU: — and the fact is he reduces services.

O’BRIEN: The expected rate of growth is being cut!

SUNUNU: Soledad, stop this! All you’re doing is mimicking the stuff that comes out of the White House and gets repeated on the Democratic blog boards out there.

O’BRIEN: (snorts) I’m telling you what FactCheck.com (sic) tells you.

SUNUNU: If you’re going to mouth what comes out of the White House, put —

O’BRIEN: I’m gonna… I’m telling you what CBO tells you.


O’BRIEN: I’m telling you what —


O’BRIEN: — CNN’s independent analysis does.

SUNUNU: I’ve got the CBO report right here!

O’BRIEN: And I’m telling you what it says.

SUNUNU: Put an —

O’BRIEN: I’ve read it several times.

SUNUNU: Put an Obama bumper sticker on your forehead when you do this.

RUSH: “Put an Obama sticker on your forehead when you do this.” She’s been nailed twice. This is another reason their ratings are in the tank. CNN, if you want to know why nobody’s watching, here it is. You want the names? Candy Crowley. Soledad O’Brien. What makes you think that people want to watch them? You want to make the claim that you guys are objectively in the middle? Soledad O’Brien’s doing McCarthyism, Charlie McCarthyism. She is a puppet. She’s mouthing for somebody. She doesn’t know what to ask unless she goes to a liberal blog for guidance. She has to print it out and use it on the air, and she’s one of their “stars.”


RUSH: Of course, Sununu was dead right and Soledad O’Brien had no clue what she was talking about, because she was reading from a biased, bloated blog. The Congressional Budget Office, July 24th of this year, just a month ago: “Obamacare Includes $741 Billion in Cuts to Medicare.” That’s the Congressional Budget Office, and that’s what Sununu had and was reading to her. She was clueless. Talking Points Blog did not say that, so it couldn’t be true.

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