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RUSH: Cliff in Camdenton, Missouri, great to have you on the program. Welcome, sir.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush, it’s a pleasure to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I am the founder of the Camdenton Tea Party. We’re almost about 800 to 1,000 strong. I also founded the Lake Erie conservative club out here, and I take a little different view on Mr. Akin. He has spoken at a few of our Tea Parties. We have met with him privately over issues in Washington. And I find him to be an absolutely wonderful, caring, thoughtful representative out here for the folks in Missouri.

RUSH: Now, you say you’re Tea Party from Camdenton. Akin technically is not a Tea Party candidate, though.

CALLER: He’s not, but that’s what’s being reported on the mainstream media that he is a Tea Party candidate from Missouri, and there’s been several. The people voting for him here across map in Missouri, the Tea Partiers, they’re all over the place. There is no one candidate that they particularly fell in love with. I didn’t even vote for Akin in the primary. But what I do know is that he’s got a wonderful family, his wife is terrific, he’s caring, he has two daughters, he has two sons that are Marine Corps officers that serve overseas, and what I simply say, he said something very stupid, and he immediately came and apologized, sincerely apologized, I believe, and I think at some point you have to take a look at the totality of the man’s record, his service, his family, and his honesty. I think that the senatorial Republican committee ought to get a backbone. They threw him overboard yesterday like they do with their — Nobody’s better than eating their own than the GOP is.

RUSH: That’s not gonna change. I don’t care what you say or think. George Allen is the latest to come out and call for Akin to step down. George Allen of Macaca.

CALLER: Let me give you a list.

RUSH: I think there’s a letter that’s just gone out in the state of Missouri that John Ashcroft has put his name to, high political officials, Republican officials in Missouri calling on Akin to quit, and Ashcroft is a powerful name on that letter, as you would know.

CALLER: And we don’t want John Ashcroft. We want a conservative senator, at least one from the state of Missouri, and I think Senator Blunt ought to say out of the issue —

RUSH: Well, he’s not. He’s in there.

CALLER: No, he’s not, but he should.

RUSH: Well, it’s too late for that. They’re all in there. I mean, this is a tidal wave now.

CALLER: You know, we’re two months from the election, Rush. There’s plenty of time for Mr. Akin, who has a great record —

RUSH: I know. And at the end of the day Claire McCaskill is still stupid, too. And Claire McCaskill still voted for Obamacare. And Missourians still hate Obamacare. And nothing’s changed about Claire McCaskill. She voted for Obamacare. Missourians don’t want any part of Obamacare. And most Missourians don’t want any part of Claire McCaskill anymore.

CALLER: That’s true. Seventy-one percent of the folks here in Missouri voted against Obamacare when it came up for a referendum in the state of Missouri. And we’re not gonna forget that, but I think the GOP is too reactionary about this. They’re too concerned about losing this race, and I think Mr. Akin is still very much in this race. I think he’s done the right thing by coming forward and acknowledging he said something very stupid.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: I think the GOP needs to move on and get behind the candidate.

RUSH: Well, they’re not. They’re not gonna do that. That’s not gonna happen. In fact, Blunt, Senator Ashcroft, Kit Bond, Danforth, Jim Talent, they’ve all now called for Akin to go. That was just tweeted. And there’s a letter that’s gone around, with many of those same names having signed the letter suggesting that the prudent thing for Todd Akin to do is to withdraw from the race. I appreciate the call, Cliff, very much.


RUSH: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, this is Kathy. I’m glad you waited. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you. Hi! Well, I also think he ought to stay in the race.

RUSH: (deep breath)

CALLER: Hello?

RUSH: Tell us why.


RUSH: Go ahead.

CALLER: Tell us why? Okay. Well, the people of Missouri are the ones that voted him in. Now, this idea about it was a lot of Democrats crossing over. Perhaps. I found this interesting, that the radio ads that Claire McCaskill was running, I never heard any against Steelman or Brunner. They were all targeted toward Akin, and it was this idea —

RUSH: There were for Akin! McCaskill was running ads urging people to vote for Akin, and that’s why the Democrats crossed over. McCaskill wanted Akin. She was salivating. Democrats have wanted Akin because of the abortion issue and “social issues.” They think that this is a grand-slam home run for them because they think that they have got somebody that they can now tar and feather the entire Republican Party with as a pro-life kook.

CALLER: I disagree.

RUSH: Well, that’s what they think. I’m just telling you.

CALLER: I don’t think that they’ll be able to. And besides that, why, then, would her ads have said he’s “too conservative for Missouri”? That’s the way the ads were: “He’s too conservative for Missouri.” And so I think, I believe, that she knows that there are a lot of conservatives in Missouri. I never heard anything about the other candidates; just about Akin.

RUSH: I think she called him “the most conservative,” knowing that it would help him. It’s like you say. It’s a plus in Republican primary elections. Look, whatever you think, I’m just telling you what is.


RUSH: She wanted Akin. Now she’s got him. We’ll see what happens. She wanted Akin.

CALLER: I think we ought-a leave him.

RUSH: I don’t care —

CALLER: Because I think what’s gonna happen… Okay, this is what I really believe. If they try to force him out and whoever it is they choose… Number one, I don’t like that. I feel like they have rammed other candidates down our throats, and that is not what we want.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: We don’t want someone else choosing for us.

RUSH: Right, but you had somebody choose Akin for you.

CALLER: Let’s stick behind the man.

RUSH: Does it not bother you that you had McCaskill choosing this one for you —

CALLER: She didn’t!

RUSH: — in a reverse psychological way?

CALLER: Well, she didn’t choose him for me because I voted for him (chuckles), and there are a lot of people who did. And I think, honestly, that Missouri will elect him. And I think if the Republican Party gets in here and messes with this, I think they will lose, whoever it is they’re planning to put up. I’m sure that they’ve got their plans, but I think they’re gonna lose it because to not stick behind our guy and to throw him under the bus like this is going to anger a lot of the conservatives. Leave him and let him run. And you know what? Here’s another thing. I used to be on the other side of this abortion issue. I worked for NOW back when I was in my college days.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: And there were a lot of things that I did not understand. Actually, there still are. And I do a lot of reading. But there are issues that I have to be instructed on still. And so for him to have said something like that? You know what, I’ve heard that same thing, that a woman’s body shuts down. You know, whenever the… You know, when people are in prison, sometimes that happens. So it kind of made sense. Okay — okay —

RUSH: Okay. See, this is the problem. It doesn’t! It doesn’t “make sense.” There have been rapist marauders in wartime throughout the history of humanity! A woman’s body doesn’t “shut down.” See, this is exactly my point at the beginning of the program. Please understand here. I’m not being critical of you. I’m simply reacting to what you said. I know what happened here. I know what happens to people who only talk to people who agree with them. You end up not being exposed to alternative views.

I know it’s not you, because you’re a former NOW aficionado and so forth. But this idea that a woman’s body “shuts down” is something that a group of people have contrived as they desperately try to persuade people to see things their way. Now, I know exactly what’s going on here. You have a case of rape and a pregnancy, and the true pro-lifer says, “It’s not the baby’s fault. Why should there be an exception? It’s not the baby’s fault!”

So they try to persuade people. And, in the process, they conjure up things, such as “a woman’s body shuts down, and it really it’s not something to be…” Their intentions are entirely honorable. Their intentions are perfectly fine. But that simply isn’t true. And I just don’t want to deal in things that aren’t true. I don’t want to get anywhere on the basis of something that isn’t true. It doesn’t last. It doesn’t sustain itself. And it’s not something that you can support.

If you never have your thoughts or your facts challenged, if you live in an echo chamber… This is what’s wrong with the Democrat leaders. This is what’s wrong with the media, folks. They literally have no clue about us. All they know is they hate us. Geithner! Look at Geithner, just to give you an example this. Talking to Paul Ryan during a budget committee hearing before House members, Geithner admitted, “We don’t have a plan to do” whatever they were talking about.

But Geithner said to Ryan, “What we do know is, we don’t like yours.”

They don’t like us.

And they don’t know anything about us, other than what they tell each other.

That’s why they believe all this cockamamie, rigmarole, asinine stuff about us. Because they live in a bubble, their little echo chamber.


RUSH: Here is Pam in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, near Kansas City. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you, Rush. I can’t believe I’m talking to you.

RUSH: Here you are!

CALLER: (giggles) Well, I had to call in when I was listening to the program because last night on the news hearing what Todd Akin had said, I was very upset. I felt like he was handing the election over to Claire McCaskill. And I’ve been anxious to see Claire McCaskill ousted in this election. And when he made that statement, it made no sense. I’m very pro-life, and it made no sense that a woman’s body has that capability.

And I’m an American before I’m a Republican. I want this country to get back on track. And the people that are saying, “Well, the Dems get away with this”? Well, the Democrats… (sigh) For the most part. I can’t blanket every person that follows the Democratic Party. But most of them don’t educate themselves. And Republicans are unique because we do. And we follow after people of integrity and we vote for people of integrity. How can I put a sign in my yard for someone that I’m embarrassed of?

RUSH: I hear you. I know exactly what you’re talking about.

CALLER: I want to be a proponent of our candidates. I don’t want to just settle. He may be a very good man, but he needs to step aside for the good of our country and for the good of our state.

RUSH: Well, the last that has been heard from Akin is that he’s in. He’s not going anywhere. He’s in. However, there’s still a couple hours to go. There’s 2-1/2 hours left for pressure to be exerted. We’ll see. Thanks much for the call.

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