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RUSH: It’s an AP story, and it’s about the class of ’16, the class of 2016. It’s just a reminder of how things change and how your kids — ’cause I don’t have any — your kids and grandkids are in some ways having a growing up experience that is entirely different from ours. Now, how many of you had an entirely different growing up experience than your parents? Let’s go through some of this and you can better, I think, answer the question. There’s nothing to stop this. That’s not my point here. No way of changing this.

This is about societal evolution. But I think when I ran through it and started thinking about this Akin business, it’s more important than ever that we save this country because we need to save it for people who have no idea it’s in trouble. We need to save it for young people who have no idea that it is in any threatened state whatsoever. And if there’s ever a role for adults to play, it is to protect and guarantee for their kids that which they sought for themselves. And what we’re talking about here is preserving liberty and freedom from which everything else in this country sprang.

“Remember when suitcases had to be carried instead of rolled? Or when an airline ticket was a booklet of pages separated by carbon paper? Maybe you remember when Lou Gehrig held the Major League record for consecutive baseball games played. This yearÂ’s college freshmen donÂ’t. They never lived in a world where Kurt Cobain was alive or an NFL team played its home games in Los Angeles.”

I don’t believe this. It says: “The Class of 2016 has no need for radios, watches television everywhere except on actual TV sets and is addicted to ‘electronic narcotics.'” They watch TV but not on TV. They don’t have watches; they use their phones to tell ’em what time it is. “These are among the 75 references on this yearÂ’s Beloit College Mindset List, a nonscientific compilation is meant to remind teachers that college freshmen, born mostly in 1994, see the world in a much different way.”

Now, the problem here is that we’re supposed to bend to the way they see it. That’s the point of this, but that’s really not what ought to happen. “The students are also accustomed to seeing women in position of leadership.” I must confess when I was growing up, there wasn’t any of that other than at home, where mom ran the show, and most moms did. So while they might say here that these students are accustomed to seeing women in position of leadership, so did I, although not in a business. It started to change during my life, but I wasn’t born to that, for example.

“They came of age at a time when Madeleine Albright was serving as the first female US secretary of state, and women have held the position for most of their lives. And the old Hollywood stereotype of ditzy blonde women has given way to one of ‘dumb and dumber males,’ according to the list.” That’s true. The genuine idiots in the world today are guys. Lazy, dumb, predatory guys. The only people who care about anything, the only people that are responsible are women. And it’s true. Our society has been chickified profoundly, compared to when you and I grew up, folks. So it’s what these kids are born to, what they see. It goes on and you can make some assumptions from it as well.

“The theme of last yearÂ’s list was how wired the incoming class was. This yearÂ’s class includes students who might be bitter at the previous generation, [Ron] Nief [one of two Beloit officials who compiles the list] said. While their elders went to college in good times and had jobs waiting for them, these students grew up watching their parents worry about unemployment and foreclosures.” They’re normal. They grew up with economic tumult and chaos. So what’s happening now is no big deal other than they don’t think they’re gonna be able to get a job when they get out of college, but they’re still gonna go to college. But that’s okay because there’s food stamps and there’s other assistance. I wish I could continue here, but the constraints of the programming format mean that I have to stop.


RUSH: Anyway, folks, this is why Obama targets the youth. They don’t know. They don’t remember America. They haven’t been taught America. To them, Obama and the Democrats are America. And that’s why we have to save this nation for them. They don’t know. They don’t care about the elderly. The elderly are the ones who do remember what America was. Death panels? No big deal.

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