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RUSH: Croton-on-Hudson in New York. I have spent many a Saturday afternoon at Croton-on-Hudson. It is a gorgeous place. I played Saturday afternoon water volleyball games at Roger Ailes’ place, way, way back in the early nineties. Here’s B.J. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Uh, very nice to be here, uh, Rush. I wanted to let you know that I am a feminist for life, I’m a single woman, and I am going to contradict you on your thinking as well as, uh, what the media said. The thing is, uh, the, uh, what this gentleman said was about the body shutting down and so forth. There — there is so… You can use this as a footnote. It comes from the Alan Guttmacher Institute. Uh, they had a publication back in 1970 which talked about rape victims, uh, their bodies shutting down. So that would be an excellent footnote, because Alan Guttmacher is an arm — a very important arm — of Planned Parenthood.

RUSH: Yes. That’s very, very true.

CALLER: So they could throw it right back in their face as this is exactly what was, uh, from one of their own operations. The other thing, which I was heard —

RUSH: Can I ask you a question first?


RUSH: What is “a feminist for life”?

CALLER: Well, I think one way of — of looking at us is we’re kind of the double agent in the feminism world. Uh, in other words, when usually you think of feminism you think of people who are pro-abortion. And they have even manicured — manicured — the word so it’s “pro-choice.”

RUSH: Right. Male lesbians.

CALLER: Yeah. And what it does is, uh, it kind of takes away that whole sense of abortion. When you say, “Oh, I’m pro-choice,” you can’t leave it at that. You have to say pro-choice for abortion, because otherwise you really leave the monster masked.

RUSH: I’ve tried this over the course of many years. I used to say on this program, “I am pro-choice and I choose life,” and the feminists would call, the Democrats would call, outraged. I said, “You’ve just proven my point. You’re proving “pro-choice” doesn’t mean “choice” at all. You are mandating that people be pro-abortion. That’s what pro-choice means.” That was the point I was trying to make to ’em. That’s what you’re saying, essentially.

CALLER: Yeah. But in addition to that, when I first heard… All I heard from the liberal press was “legitimate rape, legitimate rape,” and nothing else. And when I went to try to get the entire transcript of what… I couldn’t find it, or it was very difficult. So when they said “legitimate rape,” I said, “What is this guy talking about?” And then what came to mind was what happened in the case of Tawana Brawley and that poor assistant DA up in Dutchess County. There was a case of a woman who said this man raped her, uh, besmirched his entire reputation. Poor guy, I don’t know what he’s doing now. When it was found out it was no rape at all but she was having sex with her boyfriend, and I guess she was afraid of what her family was going to —

RUSH: I don’t think that’s what Congressman Akin meant.

CALLER: No of course it isn’t! But my point —

RUSH: Well, then why bring it up?

CALLER: Because that is what the news people were trying to get across. When all they said was Akin and “legitimate abortion.” I said, you know, “What planet this guy from?” And then I thought to myself, “Well, go ahead and look at it. This is a case where there was no rape at all. The…”

RUSH: Let me short-circuit this, ’cause I know exactly what Congressman Akin was trying to say. There are people who don’t believe in a rape exception because they don’t believe it’s ever the baby’s fault. To them, the baby is the essence of innocence. It is guilty of nothing, no matter what else. It doesn’t matter. And they believe, to be consistent, if they’re pro-life and it’s based on life as first and foremost above all other issues — and that the baby is the essence of innocence — then there is no way, at any time, you take the life of the baby. There’s no way. Now, you have to be very articulate to explain this to people, and he isn’t. And that’s where this “legitimate rape/illegitimate rape” came from. All he was trying to say was… I know it.

He was just trying to say, “It’s not the baby’s fault. How can we kill a baby? It’s never the baby’s fault.”

That’s all he would have had to say.

But he wanted to try to dress it up and stepped in it.


RUSH: I’ve got somebody trying to find this article from the seventies from the Guttmacher Institute. Well, it’s gonna be tough. The Guttmacher Institute is, as the Feminist for Life pointed out, an arm of Planned Parenthood. The Feminist for Life, our last caller from Croton-on-Hudson, said that she read, the Guttmacher Institute report in the seventies, that they used the term “illegitimate rape,” or “legitimate rape,” some such thing. I was pressed for time and I neglected to ask her for the cite. I would love to know what the date, or the name of that article was. But our crack research staff — ahem — can find it, if it’s to be found, maybe. And then we’ll have it for you, if it exists.

You know, what the Feminist for Life said was that Akin was right. By the way, Akin’s apologized for it. Akin has said he didn’t mean what he said, so the Feminist for Life was defending what Akin had just apologized for, in part. But regardless, the Feminist for Life from Croton-on-Hudson said that the Guttmacher Institute claimed that women shut down during rape. That’s what she said. She said that’s where the origin of this is. It basically is the feminazis. So we’re gonna try to find that, just for the fun of it.

Pam in Philadelphia, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: (unintelligible)

RUSH: Must be on Sprint. Hold it. Pam, you’re cutting out. We got a very, very poor cellular connection.

CALLER: Okay. Can you hear me now?

RUSH: I hear you, don’t move. Whatever you’re doing, don’t move. Even if you’re in the middle of the road, don’t move.

CALLER: Okay, I had another call coming in. I think that was it.

RUSH: Oh, okay. Okay. Fine.

CALLER: My comment, I have two of them, important ones. It appears that he’s been bought off by Chicago-style politics, because we learned about sex education in grade school. And for an educated man to make a comment like that and make an entire fool out of himself, and then after he’s upset the entire Republican Party, none of this (unintelligible) there is no War Against Women, it’s just a bunch of you-know-what, just so they can win an election. For him not to step down is indicative that he’s been bought off. That’s my one comment —

RUSH: Well, do you think that the Democrats bought the guy off?

CALLER: I do, yes.

RUSH: I just want to understand you. Nobody’s that stupid.

CALLER: That’s my opinion. And I think he is that stupid. I think money talks. And I think that’s what he did. I think whatever his reason, probably for money.

RUSH: I must disagree with you. I don’t think he’s been bought off. I think — and God bless me for this — I think he’s… oh, this is so tough. Clueless.

CALLER: He went to grade school, and he had sex education. Now that he —

RUSH: What does that — (crosstalk)

CALLER: — all this and jumped into this, he needs to get out.

RUSH: Wait a minute. The guy — (crosstalk)

CALLER: — been bought off.

RUSH: Hang on just a second. He’s 65.

CALLER: I don’t care.

RUSH: I’m 61, and I did not have sex education. I’m from Missouri.

CALLER: Well, he knows about it now.

RUSH: It was not part… no, you’re talking about — (crosstalk)

CALLER: He knows how babies are made. I mean, the guy knows better. And now that he’s done what he’s done, he needs to hop out and — (crosstalk)

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: — Republicans — (crosstalk)

RUSH: Look, I agree with that. I know it’s hard to believe somebody actually thinks that the body shuts down because of rape, but I don’t think this is about birds and bees. I think he’s been told this, and I think that a lot of people believe it, in his group, and, as I said yesterday, I think they don’t talk to people outside their group and they fervently believe this stuff in their heart, and they’ve come up with ways that they’ve devised, they think, that will persuade people of the position that they hold. People can be made to believe the craziest things, Pam. Pam, have we lost the cell connection again? You still there?

CALLER: No, I’m here. I’m here. (Unintelligible) Because he’s crazy. It’s a crazy statement, and it makes the Republicans — it tarnishes the whole party, just because of one fool that’s in there. And he needs to understand, okay, I’m foolish, and I’ve done something crazy, and I need to step aside for our country and —

RUSH: He doesn’t see it that way.

CALLER: — get rid of Barack Obama.

RUSH: No. That was my point yesterday. He doesn’t see it that way. He now looks at himself as a martyr.

CALLER: No, he’s not a martyr. He’s a fool, and he’s ruining our country, because it just puts Barack Obama one more step toward becoming elected.

RUSH: I know. The Senate —

CALLER: There’s one more point that’s important I want to make. The next point is they keep going back and forth about this $700 billion taken out of Medicare. Why don’t the Republicans just show the part that is in there, in this Obamacare, the page, and read it, and say, okay, are you gonna deny —

RUSH: They are. They are. Ryan especially on the stump is making — (crosstalk)

CALLER: — the page. (unintelligible) Because all they do is say no, that’s not true. Quote us the page that it’s on.

RUSH: All right. So you want them to hold up the page from Obamacare —

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: — and read.

CALLER: — all the nonbelievers can say, well, you know, what do you have to say now, Obama?

RUSH: Interesting. Okay, would that work or would they say that Ryan just wrote it himself and printed it out on his laser writer and brought it with him? (laughing) I understand your frustration. I think they’re doing a great job on this. Look at the polling data so far, seasoned citizens love Ryan in great numbers, and including in Florida. But I understand your frustration. Well, I know she’s hot. Everybody’s hot. Let me tell you something. This is the country we’re talking about here.

You know, when she or me or anybody says this election is it, that’s not hyperbole. When we say we have to win the Senate, we’ve got to have 51 votes to repeal Obamacare. Forty-nine ain’t gonna do it, and 50 isn’t gonna do it. We gotta have 51. It is very serious. That’s why she’s mad and passionate about it. This isn’t a time to be accommodating of stupidity because it’s a nice thing to do. This is not a time to be accepting of stupidity because we’re big people. We don’t have time for it right now. She’s exactly right about this. On this $700 billion Medicare stuff, Romney’s up by 14 points in Florida now, according to the latest poll. I think they’re doing a pretty effective job on this. But, I’ll tell you what, I’ll call Mitt this afternoon and I’ll tell him to read from the bill. Pam, thanks much.

This is Connie in Monroe, Louisiana. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Glad to have you back, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: My comment is: When girls do go to Planned Parenthood and there is statutory rape, Planned Parenthood aren’t releasing the names of the men to the authorities. They came under fire about this a while back, and I think that needs to be brought out. That is a platform to run on. And also I saw Juan Williams. He had, I think, a documentary about the number one killer among blacks is not black young men killing each other every night — which is horrific — but abortion.

RUSH: Oh, boy! Now you stepped in it.

CALLER: I know. And another thing: It equates to me, like you know how they talk about “blood diamonds”? When there are babies who are being killed and most of them are black, I think they equal those WIC cards. Every time you see someone with that Women, Infant and Children Card —

RUSH: Yeah, WIC.

CALLER: — how do we know that that money that goes to that card is not coming from babies, black babies that have been aborted?

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: Where is all that money going?

RUSH: — you’re reeeally —

CALLER: But I think there should be outrage that Planned Parenthood does not release names, anyway, to the authorities!

RUSH: She’s exactly right about that. Folks, if you’re hearing this for the first time, she’s exactly right about it. Planned Parenthood does not release the names of men in statutory rape, because Planned Parenthood makes their money off abortion. Everybody thinks that this is a political issue, and it is. But for Planned Parenthood, it’s about money. And don’t think the libs don’t care about money. They care about it as much as anybody else, and every abortion is money to them, and they’re not gonna jeopardize that. That’s why, when there is a Planned Parenthood office and a (what would you call it?) an adoption clinic right next door —

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: — the Planned Parenthood people will do everything they can on the street to try to talk a girl out of going to the adoption clinic.

CALLER: Exactly! And one more thing, Rush, if I may. I am still upset about Vice President Biden and what he said, and I cannot believe the number of blacks who are not outraged. I see now that there are more blacks still on the plantation that I thought. They actually think they’re off, but they’re on! They’re on the plantation.

RUSH: Tell me why. Tell me why, Connie, ’cause I’ll tell you what I think. It’s just like Howard Dean on TV a couple of weeks ago. He said (summarized), “You guys go ahead and claim Obama took $700 billion out of Medicare. There is nobody who’s going to believe that Democrats cut Medicare. Nobody will believe it.” Nobody’s going to believe, by the same token, that Democrats want to have blacks living on the plantation. Nobody’s gonna believe it. So when Biden says, “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains,” nobody’s gonna get mad at Biden because nobody believes that Biden or the Democrats have any ill will toward blacks; only the Republicans do. It’s so ingrained in the political culture.

CALLER: And you know why it’s ingrained? I have heard it for the longest time. “Republicans are for the rich; Democrats are for the poor.” Yeah, they’re for keeping them poor! Rush, that money that they give in the form of WIC and these welfare checks is crumbs! But yet a thing about a crumb is they still have the whole pie. A crumb is just a crumb.

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: You still have the whole pie!

RUSH: Look, you’re singing my song. “The Democrats are for the poor? That’s right. For keeping ’em poor!” The Democrats. If you want to ensure poverty, vote Democrat. If you’re in poverty and you want to stay in poverty, vote Democrat. I agree with you a hundred percent. I’ve been asking for 25 years: Why don’t people wake up and see it? It’s just ingrained politically. If I had the answer to it, I’d be doing something else in addition to this. People would be beating down my door for advice, if there were an answer to this. I’m really glad you called, Connie. Thanks much.


RUSH: How about these women callers that we got today? They have been over-the-top great. You hear the passion in these women? I sit here and I think about the Democrats and their War on Women theme and how the Republicans have this desire to keep women in secondary status and so forth. And I listen to these women call here, and they are outraged! They are more passionate about this than the average guy that calls this program, and they’re fed up about this. They’re fed up with male stupidity, this Akin situation.

It’s great. It makes me want to carry through with the Republican War on Women theme at the convention and get the real victims of politicians up on stage, and they’re all gonna be women that have been negatively impacted by Democrats. Bill Clinton. John Edwards and the women in his life and so forth. Ted Kennedy, all the Kennedy guys. They’re loaded for bear out there. This is great.

This is Greg in North Reading, Massachusetts. You’re next. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How you doing?

RUSH: Very well thank you.

CALLER: This guy’s been bought off. It’s clear and simple. No one’s that stupid to make a statement like that. And you —

RUSH: Which…?

CALLER: I talked to some other —

RUSH: Hold it a minute. Which statement are you talking about?

CALLER: The statement that he made about rape and women. No one believes that, and nobody… I mean, even my friends who are fundamentalist Baptists or, you know, people who are Catholic or priests or anybody you talk to today would believe a statement like that. You know, this is the Twenty-First Century. And for him to come out, that’s a hot-button issue that the Democrats have been using as a hail Mary for the last 35 years. And this guy’s a congressman. He’s been briefed on that before.

And for him to come out and say that and to step on a landmine like that is just unbelievable. And the fact that he knew — as a congressman and as a Republican — that this could throw that election, put the Senate in jeopardy, and put the general election in jeopardy as well? And for him to make a statement like that? And, as you already know, Claire McCaskill has thrown millions of dollars into this campaign to have him as the candidate. He’s already got a House seat that he can go back to, and he makes a statement like that? I think someone should look into his background. See if this guy owes a lot of money or he’s gonna get a lot of money or whatever, but this guy’s been bought off.

RUSH: Well, you are the second caller today to level this charge.

CALLER: Absolutely. You know, Democrats are great at —

RUSH: And the theory is: “Nobody can be this stupid.” That’s what you’re thinking?

CALLER: Right. The Democrats are great at “The Big Lie.” We saw Harry Reid with that last week when he came out and said Romney hasn’t paid taxes in ten years. And the only reason why Reid had to do that is ’cause Ted Kennedy’s gone. Ted Kennedy was the one who usually came out with those statements. Remember, like Christmas turkeys on Bush’s judges and stuff like that? That used to be Ted Kennedy ’cause everybody felt his seat was secure. But they had Reid come out and do it last week, and this sort of like goes along the same vein. “The Big Lie.” No one believes that. It’s something that’s so colossally stupid, and nobody believes that. For him to come out and believe that, it’s just unbelievable.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know that nobody believes it.


RUSH: Jim in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Great to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yeah, you bet. Poplar Bluff!

CALLER: Right in the Bootheel. Hey, I drive a truck, Rush. Yesterday I was listening to the radio. By five o’clock, I was all for getting Akin off, and I was about ready to tear the radio out, I was sick of listening to everybody. But I got to thinking. I was stationed in the service up there at Fort Leonard Wood, and our company motto was “Deeds, not words.” And if I look at the deeds that Akin has done, he’s been conservative 100% straight down the row. And that’s why I voted for him. Like I said: Yesterday, I was aggravated, and I just wanted to just throw him under the bus also. And I got to thinking about that and I thought, “No, the man’s (garbled).”

RUSH: What were you aggravated about?

CALLER: Well, I was aggravated because of the words he said and no one was supporting him. You had Romney, you had Ashcroft, you had Kit Bond, all of ’em ready throw this guy under the bus just for a few words he said. And I guarantee you: All the words they have said and things they have said, we’ve stood behind them. And Missouri is conservative. We’re the Show Me State, and through Akin’s deeds, he has shown me he is conservative. And it’s time for conservatives to stand in front of that firing squad instead of circling the firing squad.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: It’s time to grow up! It’s time to grow up!

RUSH: Are we talking about —

CALLER: Y’know, the man said a stupid thing.

RUSH: I — I talk —

CALLER: He did say a stupid thing, but we all say stupid things.

RUSH: Yeah, I got a lot of calls from people like you yesterday on this who think that there’s a whole lot of disloyalty going on out there. And I’m gonna tell you, Jim. It’s simply because this is crucial! We have to win the Senate. All the rest of this is academic. We have to have 51 senators if we’re gonna repeal Obamacare, and we have to have people that are gonna do it. We’ve got a tremendous challenge ahead of us: Winning the White House, taking the Senate, getting rid of Harry Reid and Chuck-U Schumer and the rest of the Senate leadership.

And what Akin did didn’t further that. It remains to be seen if it’s gonna hurt, but it was just unfortunate that the whole thing happened, and then the aftermath when he attempted to turn this around and make it look like he was a martyr and standing up for principle? This wasn’t about abortion. It wasn’t about pro-choice or pro-life. It wasn’t about any of that. It’s about shooting ourselves in the foot unnecessarily. We can’t make any unforced errors. We just can’t afford them. And that’s why there was the outcry. This is not something that you would suggest somebody do or say.

RUSH: We go back to the phones to Des Moines, and Michael. Thank you for calling, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how you doing? It’s an absolute pleasure.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: The reason I’m calling is, I got a little different take on Akin and, you know, why he didn’t back out. You know, I was doing like most other people. I was extremely angry. I’m listening to his interview yesterday, he seemed clueless and everything, but let me set this up for about five seconds. I’m in sales, and what hit me when I was listening to him is when he said he’s an engineer. And, you know what? I’m in sales right now. When I can get someone emotionally involved, I’ve got a huge chance of success. And whenever I run into an engineer, I’m in a dead end, ’cause you cannot get them emotionally involved; they’re strictly looking at it analytically, and you just can’t get ’em to make a decision. And I see this guy as, you know what, he’s an engineer, he’s looking at, you know what, I just made one mistake, one little misstep, and to him that’s such a small percentage of anything he’s ever… that he can even comprehend. He can’t comprehend the emotional aspect of this situation and how it can possibly affect this thing down the road.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: He’s looking at it as an engineer, and it’s just like beating your head against the wall trying to get through to this man.

RUSH: Yeah, wait a second. In addition to being an engineer he’s a Marine and he’s a politician. He’s been a politician for a lot of years. He’s in the Missouri House of Representatives and he certainly understands politics.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: He’s got to be able to reach people on a certain emotional level to get their votes.

CALLER: Well, I agree with you there. I just think this is ingrained in him, though. I mean when he said it, it struck a chord with me, and all I could see is so many engineers I sit down with, and you can’t get ’em emotionally involved. And this is a huge emotional issue.

RUSH: Well, one thing that I will agree with you on, I probably would understand this. He, no doubt, thinks that he worked damn hard to get this far, and, you’re right, I think, in his mind, “Hey, I misspoke. Big deal.”

CALLER: Hm-hm.

RUSH: “Okay, I apologize for it. Big deal. It’s one mistake. I worked really hard.” He’s a stick-to-it kind of guy, and so all of these appeals from people have hardened him the other way. I think he became a little defiant. I know I would.

CALLER: Yeah, that’s my nature to a point, but when he sits there and says, you know, he doesn’t want to harm the party, he doesn’t want to do this, he’s totally detached that he is harming it and he has totally decreased his chances of winning. He’s totally decreased our chances of taking over the Senate and, you know —

RUSH: Well, now, wait, if you’re saying he’s an engineer, he ought to be able to calculate that, right?

CALLER: Right, but he’s still stuck on that one little statement, this can’t possibly, you know, this is such a small percentage of everything I’ve done in my life, that that shouldn’t preclude him, and he’s not comprehending that, hey, this one little thing, this can’t possibly explode into this big of an issue.

RUSH: So are you making these assessments here as a means of excusing him?

CALLER: No. I’m angry with what his decision is.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: What I’m trying to say is, it ticks me off in that he can’t separate himself from that. No, I’m not excusing him at all. I’m definitely not on his side.

RUSH: All right. I’m not accusing you. I just wanted to understand the vantage point that you were making this assessment from.

CALLER: Oh, gosh. No, I’m for taking over whatever we possibly can, and have the best chance at it, and I just see him throwing us under a rock here. That’s probably not the best term, but, you know, just making it a little bit more difficult when we don’t need any distraction. And he’s a distraction, and he says, “This isn’t about me,” is what he says.

RUSH: No. See, it is. He put himself above everything else. He did the exact opposite. He put himself above everything. The future of the country, the cause, getting rid of Obama, he put himself above that. He’s elevating himself to be more important than that, and that’s what’s irritating people. Most people, I think, if they try to put themselves in a similar circumstance, let’s say that you fervently believe that your country is hanging by a thread and you do something to weaken the thread, most people will say, “I don’t want to hurt the cause. I do not want set this effort back,” and most people probably think of themselves behaving that way. They would put everything else above their own personal ambition, given the objective here. And when he doesn’t do that, that’s what rubbed people the wrong way afterwards, I think. But you could be on to something with his engineering background and so forth. I appreciate the input, Michael. Thanks much.

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