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RUSH: You know, Republicans at their convention are gonna have theme nights. And one of the theme nights is gonna be “We Built That!” I think the Tuesday night theme is “We Built That!” That’s good. But I think… This will never happen, but it’s the kind of thing that would make real news. The Republicans ought to have, as a theme on one of the nights at their convention, a War on Women theme night. And on the War on Women theme night have some of the more famous victims of the Democrats’ War on Women.

Like the women Clinton has attacked.

Because Clinton is gonna be one of the stars of the Democrat convention, and you know darn well that the Democrats are gonna try to go after the Republicans on abortion and the social issues and their own War on Women. You know they’re gonna do it. They’re already saying they’re gonna do it. So turn it around on them. I know it will never happen. Our guys don’t think this way. The idea would scare them. Just the fact that I am mentioning it is going to cause them to skip some heartbeats.

But you could have a Republican theme night: War on Women. You could have women on the stage like Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey, Elizabeth Gracen, Juanita Broaddrick, Sally Perdue, all of the women Democrats have abused. You know, go get some of the women who were waitresses at La Brasserie when Chris Dodd and Ted Kennedy did their famous “waitress sandwich” routine. (interruption)

Oh, you haven’t heard about that?

Well, Chris Dodd, senator from Connecticut and Ted Kennedy (of course, from Massachusetts) would go to the restaurant. It was famous. La Brasserie. Is it still there or not? And they’d make a “waitress sandwich.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. Either have Senator Dodd or Senator Kennedy on the bottom, a waitress in the middle, and then the other senator on the top. It was legion. It was well known. So you could find some of the waitresses that did that.

War on Women.

I could go on. It would be perfect, what with Clinton setting up to be one of the stars of the Democrat convention. You know they’re going to do this, and we’re in the process here of devising ways to deal with this.


RUSH: I checked the e-mail during the break, and, “Are you serious about this War on Women, Republican theme night at the convention?” Well, yeah, I’m serious. I’d love to see it, and I think it would be really gutsy to do. Maybe you don’t call it that. I know that they’ll never do it, though. This is the difference in talk radio. If I was going out and doing a Rush to Excellence appearance in Tampa the week of the convention, I would do it as part of the Rush to Excellence show. I would do a War on Women theme of my show, and I’d try to get as many Democrat women victims as I could in the audience, put ’em up on stage. I’d get Kathleen Willey up there with me, and I’d get Juanita Broaddrick.

Folks, I’ll tell you something. I’m really sick of this phony Republican War on Women. There is no such thing. It’s just as absurd as my Republican War on Women theme night at the convention. In fact, that’s more realistic because it’s rooted in truth. If anybody does conduct a War on Women, it’s the Democrats. They conduct a war on everybody. How long have they been pushing this nonsense now? Meanwhile, here’s Obama fighting a war on small businesses. He’s waging war on anybody who builds or produces anything or creates jobs in this country, and I am not exaggerating, and I’m not speaking for effect.

The government of the United States is waging war on the people who produce. The people who make this country work are having a war waged on them from this administration. That is not an exaggeration to say. Obama is waging war on anyone who makes over $200,000 a year. He wants to penalize achievement. He wants to stigmatize it. He wants anybody who is successful to be suspected of something. He wants them to be distrusted. He wants them to be resented. It wasn’t long ago that successful people were idolized. People wanted to emulate them, be like them. People wanted to experience the same thing.

You know, it used to be when you met or read about a famous entrepreneur, a Steve Jobs, “Well, I could do that. Gee, I’d like to do that,” was the attitude most people had. You tried to find out what’s special about those people, what made those people able to accomplish, what was it about Steve Jobs? And people would write books trying to dissect what it is about these various entrepreneurs, whoever they were, that made ’em work. There were books written on how to be successful, ’cause it’s not something people instinctively know. But now these people are targeted. They’re hoisted up as suspects. They’re accused of becoming wealthy by stealing from the poor. This is a point, by the way, that Dinesh D’Souza makes in his movie and one that we have made on this program since Obama hit the public political scene.

Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism other than, as Dinesh says, that America is exceptionally evil. In his movie, Dinesh makes it plain that Obama believes the United States became a superpower by stealing everything from other poorer nations around the world, and he believes that individual wealthy people in this country became rich, wealthy, successful, whatever, by stealing from the poor in the country, which I have never understood the math. I don’t know how you become rich by stealing from the poor. But this is what Obama wants people to believe. So he’s waging a war against successful people. And, meanwhile, we got this nonsensical so-called Republican War on Women? It’s absurd. It’s upside down.

Obama is waging war on the blue-collar, white working class. He’s attempting to demonize them and his campaign is aimed at suppressing their vote. Stanley Kurtz has a book out. Obama’s got his sites set on targeting people who live in the suburbs because the people who live in the suburbs are just like the rich who’ve stolen from the poor. The people that live in the suburbs are the reason there are poor inner-city schools and lousy inner-city services because the successful people left. They were racists or whatever. They didn’t want to hang around with poor people or people with different skin color or people of a different gender, sexual orientation. So they fled, and they went to the suburbs to hang around each other.

Obama’s waging a war on all of this, under the guise of transforming the country and finally bringing justice to all these people who’ve been screwed from the very beginning by the successful and by the rich. And that’s his objective. At least that’s what he wants them to think, that he’s gonna go out there and punish all of these successful people, taking as much from them as he can and giving it to the rightful owners of all this wealth. And he’s campaigning on that basis. He’s seeking votes on that basis.

Now, I don’t know what you would call it, other than waging a war on successful people. He’s waging war on energy producers. He’s waging war on nonunion workers. He’s waging war on right-to-work states. He’s waging war on anybody that tries to protect our borders. He’s waging war on people that want to protect our ballot boxes, for crying out loud. No way can we have voter ID. No, we’re not gonna get rid of anything that would enable the Democrats to cheat.

You know, it would probably take me less time to list the groups of people that Obama’s not waging war against. But when you get right down to it, Obama is waging war on pretty much everybody in this country because the people that he is telling are gonna benefit from his policies are not gonna benefit from his policies. Nobody is going to benefit. Nobody, other than elite leaders, has ever benefited from socialism, Marxism, communism, or any other ism that involves an expanding central planning government.

Ask the people in Tampa (or Sarasota, wherever it was) at the town hall meeting in March or April of 2009, shortly after Obama was immaculated. You remember this. A woman stood up and said her car didn’t run anymore and she needed a new kitchen. She honestly thought that the election of Obama was gonna change it, and I’ll bet you she’s still waiting for all that stuff from Obama. Go to the people in Detroit who lined up in droves for $15,000 vouchers for rent or something or other.

There wasn’t nearly enough to go around.

Obama is waging war on everybody, and it’s a false promise, telling all of these — well, for lack of a better word, “poor people,” just to convey who you know I’m talking about. All these people were supposedly gonna be the beneficiaries of all this redistribution. They’re not gonna get jack. They never do get jack in any country where this is tried. It’s never happened. There is a war being waged by this man and his party against practically every institution and tradition that has made this country great.

We have to sit here and put up with this War on Women BS, something that’s not happening, that’s totally phony, that defies logic. The scary thing, of course, is that there’s a bunch of Americans who think there is actually a War on Women underway with the Republicans. “Look at what the Republicans want to do! They hate women! There’s a War on Women! Republicans don’t like the poor. Republicans don’t like anybody, and they want to poison the air, and they want to make the water dirty, and they want your kids to get sick.”

What would you call that if not waging war?

And it’s a real war.

Obama’s waging War on Work.

There isn’t much to be found in this country.

He’s trying to build this big, ever increasingly large group of people known as The Takers and filling them full of a false hope that all they’ve gotta do is sit around, vote for him, and then wait. And that house on the beach is gonna be theirs! And that shiny car they see driving down the street, that’s gonna be theirs, too! But, “No, no, no. We can’t talk about any of that. No. We have to talk about the War on Women and Republicans and abortion,” and all this rot. And fact of the matter is: If you want to discuss abortion, it’s the Democrats with blood on their hands. It’s the American left with blood on its hands, when you discuss the subject of abortion.


RUSH: The Republican War on Women? How about the Democrats’ War on Sarah Palin? How about the Democrats’ War on Michele Bachmann or the Democrat War on Any Woman Who Dares to be a Conservative?

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