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RUSH: Then there’s this, from the Washington Examiner, Paul Bedard (and I hope he pronounces it that way): “Democrat Convention Becomes Anti-Akin Affair.” The Democrats are actually going to turn their convention into a celebration of abortion.

They think that they’re on to something so powerful and so big here. They think the “social issues” are death for the Republicans and they think that this is a godsend. It’s gonna be woman after woman after woman, and it’s gonna be, “Abortion, abortion, abortion! Contraception, contraception, contraception!” It is gonna be the Democrat Party’s 30-year-old playbook every night at their convention. So this, as far as I’m concerned — if they follow through with this — will officially make them the party of death and taxes.

I mean, they’re trotting out every woman they can find. And is Barbara Boxer saying that Todd Akin is just a symptom of the disease that is the Republican Party, that his comments are typical of a mind-set that pervades and perverts the entire Republican Party? We’ll see. But if you wanted proof that they are the party of death and taxes, this is it, they’re turning their whole convention over to this. Should be interesting.

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