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RUSH: Here’s Jerry in Chicago, Open Line Friday. Great to have you here, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Just wanted to thank you for educating America and I’d like to help you in that regard by explaining the air in the potato chip bag controversy. Take a bag of potato chips, drop a ten pound weight on it, remove the weight, open the bag, you’ve got potato chips. Take the air out, drop the ten pound weight on it, open the bag, and you have potato dust.

RUSH: You’re going way, way back. We had a young man call here some weeks ago and wanted to know why there’s more air in a potato chip bag since Obama was elected.

CALLER: It’s there for protection. Obama didn’t do it.

RUSH: The air is in the bag for protection?

CALLER: Yep. Simple as that.

RUSH: Okay. Keeps ’em from being crushed and stuff?

CALLER: Yes. The air takes up the weight of the ten pound weight rather than the chips taking up the power of the weight.

RUSH: Okay. So all that air in there is like a cushion?


RUSH: So that when you finally get that bag of chips home, they’re not crumbs?

CALLER: You got it.

RUSH: They’re still chips.

CALLER: You got it. Thanks again.

RUSH: You’re welcome. That’s an Open Line Friday call. Is that it? Three weeks ago a nine-year-old called here, wanted to know why there’s more air in a bag of Lay’s potato chips since Obama was elected. And he thought there might be a conspiracy. And of course I furthered his thinking in that regard. When you got a nine-year-old, you take advantage of it. And so this guy’s calling to throw cold water on all the hard work that I did. He said no, Obama’s got nothing to do with it. He was 12 years old. Twelve.

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