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RUSH: Don in Rancho Cucamonga, California. It’s great to have you on Open Line Friday.

CALLER: Oh, thank you. I’m glad I finally got through to you, Rush. Listen, I come from a real staunch Democrat family, from my grandfather to my father. My father was president of Democrats United. He was on the Democratic Central Committee here in California, and our whole family has just blindly voted Democratic. You know, and I’ve been listening to you for about eight or nine months — and, Rush, gosh, thank you so much for opening my eyes. I just thank God that you’re on the air. And, you know, I’m trying to write letters to some of my family to get them to listen to you and get their eyes open to what’s going on. I love this country, and, you know, I —

RUSH: Don, what was it that opened your eyes? I mean, I know listening here is what you’re saying did it — and I thank you from bottom my heart. I appreciate that. You and your family were Democrats for generations.

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: But in the last eight to nine months, you’re amazed at what you’ve learned, right? You’re amazed at what you didn’t know about Obama.

CALLER: Am I ever! I am just amazed. Like I said, Rush, we just blindly voted Democrat. Like if you were raised Catholic, then you’re Catholic, you know? And so on. And, you know, the education that I’ve gotten from listening to you, it’s overwhelming. I don’t want this country to go down the tubes, and I’m afraid that’s where we’re headed. And, you know, if we don’t —

RUSH: This is a major turnaround for you after eight months.

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: Can you imagine?

CALLER: It’s a big turnaround for me.

RUSH: Did you ever stop to think of this: How disappointed are you about not having discovered this show 20 years ago instead of eight to nine months ago?

CALLER: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And I don’t know why, because I was a long-haul truck driver all my life and listened to radio most of the time. And I don’t know how I didn’t get hooked up to you, but I’m sure glad I did now. I listen to your affiliate out here in LA, KFI.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Since I retired, I’m listening to the radio talk shows, and you come on and I started listening, and, sir, gosh!

RUSH: I know. Look, I appreciate it.

CALLER: I’m just amazed at the things that I didn’t know.

RUSH: I know exactly how you feel. Whenever I learn anything — particularly something that is diametrically opposed to what I thought — it’s earth-shattering. It’s like a light going off, a big light going off, and you want to know more. You want to learn more. I’ve been where you are, and I really thank you and appreciate the fact that you got through to tell me this. You made my day. I really do appreciate it. That’s Don in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

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