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RUSH: Here’s Kevin, Columbus, Ohio. Great that you held on. I appreciate your patience, sir.

CALLER: Yeah, it’s been kind of tough listening to you all — whatever you want to call it. But my whole point was about the dishonesty of your party and conspiracy that’s got… my main thrust was about Governor Kasich, given that impassioned speech that he gave about jobs coming back, like he was trying to take credit for that, when, in fact, during the time of the crash, he was part of Lehman Brothers, and then Obama asked — well, let me — I don’t want to be like you guys. President Obama saved the auto industry, which saved those jobs, but does he get any credit? No. You guys have been conspiring against this man since he got inaugurated. Your people need to know that. If they do, they just don’t accept it, and all they’re doing is they’re racists, but they’re using these as excuses to be against Obama.

RUSH: Okay. Let me —

CALLER: Plain and simple. That’s all it is.

RUSH: Well, let me — no, no, no. Let me explain to people what you just said.

CALLER: Okay, explain it —

RUSH: Well, you —

CALLER: — in your unique way.

RUSH: You assume that some people knew what you were talking about to begin with. I just want to set it up.

CALLER: Well, they know, if they’re paying attention, the auto industry was about to go under. Now, I could just see the headlines —

RUSH: You know, would you stop being —

CALLER: — the great American icon — (crosstalk)

RUSH: Would you stop being contentious with me? You’ve got no reason to be contentious. I haven’t done anything to you here.

CALLER: Oh, you haven’t done anything to me. Right, not personally, but —

RUSH: That’s right, except you waited for an hour-and-a-half, or two. So what? Everybody else does, too.

CALLER: Yeah, well, you —

RUSH: All I want to try to do is put in context what you said because you said it so poorly. I’m trying to help you.

CALLER: You don’t need to help me, sir, I already know what’s going on, and I —

RUSH: Oh, no, you’re a Democrat, you can’t do anything on your own except complain. I am trying to help you.

CALLER: Okay, let me see how you can help me. Let me see.

RUSH: Here we go.

CALLER: Go ahead, sir.

RUSH: Last night, John Kasich gave a speech. John Kasich’s the governor of Ohio.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: In the course of the speech, John Kasich reveled the audience at the convention with all of the great improvements, economic improvements since he became governor that have taken place in Ohio, such as deficits being reduced, debt being paid down, and employment going way up without any tax increases. And what Kevin here is saying is that Kasich doesn’t deserve any credit ’cause he once worked at Lehman Brothers; it’s Obama that deserves the credit for this, and we should know it —

CALLER: That is not what I said, sir. All I was saying is he never mentioned once that the president saved the auto industry. Big car factory, you might have heard of it —

RUSH: Well, the auto industry isn’t saved.

CALLER: It was a Honda plant. What do you think — (crosstalk)

RUSH: The auto industry isn’t saved. The auto industry is in debt. The only thing that was saved is the United Auto Workers and their pensions. The auto business wasn’t saved. That’s a big joke. They haven’t come close to paying back the loans. They’re still in debt. I have a story in the Stack, they just shut down production of the Chevy Volt. You know why? Because nobody other than Obama’s buying any. They just shut down production. You think I like criticizing General Motors? General Motors is an American icon. This guy’s come along and tainted it. I don’t like saying this stuff. But you did say why isn’t Obama getting any credit, Kasich up there taking credit.

Let me tell you something. If Obama had anything to do with economic improvement in Ohio, then why hasn’t he done it anywhere else? You guys, you can live out there in your dream world if you want to, and you can think he saved the auto business and so forth. I don’t know how in the world you call it being saved when he buys it using taxpayer dollars and gives it to the United Auto Workers and then eliminates it from the market forces of competition. Under that definition there’s no way it can fail ’cause it doesn’t have to show a profit ’cause it’s a government-owned business and therefore it can stay in business forever. Chrysler is now owned by Fiat. GM was given to the UAW. GM went bankrupt. How were they saved? General Motors has announced that they don’t want to be used by Obama or anybody during the campaign. Some of the people there are not happy that the regime owns ’em.

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