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RUSH: Oh, by the way, everybody knows it, and I think it’s official. Clint Eastwood is the mystery speaker at the ten o’clock hour tonight. It’s been confirmed. At least enough confirmation for me. It is Eastwood. And believe it or not, there are some Hollywood people wondering, “I don’t know how Eastwood’s gonna go over. You know, Republicans don’t like Hollywood people.” I’m thinking, “What?” (laughing) They really think…? If they’re that idiotic or that far out of it…

There are so many cliches about conservatives and Republicans, and one of them is that we hate Hollywood and hate Hollywood people. “So Eastwood coming might not be all that helpful to Romney.” Some Hollywood types are saying that, in response to the rumor (when it was a rumor) that it was going to be Eastwood. Eastwood’s always been a libertarian, if anything. He’s always been a Republican. He’s always been Dirty Harry. He’s always been the tough, no-nonsense western movie star.

There nothing wussy about Eastwood.


You mean the Chrysler spot for the Super Bowl? Eastwood went out there, and he said it wasn’t a spot for Obama. He said, “I don’t know what anybody’s talking about.” I was hoping, since I knew it wasn’t me, that the guest speaker was gonna be George Obama, Obama’s brother who lives in the hut. But it’s not. I’m not disappointed. No, no, no, no. Don’t misunderstand. Eastwood’s cool. Eastwood’s fine.

He gave me grief one year for not playing in the AT&T. Dinesh D’Souza already passed the hat for George Obama. George Obama needed $1,000 for medical treatment for his son. He called Dinesh D’Souza, and Dinesh gave him the money. Dinesh asked, “Why are you calling me?” George Obama said, “Dinesh, you’re the only guy I know.” “Why don’t you call your brother?” And the guy who lives in the hut laughed.


Well, of course he needs a kitchen. He lives in a hut. He doesn’t have a kitchen! Have you seen this movie? Have you been to see 2016 yet? You ought to see the slum where Obama’s brother lives! It’s a hut, but it’s a hut among many huts. It looks like a Quonset hut, corrugated steel. It’s in a shantytown. I mean, it is abject, real poverty, where the president’s brother lives. You can’t distinguish Obama’s brother’s hut from the other huts. They’re in, like, a warehouse of huts.

It’s like this giant, long, aluminum siding warehouse with holes in it. You go in one door, and then the huts are subdivided inside there. It’s a warehut. The interview with Obama’s brother that lives in a hut did not take place in the hut. They went away from the shantytown, from the slums. It’s in Nairobi, Kenya. They did the interview there, and I think they call it “Obamaville.” (laughing) No, I’m making that up, but they should. (laughing)

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