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RUSH: I tell you, Kathryn and I had so much fun last night when it was time to call the winner of our latest Two If By Tea sweepstakes, which is the cruise, the big cruise. We always have fun calling these winners. We do it ourselves. So the winner of the seven-day cruise from the most recent sweepstakes is a guy in Parker, Colorado, named Dan. So we go to the desk and Kathryn turns on the call blocking and we dial. Half the time we get voice mail and leave them a message telling them they won, but sometimes they pick up. Last night, Dan answered the phone.

I said, “Hey, Dan! It’s Rush Limbaugh and my wife Kathryn here from Two If By Tea, and we are bearers of great news for you. You’ve just won the great prize, a week-long cruise. You board in Ft. Lauderdale and sail the eastern Caribbean,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Silence. For what seemed like 20 seconds.

Kathryn said, “Hello? Are you there?”

He said, “It can’t be you. It can’t be you.”

“No, it really is.” I started talking about environmentalist wackos.

He asked me, “Can we smoke on the cruise?”

I said, “Yeah. Not only can you smoke on the cruise, you can throw the cigar in the ocean and hope some environmentalist wacko sees you do it,” and that’s when he knew it was me.

Then he said, “I don’t believe it. I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it!”

“Well, it’s us. It really is.”

Folks, I can’t tell you how much fun this is to call these winners because we luck out; they’re all great people. This guy is 50 years old. Do you know what this guy did? This guy told his wife that he was gonna enter this contest and buy some tea to win her this cruise for her 50th birthday. That’s what he told us. And she wasn’t at home so he asked us if we would call her because he didn’t think that she would believe it.

So we said, “Sure, we’ll call her.”

Her name is Jane. So we called, and it rang and rang and rang.

I said, “You know what? He’s on the phone with her telling her not to answer so it will go to voice mail, so that they’ll be able to prove to people it’s really us; that we called ’em.” And that’s what happened. Our call went to voice mail and we left the message. So they’re the winners of the big Two If By Tea sweepstakes, the big seven-day cruise. He told his wife he bought some tea and was gonna win her a cruise for her birthday. She didn’t think he was serious. I tell you, it’s just so much fun with people like this. They’re so appreciative and there’s an almost magical component to it.

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