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RUSH: To the phones we go. We have Lee from Skowhegan, Maine, on the phone. It’s great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you for having me, Rush. It’s good to be here.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Rush, I want to share an observation with you, and I’d like to get your insight after you tell you what I need to say. Okay?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I’m a truck driver, and I kind of have traveled from coast to coast, border to border, all around the United States the last two or three years. I’m primarily cruising around the New England states now, and I made an observation that people are getting sick and tired of the political banter all around.

RUSH: Oh, wait. Did you say your primary routes take you to New England?


RUSH: That’s great news, then.

CALLER: Why is that?

RUSH: Who’s in New England? A bunch of liberals! So that’s what we want. We want a bunch of liberals fed up, dispirited, uninspired. That’s great news! That’s a great report out there, Lee.

CALLER: (chuckles) I was at my distribution center, and, of course, there’s talk. You know, they’re showing Paul Ryan’s speech there on the TV accepting the vice president[ial nomination], and the next thing I know, three or four of the people inside the break room say, “I’m tired of watching this,” and they turned the channel to House Hunters.

RUSH: Well, where, again, was this? Where’s the distribution center?

CALLER: It’s in Lewiston. It’s in Lewiston, Maine.

RUSH: It’s where?

CALLER: Lewiston, Maine.

RUSH: Lewiston, Maine. Fine! Perfect! By the way, if your senator was Susan Collins or Olympia Snowe, you’d be fed up, too.

CALLER: Yeah, well, my senator was Olympia Snowe, and I actually haven’t been that impressed with her for the last, oh, two elections. I actually voted against her.

RUSH: Let me treat this seriously. I do think this… Geographically, you’re talking about a primarily liberal area of the country. If they’re fed up with it, all that means is they are not inspired by Obama. They may not like Republicans, but fine. That’s normal. But if they’re fed up with “politics,” it just means they think they’re losing. It means that they’re not winning. There may be some of them that are just tired.

They can’t get away from it, and the constant grind. But I’ll tell you: There are always people that way, and I actually think that there are more people paying attention now than usually are. And it’s evidenced by the polling data on Obamacare alone. Obama and his gang has been counting on the fact that people aren’t paying attention, and I think the polling data argues against that.

But whatever. Traditionally this is when people start paying attention: when the conventions start and after Labor Day. You call me back in a couple of weeks or a month and tell me what you’re finding and then we’ll have a better feel for it, but I’m serious. If you’re running into this kind of attitude in liberal hotbeds? Ha-ha-ha! Ho! Right on, mama! Right on! Absolutely.

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