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RUSH: Politico has a story today written for the Drive-Bys. This is a story written for the media so the media doesn’t start jumping out of windows. The message is that Obama is losing the Medicare issue, but — but! — that they have ads coming and not to panic. The Politico writes: “No Kaboom from Paul Ryan Medicare Bomb.” This story says, “Democrats thought Paul RyanÂ’s Medicare proposal would shift the focus away from Mitt Romney, terrify the elderly and take places like Florida and other key states off the table. That’s not happening. Not yet, anyway.”

But we here at The Politico aren’t finished.

They didn’t write that.

That’s for the media who read this to understand, but it isn’t working yet.


RUSH: “No Kaboom from Paul Ryan Medicare Bomb — Democrats thought Paul RyanÂ’s Medicare proposal would shift the focus away from Mitt Romney, terrify the elderly and take places like Florida and other key states off the table. ThatÂ’s not happening. Not yet, anyway.” This is a great example of how the media write stories for themselves. This story is meant to assure Chris Matthews everything’s okay and Lawrence O’Donnell. “Don’t worry, Lawrence, everything’s okay. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s gonna. Don’t worry, ‘Angrier’ Mitchell, everything’s cool out there. We got The Forehead working on some ads.” That’s also in the story. The Forehead is working on some ads.

You know, Obama’s shot his wad on some of these ads, folks. He has blown out the budget on some of these ads on Medicare and it hasn’t really had a profound effect. And now Romney is free to start spending since his convention started, that’s when the spigot is opened, and all the money he’s raised can now be spent. I also think, by the way, I had an e-mail during the break a couple of breaks ago, asking if I thought it was an advantage or disadvantage that the Republican convention is first. Because the e-mailer said, “I think it would be better to go second ’cause that way then you get to respond to what these guys are saying.” In this case I disagree with that, ladies and gentlemen.

If the Democrat convention were going on right now, what would it be? It would be the Republicans hate women, the Republicans hate women, it would be the Republicans hate women, the Republicans are for the rich. And that would force an entirely different Republican convention, would it not? They’d have to respond to that, or they would think they did. And so rather than talk about the economy, they’d be talking about this War on Women. It would be even worse than it was on the first night. So it’s a blessing, I think, that they’re going first because it puts the Democrats on the defensive to have to respond to some of this stuff to the extent that they will. Now, I think the Democrats are gonna do what they’re gonna do regardless what order they go in because that’s really all they’ve got is to run out and tell these continual mischaracterizations and lies about the Republicans.

Now, the fact-checkers that are out there trying to tell you that Ryan lied about the Janesville General Motors factory, they are lying their heads off about Ryan’s Medicare plan. The fact-checkers, it’s astounding to me. It is blatant. And I know they’re gunning for the morons and the uninformed and the people not paying attention. What they are saying is that Ryan will force everybody on Medicare to leave the system and move to vouchers. That’s what the Democrats are gonna say at their convention next week.

You know the truth. You’re 55 or older, nothing changes, not a single thing changes. But these Democrat fact-checkers are out saying that everybody on Medicare gets thrown out of the system and is turned to vouchers. The Ryan plan will give people the option to either stay with the current plan or to opt for the same plan that Congress and federal workers have. That’s the option. Those are the two options. If you’re 55-plus, nothing changes if you don’t want it to, or you get the same plan that a member of Congress or the Senate has and there are voucher characteristics.

Now, for people who are in their twenties and thirties, yeah, the system is gonna change for them. It has to if it’s gonna be around. They haven’t paid a lifetime’s worth of taxes into it yet. But the people who have played a lifetime’s worth of taxes into it are not gonna have the program ripped out from under ’em, but the Democrats are actively lying and saying that that’s what’s gonna happen. That’s what The Politico story is about: Don’t worry, it hadn’t happened yet, we haven’t been able to hurt Ryan yet, but we got some ads coming from The Forehead, from Begala.

Again, I retreat to where I always go. Sane world, a just world where there’s proper karma, these guys get stoked, these guys get skunked, these guys get wiped out in November, as a matter of justice. Now, I’m naive and think that it can happen that way, and I know it doesn’t. But we all can dream. This is what they’re gonna do. They don’t have anything else. They can’t tell the truth about Obama’s record. They can’t tell the truth about Obama’s programs. They can’t tell the truth about Obama’s plans. They don’t dare tell us what’s in store for the next four years. They don’t dare go there. They don’t dare describe what the next four years of Obama are. All they have is to lie about Ryan and Romney and Republicans in general.

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