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RUSH: Folks, next week, the Democrat convention. Bill Clinton is apparently gonna be the huge star. There are a bunch of big Democrats that are not showing up. Pelosi apparently isn’t going. Dingy Harry, nobody knows for certain if Dingy Harry is gonna go. Hillary Clinton is not. Hillary Clinton’s gonna be on the other side of the world. Hillary Clinton’s gonna be in New Zealand or Australia during the Democrat convention. She doesn’t want to be anywhere near there. She’s probably worried what will happen if, you know, Bill hits on Sandra Fluke. I mean, that could be embarrassing.

Let me tell you what’s gonna happen next week, in part. They’re gonna have a real tough time demonizing Paul Ryan. Not that they won’t try, but they’re gonna have a very tough time. And after the stories that were told all week long about Romney and his character and his charity and his selflessness, demonizing Romney is gonna be a tough thing to do. So I want to warn you, don’t be surprised if they zero in on me, among other people that they try to demonize. I think that’s a given, and it may well be, those of you, either Rush Babes on our Facebook page, our Twitter, stand by, because you may be activated next week. We may send out the secret decoder ring the signal to put you into action.

The only reason I say this is this next sound bite. This is last night on CNN, The Situation Room. They had the former green jobs czar on, Van Jones. They were talking about Mitt Romney’s faith. Speaker after speaker after speaker came up at the convention last night to testify to Romney’s faith and his character. So they bring Van Jones on. Here’s what Van Jones said.

JONES: Rush Limbaugh is a person of faith. I don’t think he thinks anybody’s more powerful than him, and I don’t think he’s a compassionate person.

RUSH: What have I got to do with any of this? I’m not even there. I wasn’t at the convention, and yet they gotta throw me in because they can’t demonize our guys. They can’t demonize Romney. Well, they can, and they’ve tried to, but after this week it’s going to be harder. They have no compunction about lying, but it’s gonna be really tough to portray Romney as this insulated, selfish, rich guy who wants to go out and cause everybody else to suffer when his whole life has practically been devoted to people who are underprivileged, disadvantaged, and helping them out. And the same thing with Paul Ryan.

So out of the blue, I come up? (imitating Jones) “Well, look, Rush Limbaugh’s a person of faith. I don’t think he thinks anybody is more powerful than he is, and I don’t think he’s a compassionate person.” This is why I don’t need to go to the conventions. I get mentioned even when I’m not there. (interruption) Doesn’t matter. I don’t care what he thinks. My point is Van Jones is an Obamaite. This is a heads-up of what this convention is gonna be like next week. That’s all I’m playing it for. That’s all it is. I don’t care what he thinks. He doesn’t even know me. He doesn’t know how stupid he is. Doesn’t think I’m a compassionate person? It’s absurd. More powerful? I don’t even think of having power. I never once contemplated power. It’s not part of my makeup, lexicon, being. But anyway, they have these caricatures created, and they have these brands of people like me, and this is how they’re going to attempt to rile up their base with stuff like this next week. So I’m just warning you people.


RUSH: Here’s Paul in Raleigh, North Carolina. Glad that you waited, sir. Welcome to the show.

CALLER: Rush, what makes me cry is you walking away from these Van Jones comments with all that you do for charities, from the military, police and your telethon that raises millions now. This guy can’t be getting away with what he’s saying about you.

RUSH: You’re talking about when he says I’m not compassionate?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: What do you want me to do? I mean, I could have not played the sound bite, but I wanted to play it because it’s a prelude of what’s gonna happen next week throughout the convention probably, and not just aimed at me, but whoever they think they can gin up hatred for Romney for by citing as supporters of Romney or on the same page. Okay, so Van Jones, he sits out there, (imitating Jones) “Ah, Limbaugh, he’s got more power than anybody else. He doesn’t have any compassion. He’s not compassionate.” What am I supposed to do with that? You say I can’t walk away.

CALLER: Well, maybe somebody, maybe other than you, because you’re an honorable man, but maybe somebody can let him know what you do for people and charities, and ask him what has he done for charities and what fundraisers has he contributed to, or even held?

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. I really appreciate that. What do you think his reaction would be if somebody did tell him?

CALLER: Oh, he probably would say, “SEIU’s in the house!” (laughing) I don’t know, Rush, but my wife and I, I just wanted to say one more thing.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: My wife and I watched Romney last night out on the porch with a six-pack of the Two If By Tea that was given to me, and we enjoyed it with some technology watching it on the computer and we’re hooked and we’re getting ready to buy.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that, sir. Did you like what you heard last night?

CALLER: Yes, sir, I did.

RUSH: Were you a Romney guy before going into this convention, or not?

CALLER: Yes. I’m in Raleigh, but I’m originally from Massachusetts, and he’s done some great things and he’s a good man.

RUSH: Well, that’s very obvious, but how many people didn’t know that ’til last night? You know, I’ve got the sound bites of the man and woman telling the story of their 14-year-old son at the time who had cancer. I don’t think there was a dry eye on that convention floor last night or watching TV.


RUSH: This from Politico.com. Headline: “Women, Minorities Added to Roster in Charlotte — Democratic National Convention organizers on Friday released the names of more expected speakers in Charlotte, and the lineup reflects a heavy focus on women and minorities,” which is right up Bill Clinton’s alley with Hillary Clinton halfway around the world in New Zealand. “Not unexpectedly, House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are among the newly announced speakers…”

They were not going to be there. “Pelosi will lead a special presentation of other female House members, including Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Rep. Donna Edwards, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Rep. Gwen Moore, Rep. Allyson Schwartz, and Rep. Nydia Velasquez (sic), according to CNN. It’s unclear if they will have full speaking roles,” or if they’ll be just objectified. Uh, just put up on stage so people say, “Look! Women!” Only an hour of it’s televised. (interruption) I don’t think this bunch…

Well, let’s not even say that. “The announcement brings the number of female participants to 28, out of a total of 61 people who will take the stage identified so far. Also added to the roster are Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA), chair of Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus; Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus; Rep. Charlie Gonzalez, chair of the congressional Hispanic Caucus; and Rep. John Lewis.”

So they are scrambling now with all these late additions. The Democrat Party is trying to make itself appear to be something that it isn’t: friendly to minorities. Do you know what the black unemployment rate is in America? Try 14%. Do you know what the Hispanic unemployment rate is in America? Try over 10%. Women have lost most of the jobs under the failed regime of Obama. But, of course, the exact opposite picture is one that must be presented.

From the New York Times: “Democrats Outline Convention Schedule — Just when it seemed as if there could not possibly be any more red, white and blue speeches ringing across the airways from the convention floor, the Democrats are unveiling their counterpunch to the Republican…” You know this is gonna be great. Ah, they think they have to go out there and look patriotic now. They don’t know how to do that, and that’s gonna be funny to watch.

Remember, this is the New York Times: “Unlike the Republican National Convention, which had to be cut short to three days because of Hurricane Isaac, the Democratic festivities … were always scheduled for three days…” No, they weren’t. No, they weren’t. They had to cancel a day for lack of interest and money. This news is not that old. It’s only a month or so old. They didn’t have interest or money for a fourth day. Remember they were gonna do a deal at the beach or something?

Yeah, they were going to do a deal at the racetrack. That’s right. They were gonna do a deal at the racetrack, and a bunch of Democrats said, “Are you kidding? We’re not coming down there! We don’t want to go to North Carolina anyway, and then you’re gonna take us to a NASCAR track? To hell with that!” So they canceled the date, and then they said it was because of money. But it was originally scheduled for four days. They don’t have the money for a third day, and the unions aren’t forking up enough for a fourth day.

Then on Wednesday night is the NFL opener, the Cowboys at the Giants. That’s eight o’clock on NBC, and they’re not leaving the football coverage. That’s Clinton night, I believe. I don’t know if Clinton is gonna speak before eight. Wait, is Tuesday night Clinton night? I don’t remember. Here you have a convention, a party, and what is their slogan? “Forward!” And everybody with a prominent role in this convention is out of Jurassic Park, led by Bill Clinton.

I don’t know when he’s scheduled to speak, but the NFL usually opens on Thursdays, and that woulda put ’em up against Obama. So NBC went to the NFL and said, “Look, we can’t go up against Obama.” Everybody readily agreed. So they moved the NFL opener to Wednesday. So that night will not be on NBC, and there will not be very many people watching the convention that night anyway because it is the NFL opener.

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