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RUSH: Jerry in the Bay Area California, great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Good morning. Good to talk to you again, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: I’m a truck driver. I’m driving around the Bay Area, Sacramento area. And all the local stations have been agog about this local Democrat bigwig that made the point that the Republican convention was too much like Nazi propaganda.

RUSH: What was this…? Is this guy’s name Burton?

CALLER: That sounds familiar.

RUSH: I think this is John Burton. I think I know the name from when I worked out there. Yeah, he did. He said Ryan was Goebbels, Joseph Goebbels spreading “The Big Lie” at the convention. Just a bunch of Nazis. I saw that.

CALLER: The real problem is he’s having to apologize all over the place. But I think the real problem he has is he telegraphed the whole Democrat convention.

RUSH: Has he apologized?

CALLER: They’re gonna tell “The Big Lie” over and over and over until people believe it.

RUSH: Well, he did apologize for it. But your point is that’s what he really thinks. And that’s what a lot of these delegates really think.

CALLER: Yeah, and the Democrats are real good about broadcasting what they’re going to do.

RUSH: He’s the head of the California Democrat Party. I know I knew that name. John Burton is the head of the California Democrat Party, and he did a Democrat-like apology, but this is what they think. This is what they really think. When they drink a little too much or something else happens and they’re feeling uninhibited, they tell the truth. So old Jer here calling us from the Bay Area thinks that that’s what the convention could possibly end up being with statements like that or things at least close to it. It’s entirely possible, and I won’t be surprised if it does happen.


RUSH: Here’s what John Burton said. This was yesterday in San Francisco. KCBS radio correspondent Doug Sovern was interviewing John Burton, the California Democratic Party chair. He said, “What did you think about Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech. Many fact-checkers claim it was rife with falsehoods and inaccuracies, which the Republican rejects.”

SOVERN: They lie, and they don’t care if people think they lie. As long as you lie… Joseph Goebbels! “The Big Lie.” You keep repeatin’ it.

RUSH: “They lie, and they don’t care if people think they lie. As long as you lie… Joseph Goebbels! ‘The Big Lie.'” Nazis! Would you like to hear his apology? Here’s his apology, and this is a typical Democrat apology. “If Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan or the Republicans are insulted by my describing their campaign tactic as ‘The Big Lie,’ I most humbly apologize to them or anyone who might have been offended by the comment.” He didn’t apologize for making it. This is typical. (translated) “I apologize IF you were offended by it, but I meant to say it.” I’m sure he did.

Pelosi was right there and she pretty much gave it the stamp of approval when she said…

PELOSI: (whispering) If you have endless money, you can try to sell any misrepresentation to the American people. You saw the factual misrepresentations in the Ryan speech.

RUSH: They’re talking about the GM Janesville plant, and Ryan was not wrong about that. I’ll tell you, these people are standing in quicksand, and it’s really rich to hear them talk about spreading lies, “The Big Lie” and all that. Their whole existence is a big lie. Their whole agenda is a big lie. Their whole reason for wanting to do things is a big lie! They can’t be honest. If these people, if the Democrats of today were ever really honest about their intentions, they wouldn’t get any votes.

Even the morons, if they finally knew what was intended for them, wouldn’t vote for this. Eventually morons are going to realize that, in order to be given something, somebody’s got to have something — and if somebody doesn’t have something, then you can’t take it away from them to give to the morons. Eventually, even the morons could be made to understand that — even if they failed math (which they most likely did). I don’t recall Pelosi ever apologizing for in effect calling the Tea Party supporters Nazis.

She said she saw a lot of “swah-stik-kahs,” if you recall, at Tea Party rallies. My question for Democrats is: Why don’t you people ever run on your record? Mr. Burton, Ms. Pelosi, President Obama: Why can’t you people run on your record? Why can’t you go to your convention and tell people that the gasoline price record-high is the new norm? Why can’t you go tell people that 8.3% unemployment, that’s the new norm. Why can’t you go tell people that standing in the way of domestic oil production, that’s what you’re for!

Why can’t you go trumpet what you’ve done?

Why can’t you run on your record?

Why don’t you ever do that?

If both sides were ever forced to run on their records and on their agenda for the next four years, is there any doubt which side would win?


RUSH: By the way, John Burton is the California Democrat Party leader who accused Paul Ryan of big lies, like Joseph Goebbels, essentially calling the Republicans Nazis. It has just been announced that John Burton has had to leave the convention to return to California for a pre-scheduled root canal. I kid you not. Now, does anybody believe that this guy scheduled a dental appointment during the Democrat convention? Root canals, my experience with them is, that they’re sort of, they pop up, you don’t schedule a root canal for three weeks down the road, but that’s what they want us to believe. They obviously don’t want Burton at the convention.

Something else. As is always the case, talk radio show hosts take their shows on the road to the conventions. They were at Tampa and they’re in Charlotte. The word has gone out from the Democrats they are not to appear, no Democrat delegate or official or celebrity, what have you, is to appear on any conservative talk show. I’m not making that up. It’s a blackout. No Democrat is being allowed to appear on a conservative show on radio row at the convention.

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