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RUSH: Here’s Tony in Oklahoma City. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush. God bless you and your staff. Hey! How in the cornbread hell could anybody be undecided when you have two candidates so diverse in their views of America, how it is, how it was, and how it could and should be?

RUSH: In fact, we asked this question last week because the pollsters have put out news that anywhere from 5% to 8% of the electorate is still undecided. I have a better question. I ask this only half in jest, but I ask it to illustrate the point, just building on your question. I don’t understand… I intellectually do, but I have a romantic attachment to this country. I have a romantic attachment to its founding. I have a constant daily, hourly appreciation for how blessed a people we are to be Americans.

Therefore, I don’t understand how anybody can vote for this bunch, much less be undecided. But they do, and I intellectually — emotionally — understand why. There are still a lot of takers, and the Democrats have succeeded in branding the Republicans as racist, sexist, bigot homophobes who hate the poor and all of that. I understand all that. But given life in America in 2012, what is there about current leadership to recommend it for another four years to people?

Even if you’re a taker, how well can you possibly be doing? I hear ya. It’s a frustrating thing. But, as each day passes, my confidence in the eventual outcome here rises, subject to change daily. Anything can happen. But like this TheHill.com poll that we shared with you earlier today: 52% of the American people think Obama’s doing a lousy job; don’t think he deserves re-election. That’s more like it and that’s really where we are, and I think it’s higher than 52%.

We’ve got a decent sample in this poll as well. It wasn’t Democrats plus-nine. But it’s a great question: How can anybody be undecided about the last four years? But you have to understand, there are a lot of morons out there, Tony. This is a sad thing to say. There are morons, and Obama’s aiming at ’em. Obama is trying to wrap up The Moron Vote. Here, I’ll give you an example. Here’s a moron. I’m thinking of having a Moron Stack of Stuff every day because I could do it.

Torrance, California: “An 82-year-old woman with a rap sheet dating back to 1955 has been arrested on suspicion of burglarizing at least eight doctorsÂ’ offices throughout Torrance. Doris Thompson was arrested Thursday after detectives tracked her down at a motel in El Segundo… Police believe Thompson visited doctorsÂ’ offices and hid inside until workers went home for the night. When the coast was clear, she would come out of hiding, search for keys, open lock boxes and remove cash…

“SheÂ’s believed to have stolen $17,000 from eight burglaries since March. … According to the newspaper, she reportedly told detectives at her sentencing that she ‘wouldnÂ’t do all this nonsense if the government gave us more money.'” She’s 82, and when they sentenced her, she told the detectives: “I wouldn’t do … this … if the government gave us more money.” So there are clearly morons out there. You see them every day. You run into them every day. The sad thing is, Obama’s exploiting them.

He’s trying to burnish their moron status. He wants to keep them morons and he wants to embellish them so they’re more moronic, and then he wants their votes. This is not about greatness. This is not about a great country. Food stamp use climbed to a record 46.7 million in June — 46.7 million! — all under Obama’s watch. Twenty-three million Americans are not working. That’s what Clint Eastwood said he cries about.

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