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RUSH: Tonight, tonight, tonight’s the big night. Tonight’s the night everybody’s been waiting for. It’s the Star Wars bars scene come to life in Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s exactly what this is going to look like. I can predict it right now. You can, too. You know exactly what this is going to look like. You know what it’s going to sound like. And the contrast between what’s going to happen the next three nights and what happened last week in Tampa at the Republican convention, is going to be stark. It’s going to be profound.


RUSH: Have you heard, they’re requiring a photo ID to attend the Democrat convention. That is true. It is true. It’s very racist. Not only are they requiring a photo ID to attend, you have to produce it three times. You have to produce a photo ID three times to get in the door. You even have to show a photo ID to get close to the convention center. Apparently Democrats are trying to suppress their own delegates. (laughing) I’ll tell you what —


Well, well, Snerdley just said, “The next thing they’re going to be asking for is a birth certificate.” Get this. I’m not making this up. I’m not kidding you. You’re going to think I am. You have to prove your citizenship to buy an Obama birth certificate mug or T-shirt. They’re selling those. They sell birth certificate mugs and T-shirts, the Democrats do. You have to prove your citizenship to buy one of those, because it’s a campaign contribution. I kid you not, folks. Snerdley is in there laughing. He’s got fluids coming out of every bodily orifice in there laughing so hard. It’s true. They’re the ones out there selling all the birth certificate stuff, trying to make money.

They’re going to be busing in people left and right. They’re worried about not filling up — 73,000 — Bank of America Stadium. Folks, I want to tell you, if they do fill it up it’s because they’ve bused a bunch of people in from all over the place, young people, and brought them there because it’s not going to happen of its own volition. Obama is not even selling out or filling up 20,000-seat arenas now. In some places smaller than that.


RUSH: Can you imagine if there’s just one empty seat at Bank of America Stadium on Thursday night, Fox will find it. CNN and MSNBC won’t. But if there’s an empty seat, it will be found. Somebody sent me a picture over the weekend: “First known picture of Karl Marx with Obama,” and it was a picture of Marx standing next to an empty chair. This stuff is all over the place out there. Okay. I have done something for you. I have put together all of the news reports that I have seen about the convention in summary form, just to give you a flavor for what a big mess this thing could potentially be. First, at the top of the list: Clinton will not hand over his speech to anybody.

As of now, Bill Clinton has not let anybody see the speech he’s going to give. This is not done. Everybody who pens a speech, writes it, turns it in, and has it vetted by convention organizers, of course. Because it’s Obama’s convention, his people are going to look at it. Clinton hasn’t turned his in and says he’s not going to. Bill O’Reilly, in a rare excursion into humor (Did you hear about this?) suggested when Sandra Fluke speaks, instead of dropping balloons they drop condoms.


And more bodily fluids are emanating from the cavities of the face of Mr. Snerdley. Yep, and Sandra Fluke is profoundly offended by this, by the way. They’re worried.


No, don’t. Don’t even tempt me with that condom comment. We’re just going to assume they’re all brand new and unused. Anyway, it’s O’Reilly’s idea. Sandra Fluke is profoundly offended by this. But she said she’s going to persevere, despite this latest insult. (laughing) Man, wouldn’t that be great, a condom drop? (laughing) If we hadn’t mentioned it, if O’Reilly hadn’t mentioned it, the Democrats might have come up with that on their own. Then there’s a story massive bed bug infestation in hotels in Charlotte.


Shortly after the delegates arrived, exterminators began to discover bed bugs in a number of the hotels. They’re not the delegates. They are actual bed bugs. There was a California delegate that showed up, got rip-roaring, destructively drunk — like rock star drunk — and they sent him home. The union thugs are ticked off that they’re in North Carolina in the first place. They are really mad, and they’re giving angry speeches about Romney and the Republicans.

Barney Frank… I kid you not. I’ve got the picture. Barney Frank checked into his hotel (it’s one of the Marriott’s there) with a leather belt around his neck, buckled. It’s the kind of belt you would wear in your slacks. There’s Barney Frank — photo from the side, his right side — checking into the hotel with a leather belt buckled around his neck. I don’t understand it. I’m not going to offer any analysis. I’m just telling you, I’ve got the picture.

I’m just sharing with you some of the news stories that I’ve seen as I’ve been feverishly prepping the busy broadcast today. The governor of North Carolina, Beverly Dumplin’ Perdue, says that if we’re not careful we’re going to find “coat hangers in the bathtubs” where women go to have abortions. If Republicans start winning elections, we’re going to see bathtub abortions with wire hangers. The governor of North Carolina made this claim. The weather forecast is for thunderstorms daily late in the afternoon moving through there, which has happened.

There are record-high gasoline prices over the Labor Day weekend. Record-high gasoline prices. The national debt is going to hit $16 trillion during the Democrat National Convention. Democrat-run cities and states are in economic free-fall. And the mayors of many of those cities, and the governors of many of those states, are in Charlotte with speaking engagements at the convention. Vice President Bite Me said that he would be happy to tell people how we’re better off now than we were four years ago, but that it was too hot and he had to get back inside.

The Democrat Party is shrinking.

There is a story that came out over the weekend. It might have been a Rasmussen poll. More Americans self-identify as Republicans than Democrats for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-many years. Now, it has always been the case in recent years that people self-identify as conservatives almost 2 to 1 over liberals. The latest numbers on that was 40% say they’re conservative and 20% say they’re liberal. This is party ID. Self-identification as Republicans leads self-identified Democrats for the first time in a long time.

The mayor of Chicago can’t stay in Charlotte long. He’s got to get back to Chicago to stop the bloodshed there. The gangbangers are still killing people. The empty chair is still alive and kicking. The faded poster is still being mentioned. And the “You Didn’t Build That” theme has survived the Republican convention. That’s just what I’ve assembled before they’ve even started this thing. So you sit tight, my friends. We’ve got a poll from TheHill.com. It’s not good for the regime. My guess is this poll mirrors their own polling, their own internal polling.

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