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RUSH: Here is Kathleen Sebelius. I’m watching this last night and I’m asking myself, do the morons really believe this? Does this stuff still work? See what you think. Here’s the first of three sound bites.

SEBELIUS: The President ensured woman’s free access to preventive services like breast cancer screenings. So the good news is, being a mother is no longer a liability. And being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition. (applause) Now that’s what change looks like.

RUSH: They applauded that, folks. When did people look at motherhood as a liability? When was being a woman a pre-existing condition? A pre-existing condition is a disease. Outside of Snerdley, I don’t know people who think that women are a disease. Who thinks of themselves this way? They applauded that. Stupidity is a pre-existing condition. Being a mother is no longer a liability? I knew they were reaching when they talked about pregnancy as a disease and as a sickness. But being a woman is a pre-existing condition? I asked myself: Who buys this? They applauded that. Who believes this stuff? And there are people in that party who do. Pregnancy is a pre-existing disease to these people. Pregnancy is a pre-existing condition. Here’s the next sound bite.

SEBELIUS: Instead of the Medicare guarantee, Republicans would give seniors a voucher that limits what’s covered, costing seniors as much as $6,400 more a year. President Obama extended the program’s life by eight years while improving senior’s benefits and strengthening the Medicare guarantee. The president agrees there should be no vouchers.

RUSH: That’s just not true. That’s the problem with that. It’s Obama that cut Medicare out of health care. Obama cut Medicare $716 billion, and if you’re 55 or older and Medicare reform happens as the Republicans have it planned, no change, literally no change. You can if you want. You can opt out of Medicare, but you don’t have to. Nothing will change. They lied through their teeth about that. They’re not going to give all the seniors vouchers, that’s totally optional. Here’s the final bite from her.

SEBELIUS: Romney and Ryan will take away women’s basic health services and turn a blind eye to insurance discrimination. President Obama stands up for women, giving us control over our own health care. Romney and Ryan would put insurance companies back in control.

RUSH: Romney and Ryan will take away women’s basic health services. That’s treatment. Romney and Ryan are going to take away women’s health care. Now, that’s more like it. I was getting all jazzed. That’s what these people usually stand for. That’s kind of the stuff I was expecting the rest of the night. This kind of pabulum. This kind of stuff that makes us all puke. Republicans want to kill your dog, want to kill you, want to kick you out of your house. Old folks, you have a duty to die, get out of the way. Oh, it’s the Democrats who said that. Sorry. That’s what I was hoping to hear, and I got it from Sebelius. But that was it.

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