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RUSH: You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple postpones the new iPhone announcement on Wednesday after what happened yesterday. Obama was in Port St. Lucie. Get this now. This is Mr. Hip. This is Mr. Cool. Obama needed to make a phone call, so somebody threw him their iPhone. He was clueless. He had no idea what to do with it. He didn’t know where to find the phone app, and then he couldn’t find the keypad to dial. This is Mr. Hip.

Let’s go to a Republican president. The same kind of story about George H. W. Bush supposedly not knowing what a supermarket scanner was. It took two iPhones and two attempts for Obama to figure it out! Mr. Hip, Mr. Cool, Mr. Smarter Than Everybody Else. He said, as a way of making an excuse (impression), “Well, I — I — I use BlackBerry.” Oh, you mean the bunch that’s just barely in business because of the iPhone? I don’t think it’s an insignificant thing.

Of course, the Apple guys seeing this say, “Oh, my God! The president can’t figure out our phone? Maybe we should postpone the new one ’til he gets up to speed on the current one.” He didn’t know how to use an iPhone, and he still didn’t get through on his call. He’s sitting there and he was still not able to make a call from Port St. Lucie. There may be something about Port St. Lucie. That’s the place where they call 911 when they’re outta Chicken McNuggets.

I have no idea what he was calling about. You know, he was here in West Palm Beach yesterday, City Place, like four miles from my fashionable ocean-side estate. I ask another question: Why is Obama here in Palm Beach County? What’s the voter registration? What’s the Democrat registration of Palm Beach County? Seventy percent, sixty-nine? So what’s he doing here? What’s he doing here? Palm Beach County is the last place he ought to be spending any time in Florida. What’s he doing here?

What’s he doing in Boca? What’s he doing in Fort Pierce and all these places? What’s he doing here? Unless he’s here raising money. There’s also a significant Jewish population here in Palm Beach County, so why is he here? He gotta have this place in the “I Own It” column without ever having to come here, and yet here he was. And I saw a story sent to me yesterday. Guess what state’s in play? They thought it was lock, stock, and barrel for Obama.

New Mexico.

New Mexico is in play.

That wasn’t supposed to happen. So he had to be here to raise money. That had to be what he was doing here. Now, I’m not aware of any fundraising stops that he made (not to say that he didn’t make any). But if he’s here in Palm Beach County, “Floreed,” to shore up support, then that’s quite telling, ’cause if there is a blue county in this country, it’s this one. Why do I always end up living in these places?

Sacramento? The voter registration there was 80% when I got there. It was 60% when I left. (interruption) “Is Palm Beach, the island, Democrat?” I’d have to say it is, yeah. I’d say Palm Beach is Democrat. It’s a toss-up, 50-50. It doesn’t matter. (interruption) “How can all those rich people in Hollywood be Democrats?” You tell me! I don’t understand… Well, I do understand. Anyway, I don’t know why I always end up living in these blue places. (interruption) Well, they do leave me alone. It’s a good point.


RUSH: “On the campaign trail, President Obama is constantly talking about the importance of technology, but he met his match in an iPhone Sunday. The president had stopped at a campaign office in Port St. Lucie, Fla., to thank volunteers. Then, for the cameras, Mr. Obama was supposed to call two campaign workers who were out working on his behalf. But when White House trip director Marvin Nicholson handed the president his personal iPhone, Mr. Obama couldn’t get it to work. A reporter who witnessed the scene said the president looked ‘befuddled,'” and didn’t know what to do with it.

“‘It’s not clear he knows how to dial on an iPhone,’ the reporter wrote in a pool report. Finally, Mr. Obama said, ‘Oh, I got to dial it in. Hold on, hold on. I can do this. See, I still have a BlackBerry.’ The president then ‘had a little more trouble dialing,’ the pool report said. The president then has more trouble dialing. When the call didn’t go through, he blamed Mr. Nicholson for having an insufficient cell phone plan.” Mr. Hip.

The Washington Times is the only outlet to report this. The Washington Times reporter was the pool reporter. They are the only outlet to report it. Drudge links to it, but nobody else reports this. I wonder why? I mean, the iPhone is clearly the “it” phone. I don’t know if Obama knows what a checkout scanner at the supermarket is or not. And they eat everything Michelle grows in her garden, so I don’t know how much Obama buys.

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