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RUSH: It’s an interesting take. “Why Obama is Pitied. It’s Kyle Smith in the New York Post. He does movie reviews now and then. He writes on Sundays. Here’s how he starts the piece.

“Two hours after getting drunk on the rhetorical moonshine served up by Bill Clinton Wednesday night, delegates and hacks wonÂ’t stop believinÂ’ thereÂ’s a decent place to get a real drink in this dismal Southern burg. WeÂ’re stumbling thirstily along South Tryon Street at 1:31 a.m. when a hunched lone figure is stopped by an excitable young woman. Dude is dressed all in black, scraggly beard, greasy hair, tiny frame. HeÂ’s so aggressively meek that heÂ’s gotta be a celebrity of some sort. He looks like the rough draft they threw out when they were making Johnny Depp. Girls in iridescent cocktail dresses and freshly pressed hair have a better sense for these things than I. They flock around the little guy brandishing iPhones. He poses without smiling, then moves along, hands in pockets, the weight of fame pressing his head downward. ‘Who was that?'”

Somebody says it was Jared Leto. Jared Leto, “rock star, a love object, a monster.” Obama supporter. Then he moves on. That’s just how he began the piece, just to set it up.

“In 2004, Obama said, ‘We worship an awesome God in the blue states.’ … But a flock of the faithless thrice cried ‘No!’ when asked whether a single mention of God should be added to the party platform. They furiously booed when their voice vote was ignored. To put it mildly, booing God doesnÂ’t look good when the world is watching, and the pundits were forced to hit pause on 30 years of asserting conventions are phony stage shows to admit that the Democrats had come up with something spontaneous, and it was spontaneous combustion. Who boos God? Who makes a fuss over one harmless word? Were they worried about offending the United Association of Satanists? Does Lucifer have a back-channel link to Valerie Jarrett?

“Obama did not mention the Lord (except for the ‘God bless you’ stuff at the end) but did quote Scripture. It turns out the part he finds intriguing is the seven words that sound most like one of his campaign slogans: ‘Ours is a future filled with hope.’ But according to the speech, ours is a future filled with the past. Thousands of words boiled down to three: ‘More of same.’ Obama promised more unfunded ‘investments’ of the kind he borrowed $5 trillion to buy in his first term — in the poor, in health care, in clean energy, in education, in regulations. He issued prickly defenses of previous bailouts and handouts. … ‘We reinvented a dying auto industry,’ he claimed.” Except he ignored Ford. Biden runs out and says we saved a million jobs in the auto industry. The only problem is there are only 700,000 in the whole industry.

“All auto manufacturing in the US combined employs only 700,000 people. Saving GM and Chrysler saved 1 million out of 700,000? Must be another lesson in what Obama called ‘Clinton arithmetic.’ … Nor would GM have ceased to exist (Biden: ‘If the president didnÂ’t act immediately, there wouldnÂ’t be an industry left to save’). Had it gone through an ordinary bankruptcy; it simply would have restructured and shed more of the union obligations that are a hazard to its long-term health. And far from thriving, GM (‘on top of the world’ — Biden) is about to fall into third place and its stock has been about as attractive as GrouponÂ’s. Taxpayers got the sticker shock of $25 billion. And for that they didnÂ’t even send you a Malibu. … So why did the crowd cheer? The answer was written on a bus parked outside the arena.

“It was promoting an Obama-backing PAC, and emblazoned on its side was an elaborately painted image of the president and the legend, ‘STOP DISRESPECTING MY PRESIDENT!’ … People didnÂ’t feel that President Bush was them. To put the goal of defeating Obama so bluntly felt like singling out the nationÂ’s most successful black man. It felt personal, it felt like disrespect.” His point here is that Obama is still pitied because he’s the first black president in a bad economy and Romney, everybody running around talking about getting rid of this guy, people feel sorry for him.

“Obama is unlike any candidate in the way many millions of his supporters feel a personal connection to him, one that can be closely tied to race.” To many of them, any knock on Obama is a knock on all of them, the entire group. “Voters know, or think they know, that Obama means well, but they also know he has failed. Democrats know this also. … Even many white moderates who convene in focus groups speak in hushed tones of their personal fondness for Obama, or at least for his ‘story.’ Catering to them is a group of the most polite and delicate attack ads in history, in which ordinary people first praise Obama before announcing their support for his challenger. Undecided voters say things like, ‘HeÂ’s trying,’ but also things like, ‘Disappointing.’ Obama is pitied.”

And Romney needs to tread carefully because of Obama’s race. “He must not make things personal, must not indulge in name-calling of any kind, must not turn Obama into a victim. Yet in a sense Obama is the nationÂ’s No. 1 victim, of the absurdly grandiose mythology he unabashedly encouraged.” I found it an interesting take. His real point here is that a majority of Obama’s supporters are not rah-rah, want more, they just feel sorry for the poor guy. It’s founded in his apparent likability and it seems like the world’s ganged up on the poor guy and so forth. They just feel sorry for him, and that’s why Romney better not go… it’s why race is still a factor. He’s still the first black president. Any criticism makes him a victim, and people in this country rally to victims.

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