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RUSH: Back to the phones to Morgantown, West Virginia. Hi, Dustin. It’s great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thanks for taking my call. I was calling because there was also something else that I think was overlooked in the speech when Obama made the comment about how if you wanted to go to college, we could help you go to college and that’s the only way you could go and lead a middle class life. So that you, too, could have a middle class life. I thought that was ridiculous, the fact that you had to go to college, one, to get a middle class life; and, two, if you did go to college, all you can basically expect afterwards is to lead a middle class life of mediocrity.

RUSH: Well, you see, you have hit on something very important. As an Alinskyite, as a Trotskyite — as Obama being a huge “progressive,” a huge liberal — “middle class” is what everybody is going to be. There isn’t going to be anybody else. Everybody’s going to be equal. Everybody’s going to be the same. Everybody’s going to have same stuff, the same opportunity. Everybody is going to be Julia in that little video that the Obama campaign put together to track the life of a woman from the day she’s born to the day she dies.

It showed how everything she has comes from government: Her education (which puts her in the middle class), a little garden where she waters the flowers. She occasionally gets a pet cat or an abortion down the line if she needs it. It’s all provided by the government. We’re all middle class, including the education. It’s so very shrewd of you to point that out. The expectations are no higher than average. That’s what Obama wants everybody shooting for. That is a brilliant, in fact, observation on your part, Dustin. Dustin, hang on. Don’t go away. Hold on through the break if you can.


RUSH: And we are back with Dustin in Morgantown, West Virginia. Dustin?


RUSH: You know, you really swerved into the truth there. There is no shooting high with this. Nobody, for example, in the Obama administration ever talks about being the best. Nobody ever talks about pursuing excellence or reaching the upper class. Everybody is to be middle class, as though that’s some great achievement. And, of course, in Obama’s world, everybody — “the masses” (which, of course, we’re not “masses” in this country, but “the masses”) — are going to be the middle class, which is all the same. Everybody basically just like everybody else.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: Here’s why I wanted you to hold on: My prize closet is getting filled back there, and I need to start dispersing some stuff. So I wanted to give you your choice of an iPad or an iPhone or a Retina MacBook Pro computer.

CALLER: W-wooooow!

RUSH: Now, the iPhone — I gotta be honest — is the 4S, and as of tomorrow it will be last year’s model.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But it’s still kick ass. But the other two are state of the art, latest available, especially the MacBook Pro Retina display 15-inch.

CALLER: Yeah, that would be great, the MacBook Pro. I need a new laptop.

RUSH: Well, let me tell you: This is made to order. It’s fully loaded. It has the largest solid state drive in it that they make: 750 gigs. It has 16 gigabytes of RAM. Wait until you see this thing. It’s absolutely stunning and beautiful.


RUSH: Thin. You can carry it around easily and so forth. And the battery time, when they come out with the new OS? Right now, the operating system’s 10.8.1, but 10.8.2 is coming out in a couple of days. It will give you 10 to 12 hours of battery life. It is stunning. It’s just amazing. So you hang on and Snerdley will get the address. Give us a FedEx address where we can get it to you tomorrow.

CALLER: Rush, thank you so much. I appreciate you having me on the show.

RUSH: Dustin, thank you. Don’t go away.

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