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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. The Vice President Joe Bite Me was in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, today at the 9/11 memorial there. I want you to listen to the vice president in this sound bite.

BIDEN: Like all of the families, we wish we weren?’t here. We wish we didn?’t have to be here. We wish we didn?’t have to commemorate any of this. It is — and it?’s a bittersweet moment for the entire nation.

RUSH: Bittersweet? What is bittersweet about 9/11? Clint Eastwood was right. This guy is the intellect of the Democrat Party. What is bittersweet about 9/11? What did Joey’s dad tell him about bittersweet? “Joey, let me tell you about bittersweet.” What does he think it is? With 9/11 it’s all bitter. What’s bittersweet? “Oh, Rush, that’s just Joe. That’s just Joe.” The networks will tell you, the media. “It’s just Joe. It’s just Joe. His intentions, he really means well. He’s got a big heart. Really cares.” Oh, okay. Okay. Fine.

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