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RUSH: Here’s Obama last night on CBS Evening News with Steve Kroft.

OBAMA: There’s a broader lesson to be learned here. Governor Romney seems to have a tendency to, uhhh, shoot first and aim later. And, as president, one of the things I’ve learned is you can’t do that. Uh, that, uhh, eh, you know, it’s important for you to, uh, make sure that the statements th-that you make are backed up by the facts and that you’ve thought through the ramifications before you make ’em.

KROFT: Do you think it was irresponsible?

OBAMA: Uhh, I’ll let the American people judge that.

RUSH: That’s all lies. Romney didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. He didn’t “shoot first and aim later.” He didn’t get his facts wrong. This is Obama capitalizing on the narrative. Where have we heard this before? Here’s Jimmy Carter on August 15th, 1980.

CARTER 1980: In their fantasy world, all the complex global changes of the world since World War II have never happened. In their fantasy America, all problems have simple solutions — simple and wrong. It’s a make-believe world, a world of good guys and bad guys where some politicians shoot first and ask questions later.

RUSH: Ohhhh! Here he is quoting Jimmy Carter again, and there’s Carter saying that it’s a “fantasy world” to think there are “good guys and bad guys” in the world, that that’s fantasy. He went on to say, Carter did, “The GOP’s a party with a narrow vision, a party that’s afraid of the future, a party whose leaders are inclined to shoot from the hip, a party that’s never been willing to put its investment in human beings who are below them in economic and social status.”

Does that not sound exactly like Democrats of today?

Losers, I might say!

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