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RUSH: I’m trying clumsily to say here today basically the reason the partisan divide exists in this country is not so much over issues. I mean, clearly there are issue differences, but it’s not policy that is the primary thing dividing people today.

That’s a contention of mine, and a relatively new realization. But as a point of illustration, Bill Maher’s movie was Religulous (like “ridiculous,” Religulous), and it excoriates every religion. The last 20 minutes of it brutalizes Islam — laughs at it, makes fun of it — and you probably don’t know that. The movie grossed 13 million bucks. Nobody knows, which is very important. Nobody knows it. It made $13 million so some people saw it, but apparently no Muslims went to see it.

Now, let’s contrast this with this YouTube video, because this whole thing — this whole thing in the Middle East — somebody contrived it and planned for it and set it up, using easily influenced poor people in the populations of these Islamic countries. They didn’t know about the YouTube video. They didn’t see it. They didn’t see Bill Maher’s movie. If they’d seen Bill Maher’s movie they’d-a raised holy hell about it. The CAIR gang would have gotten in action just like they did on the Danish cartoons.

But nobody saw it, and nobody told them about it, and they didn’t see the YouTube video. But wait! How do they know about it? Well, somebody told them. Who and why? Who and why? Somebody wants this happening. Somebody or some people wants this unrest over in the Middle East. It is my contention that the primary reason for this — and I can hear the howls of laughter, protest, disagreement, when I say this. It may not be the only reason.

But I’m convinced that one of the reasons this unrest happened was so it could be blamed on someone who could be made to look like he’s a conservative, because then what does it say about conservatism or people who are not liberal? It says that they’re nuts, that they’re kooks. Nobody saw this video. By the same token, Mr. Snerdley, in the days leading up to our discovery that the president was having an affair and engaging in BJs with Monica Lewinsky in the he Oval Office, what happened?

There was a picture. There was a picture released in one newspaper. It was the Los Angeles Times. And the picture was of what? It was of Bill and Hillary Clinton dancing on the beach in the Caribbean — in the Virgin Islands somewhere — and, furthermore, dancing on the beach both in their swimsuits. (It was not a flattering picture.) We learned later that there wasn’t even any music. The whole thing was staged. That picture was released on the front page of the LA Times at the usual six a.m. or seven a.m. Eastern time.

By the time the two p.m. press briefing came around, the picture had been seen a couple places. Mike McCurry, the press secretary, got a question about the picture — and he launched. He was critical of the picture. It was an invasion of privacy. How dare anybody try to get that close to the president. And nobody knew what he was talking about because nobody had seen it! But McCurry made sure everybody saw it. And why did they want everybody to see it?

Because they knew the Lewinsky story was coming, and they wanted to counter the Lewinsky story with a picture of a loving couple — Bill and Hillary Clinton, on the beach in the Caribbean, dancing — as a counterweight or counterbalance to the Lewinsky story. I’m telling you: Everything the left does is a manipulation of us, and they use the media (willing accomplices in the media) to do this. Well, by the same token, stop and think just a second now, folks. Nobody in the Middle East has seen this YouTube clip (or not nearly enough people) to cause what happened.

They were all told about it, though, and they were told about it for any reason. Whoever told them wanted what’s happening to happen. I don’t mean somebody wanted an ambassador to be assassinated. They wanted the protest. Now, you might be saying, “Rush, why would Obama want this? It doesn’t make him look good.” Stop and think of who Obama is. He’s arrogant, cocky. He doesn’t think people are gonna blame him for this because he doesn’t get blamed for anything. The guy who did the video is getting all the blame.

The media joined right in.

Jay Carney joined right in.

The guy was rounded up. He was pulled out of his house at 1:30 in the morning by sheriff’s deputies. He was taken in and interviewed, supposedly for a parole violation or what have you. It was left to no speculation whatsoever that this video caused all this. We’ve all been manipulated, and I’m telling you that my theory is the reason that this has happened is this is a campaign aid. This was designed as part of the Obama campaign. It does two things. It makes this guy who did the movie…

What is he? He’s a Coptic CHRISTIAN. What is he? Intolerant! What is he doing? Making fun of Islamists! What does he do? Cause violence! All of this is filling in a cliche or a brand or an image. The purpose of this is to make it impossible to support a guy like Romney. Romney’s a Mormon but he’s intolerant, Republican, racist, sexist, bigot, all of this stuff. It’s designed to suppress the Romney vote. It’s designed to dispirit the Romney vote. It is designed to make liberals and Obama look like the compassionate big-hearted, understanding, tolerant.

They’re the guys rounding up an American citizen for practicing his First Amendment rights. This video, it’s amazing. It hasn’t even been introduced to the public in ways that people have seen it. It’s only been described. It’s only been described. They make sure they got the stars of this movie on TV talking about how they were duped by this guy, and they’re in tears. They had no idea it was gonna be a movie that made fun of Islam.

So this guy becomes Romney in the campaign. This guy becomes the reason why you wouldn’t want to vote against Obama. That’s the thinking. This is the same way McCurry introduced that photo of the Clintons dancing right before the Monica scandal. It was something nobody had heard of, and they talked about what an invasion of privacy the whole thing was. In both instances, it’s Hillary Clinton pulling the strings.

In this video and in the picture of her and Clinton dancing on the beach down in the Caribbean. The second thing it does is divert people away from the dismal economy, divert people away from Obama’s dismal presidency, his dismal accomplishments or lack thereof, and then it gives people an opportunity to tell about what “disarray” the Romney campaign is in. Oh! By the way, notice also that all Romney had to do was make one statement, and guess what automatically fell in line?

“Romney made the mistake! Romney jumped the gun! Romney shot before he aimed! Romney embarrassed himself! Romney spoke before he knew what was really going on! Romney made the mistake!”

It got further into ridiculous — honest to God — when there were people on MSNBC saying that Romney was to blame for the media not covering Obama’s culpability in this. If Romney had shut up, if Romney hadn’t said anything, the media would have been forced to look at Obama’s role in this. But Romney was so outrageous and so egregious and so unprofessional and so unpresidential in what he did, that he gave the media no choice but than to focus on him.

This is a huge… What has happened here is a massive effort of manipulation.

Now, the protests are real. The violence is real. Look, they’ve got community agitators just like we do. All that has to happen is in the mosques for some imam to start ripping an American who’s made a video, making fun of the prophet. They know what’s gonna happen. Just like Obama in his day coulda grabbed a bunch of people on a street corner in Chicago and gotten ’em all revved up about some steel mill. Or just like Obama created Occupy Wall Street to go out and start defecating all over people’s cars on Wall Street or whatever. That was ginned up. What they all have in common, Islamists are extreme liberals; Obama’s an extreme liberal. They’re all leftists. They’re all statists. They’re all big government types who are threatened by individual liberty and freedom.

All that matters is Obama’s reelection, to the extent that this episode turns people away from Romney or conservatives. And remember what I said. It’s not about policy. It’s not that Obama’s irresponsible foreign policy is imploding, that the United States is in greater danger in the Middle East, that’s not the conclusion drawn. The conclusion drawn is look at how absolutely wacky and nutty and intolerant Republicans are. That was one of the many purposes of this whole episode. So policy is irrelevant, perception is everything, and they can manufacture the perception that they want. When you are Obama, the Democrat Party, and you own the media, when the media is sending out fundraising forms for you on their Twitter accounts, when the media’s running polls for you, doctoring polls, shifting polls —


No. I don’t think it’s over. No, no, no, no. Because they’re not a majority. The reason they’re having to manipulate everything is because they are a woeful minority, the liberals in this country. I think it’s gonna backfire on ’em. It all comes under the umbrella they can’t be who they really are. They have to lie about who we are. They can’t be honest about their real policy. Nobody would vote for ’em, other than about 25% of the country. Everything about them is perception, manipulation, and lies. Everything. Everything is Wag the Dog. Everything is a structured deception.

Gallup has a new survey out here: “A majority of Americans (54%) continue to believe the government is trying to do too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses.” I guarantee you, the regime sees this, and they get nervous. This ought to be 54% the other way. Bottom line, a majority of people in Gallup still think the government’s too big and is doing too much. We haven’t lost this. Don’t misunderstand here, folks. I’m telling you how you’re being manipulated into believing you’ve got no chance, that Romney has no chance, that you’re unhip and that you’re uncool. It’s why we continue to get stories: Mitt Romney’s horrible week; Mitt Romney’s horrible day; Mitt Romney’s horrible dinner; Mitt Romney’s horrible, fitful lack of sleep last night; Mitt Romney’s this, Mitt Romney’s that. It’s all instructed. It is all manufactured. Nothing that has to do with liberalism or the Democrat Party is grounded in reality. If it were, they wouldn’t get but 30% of the vote.


RUSH: So Bill in Louisville. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Just up the river from Cape Girardeau.

RUSH: That’s right. How you doing, sir?

CALLER: I’m doing pretty fair compared to what the hell’s going on in Washington. I got a comment.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: It might rub some people the wrong way, and frankly I don’t care if it does or not. But these people are running nothing but one big movie in front of the American people. It’s all set up for Obama to become the peacemaker, and then these poor people that were in that embassy that were killed, for them to make an example and stand there in front of them when they do not give a damn about ’em at all, to make a show out of that, where are they when the coffins come home from Afghanistan? Where are these people?

RUSH: They don’t even allow the media at those arrivals.

CALLER: Well, correct. You know, I mean, you got Romney, we need Romney, we need his administration. I think what you’re gonna see — (unintelligible) — races are done in furlongs, as you know, because you’re from Missouri —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — and I think what you’re gonna see is whipping the horse for Obama right out of the gate. You’re gonna see him fade and Romney is gonna come around the third term like Secretariat in the Belmont Stakes.

RUSH: Well, Secretariat ran away from everybody by almost —

CALLER: Thirty-nine lengths, sir.

RUSH: You think that’s what’s gonna happen here?

CALLER: Yes, I do. I believe it. There’s a lot more conservatives than people believe. And when you refer to the administration in Washington as the regime —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — you are exactly right.

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: You talk about Romney attacking his policy. What policy? All he’s done is put up a big iceberg called socialized medicine, which I spent four years of my life in the Marine Corps to prevent, and we’re the Titanic and we’re heading to it. Now, all Romney has to do is break out the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital, and he can attack Barack Obama from every angle. I think Romney and his running mate are holding back a little bit and waiting for the opportunity —

RUSH: Well, you know, about that, they turned Ryan loose last week. I’ve been wondering where Ryan was. Ryan went over to a couple think tanks and let loose, and I started thinking to myself, “Please let him stay loose. Don’t put any shackles on. Let Ryan be Ryan. Send him out there and let him go to town.” I hope they do. Bill, God bless you for your service to this great country. I’m glad you called. I’m glad you waited. I appreciate your patience, and from your lips to God’s ears.


RUSH: I checked the e-mail. Predictable. “Rush, you really want us to believe that that was a giant Wag the Dog? You remember Wag the Dog never really happen!” I didn’t call this a Wag the Dog. What happened over there really happened. Another e-mail said, “How in the world do you think all those pictures of burning the American flag and so forth end up helping Obama?” I said, “I’m not telling you they do. I’m telling you the people that run this country think a whole different way.

“They believe they’re in 2008; Obama’s still a messiah.” Do you think Obama should be worried about this? He’s campaigning. When he made a statement about the dead ambassador, you couldn’t tell that he really had much emotion about it. He’s not acting like this bothers him at all! He’s act like somebody who knew it was gonna happen and has got it all calculated. Let me ask you a question, a very simple question: President of Egypt, President of Libya, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran?

Who’d they rather have as president of the United States, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? You know they’ve got a preference. You know every foreign leader has a preference in our election, every one of them. Who do these guys think they have the best chance with? Isn’t that kind of obvious? So if you’re going to structure something to get your rabble all worked up… By the way, the Muslim Brotherhood benefits like crazy from this! They’re leftists, folks. They thrive on chaos like this.

They deal with their population just like Obama does with ours. They’re the great heroes who solve the problems, put it all back together, fix it, what have you. So I’m just telling you that none of this is out of the realm of possibility for me. I think we’ve been manipulated in this whole thing, because nobody has seen this video. Nobody’s seen it! The people that are rioting and protesting have not seen it.

Let me read to you from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. “The organizer’s,” or community organizer’s “first job is to create the issues or problems.” The organizer “must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression.” The organizer “must search out controversy and issues, rather than avoid them, for unless there is controversy people are not concerned enough to act.”

An organizer “must stir up dissatisfaction, discontent.” That’s not a policy discussion. This is how you whip people into a frenzy. Over there, it happens in the mosques. It didn’t happen on YouTube. It happened with the full cooperation… I know some of you think, “Rush, I don’t know. I can’t necessarily accept that.” It may be tough. I’m just telling you: Don’t doubt me. When have I been wrong in twenty-four years in matters like this?

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