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RUSH: A rising number of stories about the disarray the Romney campaign is in. And, in fact, if you listen to the Fox News Channel, you can hear certain conservatives say the same thing. The reason these conservatives are saying that is ’cause they’re not getting out of the campaign what they would do if they were campaigning. So the foreign policy crowd in the Republican Party is upset that Romney is not talking enough about that. The social issues crowd is upset that he’s not talking enough about that. And the economic crowd is upset that he’s not talking enough about that.

But if you ask me, the real disarray is in the Obama administration, not the least of which would include the campaign. We were talking about the media bubble last week. It’s clear what’s happened. The order has gone out from on high that the Romney camp is in disarray. That’s the narrative, and it’s to cover up the fact that there is an implosion going on in this administration. How in the world can this administration and this campaign of Obama’s not be in disarray? Look at what they’ve got to deal with. They have destroyed the US middle class. They are destroying the American economy. Foreign policy is an embarrassment. We weren’t prepared for attacks on our embassies on 9/11. They’re blaming it on a YouTube video. The glaring incompetence, anybody willing to spend more than five minutes looking, the path takes you right to the White House.

So we get all these stories about the disarray in the Romney campaign: how Romney’s not doing this and Romney’s not doing that and Romney’s not doing the right thing on foreign policy and Romney’s not doing this and so forth. Let me tell you something. I got a story here. Associated Press, it cleared yesterday. “President Barack Obama will launch a new trade enforcement case against China Monday, using the power of incumbency to counter Republican Mitt RomneyÂ’s criticism that he is ceding American jobs to the Asian power.”

I saw the ad. You know, I don’t actually see too many political ads, because I don’t watch local TV. So I don’t see, for example, the local ads that would be running on local TV stations here where I live. I never have, other than when you have to to watch a football game. But I watch DirecTV. Now, my local stations are what’s on local TV, local networks, but I fast forward through commercials. I don’t see them, but I did happen to see a Romney ad ripping into Obama for not holding the ChiComs to task, fairness in trade matters and other things. And then lo and behold here comes this Obama story. Obama is spontaneously reacting to every criticism Romney made in that ad within a day or two.

So Romney goes out and accuses Obama of incompetence, malfeasance or whatever. Boneheaded policy. And within a day or two, Obama responds to the ad and does exactly what Romney says he’s not doing. In other words, Obama goes out and fixes it. It means Romney’s on to something. I saw the ad, and to be honest with you, “What the hell is this? A campaign issue? Fairness with the ChiComs? I mean, with everything else out there, is that how we’re gonna change minds?” Apparently the regime thinks so because they got in gear and sent this AP story: “Obama to Launch China Trade Case.” It’s exactly what Romney’s ad was. That China is engaging in unfair trade practices and Obama doesn’t care, and Obama isn’t doing anything about it. Bammo, Obama goes out.

Now, the AP doesn’t say that Romney’s ad ran. It doesn’t say that Obama’s responding. Given the idiots in this country and what they pay attention to and don’t, who knows how many are gonna put it together themselves that Obama is responding to Romney, but the fact is he is. So again, we got a fake narrative, a phony meme out there that the Romney campaign is unraveling and not organized when in fact it’s Obama’s entire administration that is, and therefore the country and his campaign as well. Both sides have supporters who are saying, “My gosh, I can’t believe…” The Romney camp says, “Why is this race so close? Romney ought to be up ten, 15 points, given the economy, given all that.” And the Obama people are saying, “Why aren’t we 15 points up?” ‘Cause they’ve launched everything they’ve got at Romney, and he’s still there.

They called him a felon. They called him a murderer. They called him everything. And yet he’s still right there in these polls. But again, I want to hearken back to F. Chuck Todd last Friday. This was big. This was very big. I told you it was big then. It hasn’t gotten any mention, but don’t doubt me on this. NBC/Wall Street Journal had a poll out that showed Obama wrapping it up in Florida, Ohio, and Virginia. It was over. The only way that Romney had a chance in these three states was to go get Obama voters and change their minds. The undecideds had made their minds up and had gone with Obama in these polls. It was over.

That poll came out on Thursday night. I got the Wall Street Journal little news flash blurb on it. So I expected F. Chuck Todd and the NBC boys to be literally throwing a party Friday morning. I mean with the balloons and little hats and everything. I thought it was going to be over with. And we played for you the sound bite. There’s F. Chuck Todd talking about how polling bothers him, that he hasn’t kept up with the technology, or the technology hasn’t enabled them to keep up with reality, but it was clear he didn’t believe his own poll. And he was wise not to believe his own poll. Those states haven’t been decided. We haven’t even had the debates, for crying out loud. So what we have here is the media — NBC, Wall Street Journal, polling unit — again, making news to try to shape public opinion rather than reflect it. And F. Chuck finally admitted it. Chuck Todd actually admitted, “I’m very nervous with this polling, I’m very nervous.” He did not want to hang his hat on this poll.

I think it had an elevated Democrat sample. Oh yeah, in one sample, 4% independents. No wonder the independents already made up their mind, there’s only 4% of ’em in the sample. There was one state — I forget which — but the Democrat percentage is way up over the 2008, or even 2010 turnout. So there wasn’t a whole lot of celebrating Friday over that poll. Now, wouldn’t you think, if these guys really believe that, if you’ve got a poll out that says it’s over in Florida, Ohio, and Virginia, ’cause if the poll’s right, it is over. If you got a poll that says that, if you believe the poll, aren’t you literally orgasmic? They weren’t. Here’s Mike Flynn posting at Breitbart, the Big Government website: CBS: Obama leads in our poll where we have a 13-percentage-point advantage for Democrats in our sample.

“Anyone following the presidential campaign through the prism of media polls is doing themselves a serious disservice. Virtually every one uses a polling sample that is so heavily-skewed towards Democrats that it distorts the actual state of the campaign. Of course, that is a feature, not a bug of the polls. The polls are specifically designed to drive a narrative that Obama is surging and Romney is struggling. Increasingly, though, the polls are having to go to ridiculous efforts to support this meme.

“Friday’s CBS/New York Times poll, for example, uses a Democrat plus-13 sample of registered voters, not likely voters. This is absurd.” Likely voters are the only polls that count. That’s all they’re gonna be taking in the week or two weeks before the election. I should say, “CBS does apply a Likely Voter screen to the head-to-head match up. The LV sample is D+6, similar to the make up of the 08 election. In that, Obama leads Romney by just 3 points, 49-46.”

In Rasmussen the same day, last Friday, it was Romney up three. There’s a Rasmussen out today. I just saw it. I better not quote it ’cause I don’t remember reading what it was about. But in it Romney’s up by a couple points. So what is going on? What’s going on here is that everybody on the Obama side knows that it’s the Obama camp that’s in disarray. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that that means it’s over for Obama, and don’t get super confident about anything.

My point is that this is nowhere near over. We’re not even to October yet; the election’s in November. These people are doing everything they can to suppress your vote and dispirit you, and they’re using polling data to do it. They’re using stories such as the Romney camp in disarray. Our side, I think, actually contributes to this with all these questions: “Why isn’t Romney up by 15? Why isn’t Romney up by ten?”

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