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RUSH: Did anybody watch the Emmys last night? I didn’t see the Emmys. Did you watch the Emmys, Snerdley? Brian, did you watch the Emmys? I didn’t even know they were on. I’m sitting there watching football… this is fun, by the way. This is fun watching the sports media go nuts over the replacement refs. This is fun. Folks, I love it. I absolutely love it. I thought we’re supposed to give everybody a chance. I suppose we’re not supposed to judge people. I thought, why, these poor replacement refs, it’s not their fault. They’re trying as hard as they can. Why is everybody dumping on these guys? Isn’t this exactly what the left wants, everybody’s equal, everybody gets a fair shot at it? But when it happens to be in their bailiwick, they happen to want the best available. If they don’t get it, they start whining and moaning and complaining.

I just sat there laughing myself silly. I’m listening to Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels. They’ve lost control of it, and it’s like an afternoon of sandlot football in your backyard. Everybody’s trying to intimidate everybody. I love it. I absolutely love it, and, in the meantime, there’s Tom Brady trying to stay focused in playing the game and everything around him is falling apart. I get up today and I read the sports media and they’re beside themselves over these poor replacement — or, they’re not poor. They hate ’em. I’m thinking, what about everybody deserves a fair shot? Isn’t that one of Obama’s campaign slogans? Everybody’s equal. We have equality of opportunity, equality of outcome. We can’t judge people. I think it’s made to order. I think it’s greatly an illustration.

I didn’t see the Emmys. Did Obama win an Emmy? Well, you know, he’s the star of a reality show called The New Normal, and it’s on every day. I mean this show is on every channel, every day. It never ends. If anybody deserves an Emmy, it’d be Obama. Did you see Game Change won? The movie about the book about Sarah Palin, the McCain campaign, 2008. Kathryn and I watched that thing and we got up and left it. We left our own theater. It was a cliched joke. That movie illustrated two different worlds that we all live in here. And that movie won best actress, best writing, best this. Not surprising at all.

Did you see Obama doesn’t have time for Netanyahu? He’s barely got time for the UN, but he’s gonna see Beyonce, Whoopi Goldberg. He’s gonna go on The View. But not Netanyahu. Letterman and Jay-Z last week. I don’t know why people are so surprised, it’s what Kim Kardashian would do. And he’s President Kardashian. He’s the Celebrity of the United States instead of the president.

Did you see this? This is a frightening statistic. More people vote in American Idol than in any US election. Yeah, but it’s easy. I mean, you can phone in. You can dial a phone, but still, more people vote in American Idol than they do in any US election. If that’s true — and I have no reason to doubt it — that might explain Obama’s entire campaign and his entire presidency.


RUSH: You know, everything’s replaceable. We got replacement refs, and we got replacement news. I kind of look at myself as (laughing) replacement news, replacement media. He-he-he-he. Except I know what I’m doing.

Folks, I really have to tell you, I love the National Football League. Something about it is different this year. It’s all the politically correct stuff that’s now seeped into it. I know where this is all headed, as I’ve told you. But I’m just laughing out loud last night listening to Cris Collinsworth go on and on and on about these refs. I just laugh. And I love getting up every day and reading the sports media, which is just as liberal as their news media brethren, listening to them moan and complain about the replacement refs and the integrity of the game. And I just say, well, this is the kind of culture you’d get across the country if your ideas prevail. You get incompetence at the top of everything on the basis that we don’t have the ability to judge people, and you guys promise equality of outcome. How you gonna have equality of outcome if you don’t make sure that people not good at something get to be called or get to be selected to do something at the highest level? That’s what liberalism is all about, is promoting incompetence on the basis it’s fair, because people would be the best if they weren’t discriminated against.

Okay, so finally, we have some guys who’ve never refereed in the NFL before and they’re getting a shot at it. Isn’t that what Obama’s talking about, everybody deserves a fair shot? And so they’re out there doing it, and everybody hates it because they’re dragging down the quality of the game. When they get what they want, when they get what they want across our culture, then they start wringing their hands and —


What do they want? They want ’em gone. They want these guys gone. They want these guys tarred and feathered. They want these guys put in jail, euphemistically. They hate these guys. They hate Goodell for letting this happen. They hate it. You know, the left is so predictably inconsistent throughout our culture. We have affirmative action. We have all kinds of politically correct programs to elevate people that can’t do so. Look at how we relaxed the requirements to be a fireman because some people couldn’t pass the requirements. Well, that’s not fair. Well, what’s the difference here? These guys, maybe in the real world couldn’t qualify to be NFL refs, so let’s lower the standards and put ’em in there. It’s called fairness. It’s called being nice to people. And then when they get in there and prove they can’t do it, why, who jumps on ’em? Their number one champions, philosophically. I just love it. I think it’s a great, great, great illustration. So when I see these guys just go nuts, I laugh. I get so much enjoyment out of it. It’s hard for me to quantify and describe.


RUSH: Look, folks, the replacement refs in the NFL? Isn’t all that matters that they “look like America.” There’s diversity out there. We’ve got black replacement refs. We got white replacement refs. We got old replacement refs, skinny ones, fat ones, young ones! We’ve even got a babe out there as a replacement ref. They look like America. That’s it! Diversity. It doesn’t matter whether they can do the job or not. Well, that’s what the left keeps telling us when it comes to electing people in office.

“We need a Supreme Court that looks like America!” Well, we got the NFL replacement refs and they look like America. “Diversity is our strength.” We got some Hispanics out there. I don’t know that I’ve seen any Asians, but that’s coming. I mean, affirmative action is okay for firemen and presidents and so forth, but apparently it’s not okay for NFL replacement refs. (laughing) Oh, yes.

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