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RUSH: I thought Obama, by the way, was better on The View than he was at the UN. I did. On The View he finally admitted that the attack on the consulate in Libya was terrorism. He didn’t have the nerve to say that at the United Nations, which was basically a campaign speech. But Obama said some interesting things in this speech. The notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete. Whoa, what is this? A few years ago it was okay to control the flow of information? That sounded like a complaint, by the way, when he said it. The notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete? Now, what he’s doing, he’s responding, obviously, to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood guy in Egypt and others in the Middle East, who, if we are to believe what we’re told, are raising hell with Obama about this video, which came up again at the UN speech.

He spent considerable time saying (paraphrased), “I want to assure the members here at the UN that the government of the United States had nothing to do with it. But we have to put up with it. It used to be we could control the flow of information. It’s obsolete to control the flow of information now. The notion that we can do that is obsolete. We can’t do it. Although we’re trying.” Have you seen what they’re doing to D’Souza’s movie?

The regime is doing everything they can to tamp down viewership of Dinesh D’Souza’s movie. In fact, they put out a giant lie over the weekend that Fox News was gonna run the thing, I think Sunday afternoon. Well, if you hear that Fox News is gonna run the movie, why go to the theater? Well, Fox News wasn’t gonna run it. That was a total lie. The regime’s campaign put out a total lie that 2016: Obama’s America was gonna run on Fox.

There are a couple of other acts that they’ve engaged in try to suppress people watching the movie. They’re worried about it! I think they’re worried about a lot of things in this campaign. As we go through the program today, as it unfolds before your very eyes and ears, I will explain it to you. But I have to tell you: All the time spent in this speech at the UN on this straw-man video? No video has ever been more highly promoted by an elected official than this one.

Every time Obama talks about this video, he creates a curiosity about it. Most people haven’t seen it. Now he goes to the UN and he starts talking about vile, rank, whatever, however he described it movie. I guarantee you people say, “Whoa, whoa! I want to see that. What’s he talking about?” And they make a mad dash to YouTube to try to find the thing. In essence, Obama is promoting it.

It’s a one-man promotional department for what he calls a disgusting, inflammatory video. All of that is to distract from the fact that the embassies were vulnerable and were attacked on his watch, and it’s a green light to more violence. Now, he did throw in there at times that no video and no words justify violence. There’s no such thing. That just doesn’t happen. No way a video or whatever can justify violence.

Which is not what this crowd wants to hear. I mean, it’s the UN. How many people in there are armed? I’m just kidding. Although Yasser Arafat did show up with a gun. This is a group that doesn’t want to hear about nonviolence. This is a group that doesn’t want to hear about tolerance.


RUSH: Obama is at the UN today, and this speech of his… Parts of it were okay, but it was a campaign speech. A lot of it was vacuous. For example (impression), “The road is hard, but the way is clear.” Oh, man! How profound was that? “The road is hard — the road is hard — but the way is clear.”

And then he talked about people who had “built bridges across the oceans.” Where is there a bridge across the ocean? I want to see that bridge. And where are the roads that lead to the bridge across the ocean? I know what he meant, but, for crying out loud, this is just Cliche Central. It’s vacuous platitudes. It was a speech, again, given as if he’s never been in office. It was a campaign speech. (impression) “The road is hard, but the way is clear,” and the road is bumpy.

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