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RUSH: You know, Obama is not meeting with anybody. He went on The View, and he described himself as “eye candy” on The View. You know what I think happened? I think that somebody scribbled that as a note on the teleprompter, and he thought he was supposed to say it. Why would you describe yourself as “eye candy” sitting there? Wouldn’t the women be the eye candy, if you’re really a guy who’s trying to portray this notion that Republican hate women?

Why is he going on The View anyway?

You know why he’s going on The View? Because the gender gap is tightening. The War on Women is bombing out and that’s why he goes on there. Wolf Blitzer last week said it made perfect sense that Obama would go on Letterman. I mean, if you’re out trolling for votes, what makes more sense, going on Letterman or meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu? It was a great move by Obama, said Wolf Blitzer.

Now Wolf’s done a 180. Wolf and the Drive-Bys are a little worried that Obama’s not meeting any world leaders but he’s going on The View. Dana Milbank in the Washington Post called it “almost scandalous.” Obama’s throwing a party and having a reception, but big whoop. He’s gonna meet ’em, not official meetings. It’s just, you know, a little glad handing or whatever goes on in these things.

But there’s no official meetings, which are standard operating procedure. Hillary’s doing all those. Unbeknownst to people, Hillary is the one meeting with Morsi and the guy from Iran and the guy from wherever. There are photos of it. Hillary’s taking all these meetings while Obama’s on The View and the Drive-Bys are wringing their hands, even Jacob Tapper doesn’t understand this, and Wolf’s done a 180. Wolf Blitzer says it’s okay to go on Letterman rather than meet Netanyahu, but now Wolf’s a little concerned.

Why is he hanging around with the women on The View? It’s all about voters that Obama’s targeting. It’s all totally about that, and so was this speech today. You know, you people on the left, you like to think of yourselves as the smartest among us, and you pride yourself that Obama’s the smartest man ever. Do you realize how dumb the average Obama voter is? Do you realize how…? Not dumb. Uninformed.

Do you realize that Obama is trying to put together a majority coalition made up of the least-informed people in this country, and, in some cases, maybe the dumbest? He’s not targeting the brains of our society. He may figure he has academia all wrapped up, but, I mean, his big electoral push is for the mental midgets in this country, proudly so. Yet you people on the left, you sit out there feeling all high and mighty about how smart Obama is and how smart you are.

When, in fact, your guy can’t get elected without a majority of the Dumb Vote, the Moron Vote. And that’s what he’s trying to coalesce.


RUSH: I mentioned earlier that it is Hillary Clinton who is taking all these meetings with world leaders. It’s not Obama. Obama’s out on The View and with Letterman and so forth. That’s who he’s gunning for. That audience. He’s really coalescing the Moron Vote. He’s banking on the fact that of the universe of Americans who vote, that there’s a winning majority of morons in there. He’s got academia and he’s got the media and he’s got the Hollywood crowd.

Then he’s going after the actual Americans outside those institutions. He’s not going for the middle class. He’s going for the morons.


RUSH: Edgar in Atlanta. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: (whispering) Hey, Rush-o. Is it okay if I talk about something other than the NFL?

RUSH: Oh, by all means.

CALLER: Since last week when this issue about 47% of us not paying income taxes and the 1998 video of Obama talking about building “a majority coalition” of welfare recipients came up, it got me to thinking about the arc of America’s history. You know, we started at that point where we had “taxation without representation.” And the founders found that so intolerable, they went to war against an empire over it. And now that arc is arriving at a place, not the opposite of “taxation without representation.”

But it’s the other side of the same coin. We have representation without taxation. And to me the two are equally tyrannical and oppressive. But instead of being outraged about it, Americans just look at now and shrug and say, “Yeah, that’s fairness.” And I have to wonder: How did we get here, Rush? How did the character of America as a nation fall this far where self-reliance isn’t considered a virtue anymore?

RUSH: Well, we don’t know that it has yet. See, this is the question that we ask ourselves every day. Let me put it to you this way and ask you a question: Do you realize the level of either (or a combination of) ignorance or apathy that would have to exist for Obama to be reelected? It’s profound. The people don’t care about what’s going on in the Middle East, don’t care ambassadors are getting shot, don’t care our foreign policy’s falling apart, don’t care housing prices are plummeting, don’t care about rising unemployment, don’t care about assaults on achievers, don’t care about all of this?

If you go back to the 2010 elections and look at the turnout, which was a landslide, I just find it hard to believe that in two years all this apathy has overcome is. I just don’t believe it’s there. I think everybody’s in for a shock on Election Day, but then I have to guard against having my hopefulness become a substitute for reality. ‘Cause I’m like you. There are days it’s an emotional roller coaster. There are days I think that we’ve lost the country. You look at these all-out assaults for raising taxes on the achievers.

Hillary Clinton is running around saying that the rich don’t contribute anything and there’s no outraged reaction to it. And you think, “My God, how did we get here?” Well, we know how we got here. There’s been an all-out assault on values, culture, morality, all of these things by the left for decades. They’ve gotten control of the education system, and that’s a large reason — or central explanation, answer — to your question. But your point is really good. I think the Founders would have been appalled that people with no skin in the game have so much say in the government. That’s your point about representation without taxation.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: So many people with no skin in the game are running the show. They’re able to go out and determine policy that ends up with money being taken away from people who are truly producing it. That’s why I’ve said on a couple of occasions, “If it were just us, we could handle four years of Obama. We’re resilient enough. But can we deal with four years or an eternity of the kind of people who would elect him?”

CALLER: Am I still with you, Rush?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Oh. (chuckles) The point I wanted to make is the character of America. I have to believe the Founders wanted us, as citizens, to be self-reliant, and they codified it in the last four words of the Tenth Amendment. It says if the federal government doesn’t do it either the states do it or the people do it. That says to me that there must be some things they expected us to do for ourselves. Not ’cause they wanted us to be selfish, ’cause they wanted the citizenry to be self-reliant. ‘Cause how could we be an independent nation comprised of dependent people? And they had to have known that.

RUSH: They did. You’re absolutely right. Your analogy is 100% correct. But there are reasons why all this is happening. The quest for never-ending power on the part of leftists, statists. The way you do that is turn people into total dependent serfs. That’s how you do it. And there’s been an effort that’s as old as I am (and older, actually) to bring this about. The question’s gonna be answered in November: How much apathy over all this stuff is there really going on out there. In my lucid moments, I tell myself that the level of apathy and acquiescence to the wholesale destruction of the greatness that was this country just can’t be that many people. It just can’t be.

That’s what my hope is.

We’ll see.

I’m glad you called. Great points.

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