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RUSH: Here’s Michael in Columbia, South Carolina. I really appreciate your patience, too. Thank you for holding.

CALLER: Well, thank you. It’s a pleasure and honor to have a chance to speak with you. I tell everyone I was on a conference call with 30 or 40 million people.

RUSH: (laughing) All right, cool.

CALLER: Snerdley helped me to condense my question. I’m really curious what your thoughts are on just how many conservatives you think are really gonna be persuaded to stay home or will be influenced by polls. Most of us conservatives out here are smarter than that, you know? I mean, we’re the vast majority of the population.

RUSH: I don’t think it’s going to work.

CALLER: Exactly!

RUSH: I think — if I may use this phrase “our people,” I think — our people are so revved up that there’s not one bit of media fraud that can make ’em sit home.


RUSH: I think we’re beating them in early voting. I think we’re beating them in absentee. I think our people can’t wait to show up. I’ll tell you, there’s another segment out there that nobody will ever poll, at least not the Gallups and the CNNs and the New York Times and all that. There are a lot of people out there who are not happy at all over the encroachment on their religious freedom. There are a lot of people who do not like Obama telling the Catholic Church where to go and to get off doing that and so forth.

They do not like that. They’re never gonna be polled, but I will guarantee you (call ’em the Values Voters) they are sitting out there and they, too, want to vote. They are chomping at the bit waiting to get to the polls. So I don’t think the suppression effort is going to work. However, the reason I spent time today addressing this and the reason I decided to is because there’s genuine fear that others will sit home.

I hear from people, friends of mine. “Oh, gosh, Rush! Do you see this? I’m worried our people aren’t gonna show up.” Nobody is worried about themselves. Nobody tells me, “I’ve had it! I’m fed up. Screw Romney. Screw Ryan. Screw voting.” Nobody’s telling me that. They’re still saying, “Screw Obama. To hell with Obama.” But they’re worried that people they don’t know are gonna be affected by it and will sit home.

CALLER: Yeah. The only people that I know that really ask me about what I think about the polls are people that are not necessarily conservative for the most part. So they look at ’em and they kinda sorta wonder about ’em if they’re believable or not. And I tell them, “No. It’s all BS, and I think it’s gonna be a landslide and I look forward to it.” They look at me like I’m a little crazy and I say, “Hey, just wait.”

RUSH: Well, they look at you like you’re crazy because nobody’s saying that. The landslide is Obama. I’m gonna tell you something.

CALLER: Well, I say that just to (garbled).

RUSH: On Obama’s side right now, there’s nobody… Although I’m gonna take that back. I was gonna say that I don’t think the Obama people think they could possibly lose. I think the truth of the matter is they’re worried. They’re in Ohio. They’re spending less time in Iowa. If they’ve got this wrapped up, why are they there? Why are they sending Obama out there? Why are they having him go on The View and Letterman and Jay-Z and blow off all these world leaders? I’ll tell you what: The base that’s unsettled is his. He’s got the base-turnout problem, not us.

CALLER: Well, there are very dear friends of ours that are die-hard Democrats, and even they’re — I mean, it’s a good sign that they’re — pretty much not voting for Obama this time. So I think there’s some hope for even folks like that.

RUSH: Well, that’s interesting. I hope there’s a lot of that. People vote for all kinds of different reasons. Democrats vote for Democrats just because they’re Democrats. There are a lot of people, I don’t know what percentage, that don’t look at this election the way I just described it. I look at this election as ball game for America as founded. Now, if Obama wins, the next day is not gonna be the gulags or anything like that. But I know the guy. I know what his plans are. I know what his intentions are.

I know liberals!

I know what happens when they’re in charge of things economically. Look at New Orleans and Detroit. Take a look wherever they run things and there’s no opposition. I just challenge you. Moscow, Beijing, Havana, go anywhere. You will not find the kind of prosperity that you are accustomed to in this country. They are just incapable of it. No, I don’t think it’s over forever if Obama wins, ’cause at some point the people of this country are as resilient as they could be.

If Obama wins, I guarantee you it isn’t gonna be two years before a lot of people that vote for the guy are gonna wake up and they’re gonna start asking themselves what they have done. I don’t want to think about that in those terms down the road. Now, I need to correct this: Not all of us are gonna end up in the gulags. There will be some who are targeted for the gulags shortly after the election. The regime has plans, I’m sure. But you’re safe. You’re safe.

I appreciate the call very much, Michael.

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