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RUSH: Obama is in Virginia, he’s got a campaign appearance going, and he just told a whopper. Grab sound bite five, by the way. He just told a whopper to the crowd. And, by the way, let’s play sound bite five. This is what has caused this big change. The Romney video where he claimed that 47% of the voters are just beyond his reach, they don’t pay taxes or whatever, you remember the video from May at a fundraiser. Obama has latched on to that to now try to talk about the people of this country as great, hardworking, stick-to-it, self-reliant, rugged individuals.

Obama has done a 180. I’m here to tell you that what this campaign is doing is not representative of a campaign that thinks this election is over and that they have it locked up. He is in states that the polls tell us he’s leading by 10 to 12 points. He is now making campaign statements, trying to put words in Romney’s mouth that Romney has denigrated people as a bunch of victims and Obama is now becoming the champion of entrepreneurs and rugged individuals? And this isn’t gonna fly anywhere because nobody believes that. But that’s what he’s out there saying. And the applause — I didn’t see much of this, but when he talked about, (imitating Obama) “We need a new economic patriotism. That economic patriotism is where we have a growing economy that’s led by the middle class.” And I’m sure — I had to come back to the program — that he continued with raising taxes on the rich as patriotism.

But this business of he said that we want a country that rewards hard work. That is an out-and-out lie. Obama’s entire library of policies is oriented toward targeting successful people. They are the problem. Up until yesterday or maybe today, but certainly the last two days, the rich and the successful had been the enemies, as Obama has attempted to coalesce the Moron Vote. He has used class envy. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. And now he’s done a 180. I think this is significant. Not significant in the sense of how it’s gonna be reacted to by voters. I think it’s significant, if you look at it, the context of the Obama campaign and what they’re doing, this is grasping at straws now. How long has the Romney video been out there, this audio, 47%? A week? A little longer? And just now has Obama and the media coordinated the idea that Romney was attacking a bunch of victims?

So they’ve decided at the Obama campaign to defend the hardworking people that Romney is attacking. This is a campaign that does not have a core message that it’s locked into. It’s hopscotching all over the place, and now they think this one might work. I’m telling you, feel free to disagree with me, I guess I could be wrong about this, but this strikes me as a campaign in disarray. I know that’s what they’re saying about the Romney campaign. But I think it’s the Obama campaign that’s not well-oiled and not a smooth running machine. The very idea it takes ’em a week to gin up a coordinated response with the media on this 47%, and then they have to makeup what Romney meant, put words in his mouth. And now here’s Obama whose existence is based on victims, Obama’s reason for existing as a politician is to help victims and make even more of ’em. That’s what a community organizer does.

A community organizer makes people feel like they’re victims. He tells them they’re victims. A community organizer tells people they’re getting dumped on, that they’re getting the shaft, that they’re getting the screw by The Man, by the elite, by the rich. And now all of a sudden Obama’s out, (imitating Obama) “There aren’t any victims. They are hardworking people. The way you get ahead in this country is hard work.” No, it’s not. If you work hard and you become successful, you are a target of this administration. You’re gonna be paying higher taxes. You’re the reason that there’s poverty. You’re the reason that there’s despair.

You are the reason, you small business owners that are perceived to have loads and loads of money, you know it as well as I do, in Obama’s world, you’re the reason we have this bad economy, you and Bush. You’re not hiring people. You’re hoarding all of your money. You’ve got it. You’re just not hiring. You’re greedy. This has been Obama’s whole message, and now all of a sudden — here, we got a media montage yesterday, last night, and this morning, of a bunch of media people, State-Controlled Media, tying this 47% video of Romney to these polls and trying to explain this is why Romney’s plunging.

ALLEN: New polls show Ohio slipping away after Romney talking disparagingly about the 47%.

MUIR: Romney described 47% of Americans as victims.

CRAWFORD: Romney is still shadowed by “it’s not my job to worry about the 47%.”

MORGAN: The 47% fiasco.

REICH: In response to that 47% video.

STODDARD: The potency of the 47% video.

CAVUTO: Mitt Romney, the 47 thing.

TUCKER: This 47% remark so absolutely devastating for him.

CARDONA: He’s denigrating 47% of the American electorate.

STEINHAUSER: Those controversial 47% comments.

GUTHRIE: Repair the damage from the 47% comment.

SILVER: Since Romney’s 47% comments ObamaÂ’s gotten a second wind.

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why does Obama need a “second wind”? I thought Obama was burying Romney! He’s up ten in Ohio, 12 in Pennsylvania, and in Florida it’s nine or whatever. I thought he was burying Romney. What is this “second wind” business? Folks, do not doubt me. We are on to something here. By the way, you notice it didn’t take long to coordinate this. That is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12.

That is 12 different media people there in a 41-second montage all on the same theme that Romney’s plummeting in the polls because of a videotape where he mentioned 47% of the voters, that has been out there for a week or ten days. So you have a coordinated attack, White House to the media, to explain why the polls are showing Obama running away with it. now Obama is out saying (impression), “There aren’t any victims. I don’t want to run a country with a bunch of victims. That’s what Romney talking about!”

Romney’s never said that; Obama doesn’t believe it. His whole political existence is predicated not only on the fact that there are victims, but that you need more. We need a permanent underclass. The Democrat Party can’t get by without people who don’t think they’re victims. I mean, what do you think the War on Women is all about? Women are victims of something, the Catholic Church or patriarchal men or troglodytes who don’t want them to have birth control pills.

Everybody’s a victim in Obama’s world!

African-Americans are victims. Hispanics are victims. Women are victims. Hell, everybody’s a victim — and now, all of a sudden, they’re not? Don’t misunderstand. I don’t think the average voter is gonna be as sophisticated… Eh, that’s the wrong word. I don’t think the average voter is gonna analyze this the way I just did and have this mean differences in vote turnout or preference. I think what this indicates is a campaign that’s in disarray.

I think this indicates a campaign that is the exact opposite of how it’s being portrayed. It’s not a well-oiled machine. It does not have great, tremendous organization with a game plan that is being executed flawlessly after being conceived brilliantly. I don’t think any of that’s going on. I think they’re hop-scotching all over the place and they’re grasping at straws, and this last comment was from Nate Silver (whoever he is): “Obama has gotten a second wind.”

What? What? Doesn’t that kind of fly in the face of “Obama’s trouncing Romney”? When do you get a second wind? You’re about to fall asleep, right? You’re tired, you’re worn out, and all of a sudden you get a second wind. Hey, you’re revived! You’re ready to go. A second wind does not happen to somebody that’s about to bury an opponent. So Mr. Silver, I think, has betrayed something here that maybe in the Obama camp they know they’re not up ten points anywhere, much less Ohio or Florida.

Because, you see, ladies and gentlemen, liberalism is built around the idea that America is unfair, immoral, unjust, unworthy of maintaining superpower status. America was founded in an unjust way. Everybody’s been victimized for 200-plus years by the 1%. But now there are no victims? In 24 hours, there are no victims! If there are no victims, there’s no unfairness. If there are no victims, then we have equality and justice for all.

And then what’s the point of liberalism?

Now, no, I’m not tell you how I think most people are going to end up thinking Obama has no credibility. They’re not gonna analyze it this way. I’m just telling you: A presidential campaign, after 3-1/2 years that is forced or willing to literally turn upside down everything it believes with just under two months to go in an election, is a sign of a campaign that is in disarray and does not have a message. And they don’t. They don’t have a record to run on, they don’t have anything positive, and they think now Romney’s given them one here, or given them something.

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