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RUSH: There’s a fascinating new study out that says Democrat women are more likely to look like men. Now, I have suspected this for many moons. In fact, I’ve gotten close to the edge — the bounds of proprietary — in commenting on such things over the years on this program, but it’s a story from BuzzFeed. “Can You Tell a Woman’s Politics By Looking At Her Face?” and I have long held that you can.

“[P]sychologists Colleen Carpinella and Kerri Johnson gave undergraduates at UCLA for a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. The undergrads were significantly better at guessing than would be expected by chance, and they were especially accurate with women. The likely reason, according to the study,” why the UCLA students were able to identify Democrat versus Republican women by looking at ’em is…

“Republican women are more likely than Democratic ones to have stereotypically feminine facial features.” Republican women look more feminine than Democrat women. That’s from a UCLA study. This is not El Rushbo saying it. It’s from a UCLA study where the two scientists conducted the study and had students take the tests. “In another experiment, Carpinella and Johnson used a computer program to measure how ‘sex-typical’ the faces of male and female Representatives were, looking at characteristics like jaw shape, lip fullness, and cheekbone placement (they discounted things like hair, makeup, and jewelry).

“They found that Republican women were more likely to have stereotypically feminine faces — and the effect was more pronounced the more conservative their voting records were. The reverse was true for Democrats — the more liberal their voting records, the less traditionally feminine their faces. The study authors call this ‘the Michele Bachmann effect.'” I kid you not. That’s what they call it: The Michele Bachmann Effect.

Now, would you like to run a test on this? By the way, it’s the story that says that, not me. The story that says Democrat women more are likely to look like men. (interruption) No, they didn’t close the loop and ask what do men find more attractive. Is that open for question? (interruption) In today’s society you have a point. Yeah, it is an open question. But could we, say, draw some names out of a hat and apply the test of this study and see if it makes any sense? (interruption)

Well, you want to try it? Let’s see. Okay. Let’s see. Conservative women. Who do we know? (interruption) Okay, Michele Bachmann or Barbara Mikulski? Point proven? Okay. Uh, let’s see, Sarah Palin or Big Sis, Janet Napolitano? Hmmm. Okay, give me another conservative woman. (interruption) Well, there are not enough people who are gonna know what Mary Bono looks like. Not enough people know her. Let’s see. (interruption) Mia Love. Okay. Mia Love, if you’ve seen her, or Rosa DeLauro? Let’s see. Who else can we do? Conservative women.

Think of some media types, Snerdley.

Okay. Let’s see. Ummm. (interruption) Okay, who can we compare her to? Ann Coulter or Hillary Clinton? (chuckling) You want to keep going here? We’re trying to establish here the scientific points made by these two psychologists at UCLA.

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