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RUSH: Ken, Cleveland, Ohio, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, greetings, Professor Limbaugh. I believe the number one item on the Romney agenda should be to make this country energy independent from the rest of the world. Because when the Middle East explodes, which is inevitable, we could see ten-dollar-a-gallon gasoline, and that’s just gonna kill us. We can see what’s happening in California. Two of the refineries went down, and their gasoline cost is over $4.60 a gallon. Now, that’s gonna kill us. We need to pay not what they pay in Europe for gasoline, we need to pay what they’re paying in Saudi Arabia or Dubai. The greatest stimulus for this country would be a dollar a gallon gasoline, and that’s what we need to strive for.

RUSH: Well, we have the ability. I think we’re sitting on energy independence in this country, now that fracking and other techniques for getting shale oil is becoming economical. It’s simpler than it used to be. We are sitting on energy independence. We’ve got energy independence 20, 30 miles off the California coast. We have energy independence in the Gulf of Mexico. We have a president who will not allow any of it to be tapped. We have a president who is very content, by the way, and an energy secretary, Steven Chu, who want the price of gasoline to get up and go higher.

Steven Chu, don’t forget, until he got called on the carpet, actually said that he wouldn’t have a problem with ten-dollar-a-gallon gasoline. The reason that they don’t, Ken, is they’re big believers in this green energy hoax. Green energy doesn’t exist, and what semblance of it there is out there is so expensive that in a free market nobody would turn to it. But if you get fossil fuel prices up to ten bucks a gallon, eight bucks, whatever, then green becomes more attractive and with government subsidies, they could get the price of green energy lower than gasoline if gasoline prices skyrocket. My point, if there’s tumult in the Middle East that interrupts oil supplies to this country, in truth, if Obama’s president when that happens, he might say one thing, but privately it’s exactly what he wants.

Mr. Snerdley, I’m not making this up. It was Obama three years ago, maybe four now during the campaign, four-dollar-a-gallon gasoline was fine with him. The only thing he was unhappy about was how rapidly the price increased to get there. And Steven Chu, the energy secretary, said, (paraphrasing) “I don’t care how high it gets. We want people riding bicycles and taking mass transit.” Folks, these are leftists, they’re liberals, I mean, it’s who they are. The idea that Obama talks about energy independence, who was it that KO’d the Keystone pipeline? Who is it that’s got a drilling moratorium still in place? Who is it that defied a federal judge who said the moratorium is illegal? It was that cowboy-hat-wearing energy guy, Ken Salazar, interior secretary. These guys are getting exactly what they want. This is who they are. They are gonna bring this country down. This country doesn’t deserve superpower status.

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