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RUSH: I want to talk about Mitt Romney at Bain Capital for just a second and ask you a question. While working at Bain Capital, how many flimflam men do you think Romney had to deal with? How many shysters, how many flimflam salesmen guys building themselves up and their businesses, which were bottoming out, that’s the only reason Romney would be at a business is because it’s in trouble. How many flimflam artists do you think Romney’s dealt with, had to shoot down? I’m sure that Romney, throughout his career — Bain Capital, even at the Olympics, governor of Massachusetts, wherever — I’m sure he was told all the time by hotshot CEOs of failing companies without a clue how to turn it around: “Profits are just around the corner, just need a little more time.”

I can just hear it. Romney goes into troubled business, meets with the troubled CEO, CEO says, “We’re right there, I mean, we just need a little bit more time, Mitt, just a little bit more time. Maybe an infusion of some more capital. Maybe, Mitt, if we raise taxes on the rich just a little more, Mitt.” I think he’s heard this a lot. I wonder if that experience might not have manifested itself in the first debate. ‘Cause, see, let me tell you what this debate tonight is. Obama knows that he is clueless. Romney knows that Obama is clueless, and Obama knows that Romney knows that he’s clueless. And that is why Obama hates Romney. That’s all you need to know.

I could close up shop. I could say, “Okay, for the rest of the day — “Best-of Show” — I’m gonna go home and activate another iPhone.” Yes, he knows he’s clueless. He knows he’s clueless. Now, he also thinks he’s God’s gift. But when I say he knows he’s clueless, he’s got nothing to run on. He’s cooked. He’s got nothing to run on! He can’t point to anything he’s done and say, “We want more of it and people want more of it.” Let me put it this way. Instead of clueless, I’ll say “full of it.” Obama knows that he’s full of it. Romney knows that Obama’s full of it. And Obama knows that Romney knows that he’s full of it. And because Romney knows that Obama’s full of it, and Obama knows that Romney knows it, that’s why Obama hates Romney.

I got fired by an Obama-Clinton type guy for simply challenging the guy. I couldn’t handle the lies anymore. I couldn’t handle this guy building himself up to be bigger than he was. I couldn’t handle this guy bragging about all the people he said he knew that he didn’t know. And I finally called him, I said, “Zeke, you don’t know half of what you –” and I got home 30 minutes later, and the owner of the radio station’s on the phone saying, “It’s just not working out. We gotta let you go.” I couldn’t help myself, I got so frustrated with it. That’s what we’re dealing with here.

Now, one thing that we know Obama is going to try to do, is this 47% business, and we know he’s gonna go back to Bain. They’re recycling stuff. They’re gonna go back to the beginning of the campaign and recycle hits. And one of those is, Obama is going to say that what Bain Capital does today is something Romney’s responsible for, and he’ll cite whatever horrible things Bain Capital’s doing and link it to Romney. If that happens — and, by the way, I’ve not given advice to anybody. They haven’t asked me, and I haven’t called ’em. So I’m just sharing with you idly here my gut reaction on some of these things.

If Obama brings up Bain Capital and tries to blame Romney for anything, Romney should simply say, “Mr. President, you just shifted blame for the murders of four Americans in Libya to your secretary of state. You are letting a woman take the blame for a lack of attention to detail on your part. You told the world you were a foreign policy expert when it came to the Middle East. You told the world and Americans that we would be loved again simply by you being elected. Now there’s been a massive failure of judgment that resulted in the deaths of four people. You have run from responsibility. This is on your watch, Mr. President, yet you see nothing and hear nothing, and your vice president sees nothing and hears nothing, and you now accuse me of being responsible for every minuscule detail at Bain Capital whether I worked there or not? By the way, how hypocritical is it of you, Mr. President, to talk about this imaginary Republican War on Women when you blame the chaos in Benghazi on Hillary Clinton.”

And after he says that, then he answers whatever question is asked. You know they’re gonna bring up this 47%. They’re salivating. Everybody knows the 47%’s gonna come up. Romney should simply say, “Let’s talk about the middle class, Mr. President. You seem so convinced and so eager talk about the 47%. Let’s talk about what you’ve done as president. Let’s talk about your actual record as it relates to the 47%, Mr. President. Twenty-three million unemployed and underemployed. Five percent loss median family income. Fifty-four thousand dollars a year to 50,000. Forty-seven million American on food stamps.

“You want to talk about 47, Mr. President? There are 47 million Americans on food stamps, and that number has increased geometrically under your administration. One out of six Americans, Mr. President, and all of them in the 47% in poverty. Unemployment, Mr. President, is almost 15%, when you count the unemployed, underemployed, and people in temporary jobs who want full time jobs. You call this a recovery? You call this progress? This is a miserable disaster, Mr. President. You and your policies are wiping out the middle class. You seem to believe that more taxes and more spending and more debt and more regulations will create jobs. Nobody else thinks that. The proof of your failure, Mr. President, is in your record, and you can’t blame anybody else for that. You can’t blame Hillary for it. You can’t blame George Bush for it. You just have to look at yourself in the mirror.

“You say you’ve created five million jobs, Mr. President, but you don’t count all the people who’ve dropped out of the workforce. That’s a true number, Mr. President. And under you there are less people working today than when you became president. For every person that finds a job in your administration, ten people leave the workforce, Mr. President, and they’re all in the 47%. See, when I worked at Bain Capital 20 years ago, we actually created more jobs than you have as president. So, yes, let’s talk about the middle class.

“You are ripping off senior citizens by stealing $716 billion from Medicare to pay for your Obamacare disaster. The children of the middle class are having their futures destroyed by $5 trillion in new debt that you have created, Mr. President. You talk about sticking it to millionaires and billionaires, when in fact you’ve stuck it to coal miners, truckers, farmers, students, homemakers. Ask them about record gas prices, Mr. President, electricity, food, college tuition. Should I go on?”


RUSH: Okay, worrywarts, I know you’re out there. You’re worried about the debate tonight, worried that none of this is real. I know you people. You can’t handle success. It’s not real, you don’t deserve it, and it’s all gonna implode tonight. It’s all gonna fall apart. Folks, if Obama shows up tonight and successfully breathes, he’s going to be declared the winner tomorrow.

He would have to set his hair on fire and other things to be even considered the loser in the debate tonight. The media has already written the story: “The Comeback Kid!” Just get ready for it. They can’t wait for that meme, if you will, for that narrative. But nothing’s changed. Obama’s got nothing. He’s got nothing. If he goes back and tries to re-create 2008, it’s balanced against reality. (interruption) Who is the real pressure on?

The real pressure’s on both of them. This is for the presidency of the United States. They’re both gonna be feeling pressure.

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