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RUSH: Okay, now, let’s just see if the White House, if this story has any legs beyond the conservative blogs and this show, and if somebody there is asked about the CIA station chief report in the first 24 hours, let’s see what they say. My prediction is they will say, “Well, you know, it’s gotta go up to the agency, analysts have to look at this thing. We wouldn’t see that for a day or two.” That’s BS, folks. This is the station chief. It’s being vetted by him, it will go right to the White House. It would go to the agency, go right to the White House, national security team. We’ve got a dead ambassador here. So we’ll see.

Now as for the cover-up, the cover story. Mrs. Clinton has taken the fall for this now, folks. Let’s not forget that. She flew off to Peru, and she took the fall for it, partially. She didn’t take the blame, but she said security’s her responsibility. Now, this is one of the big problems that I’ve had with this administration. See, every American, rightfully, by the way, rightfully, properly considers that a secretary of state is properly overseeing the department. And everybody, every American, assumes it’s a lock, it’s guaranteed, the president of the United States is up to speed on threats to this country, is up to speed on national security.

You might have presidents that are commie SOBs when it comes to welfare and that, but most, if not every, American thinks that every president is as focused on protecting this country as anybody would be. And so as part of that we would assume that Mrs. Clinton was properly overseeing the State Department. Most people would assume that. Others who know that she’s incompetent and in over her head would not think that, and I put myself in that group, but most Americans are just gonna assume that exceptional people, exceptionally qualified people, get these jobs.

We want to believe that. We want to believe that we have really qualified people in these jobs. So the assumption is that Mrs. Clinton is properly overseeing her department, the State Department. We know, for example, that if she’s not the most, she’s one of the most traveled secretaries of state in history. She is the most. Okay, I’m right. The most traveled. Now, people assume that that means that she’s the most knowledgeable, she’s experienced. All that travel, she’s seeing the world, she’s up to speed. These are the assumptions that people make.

This cover-up could be far more extensive than just covering up a CIA station chief report that wasn’t listened to, that was ignored, that might not have even been seen. This cover-up could be far greater than that. They might be covering up not only the spread of Al-Qaeda in Libya — remember, that’s the McClatchy story. The McClatchy story is that the reason they blame the video and angry Muslims is because taking Khadafy out left Benghazi wide open and Al-Qaeda has run in there and taken it over. There’s now an Al-Qaeda state, if you will, in Benghazi, and they’re trying to cover that up. But maybe there’s more. What they might be covering up here is not just the spread of Al-Qaeda in Libya and North Africa generally; they might be covering up their own incompetence and their own disinterest.

This was 9/11. This was the anniversary date. There were things that were happening that should have been prepared for. Things happened for which there should have been responses to. The anniversary of 9/11, particularly in that part of the world. And, folks, it is obvious we weren’t prepared. Remember the first thing we learned is that some yokel in the Cairo embassy, before anything had happened, sends out an apology memo apologizing for the video. Before anything has happened, before the protests in Cairo, before Benghazi happened, somebody in the Cairo embassy sends out an apology memo which Obama then later disavowed but said he could understand they were trying to apologize in advance to make sure there wasn’t any unrest. Conflict resolution 101. Go back to John Bolton and these guys ideology and their worldview. We’re the problem and, if we just show that we’re not the problem, then they’ll stand down.

So if we apologize in advance, they’ll say, “Okay, Americans are really sorry, you know, and, okay, we’ll be nice.” They really believe that. Don’t forget, the first thing in this is an apology for nothing that had happened yet. So it could well be here that what’s being covered up is grand incompetence and disinterest at large in all of this. National security writ large. Ladies and gentlemen, the American people, even dork actresses, will not tolerate a president whose priority is fundraising and golf ahead of national security. They will not tolerate that. They might tolerate some guy that wants to redistribute wealth. They might tolerate some guy that wants to raise taxes on the rich.

They might tolerate some guy that does not know what he’s doing creating jobs ’cause they might like him or has got some historical aspect of his presidency, first black president, but they will not tolerate, when they find out that a president put his own fundraising and his own pleasure ahead of national security, and that might be exactly what they’re covering up, because he did go out and fund-raise. He went out and fundraised, he left for Vegas, then Jay-Z, then Letterman. On the same day, 24 hours after this, after the sob-story session in the Rose Garden, where both he and Candy Crowley lied, saying that he’d called it a terrorist attack.

So it could well be that they’re covering up far more here than just the fact northern Africa’s gone Al-Qaeda on Obama’s watch. They could be covering up the fact they don’t want anybody to find out how disinterested they were in all of this. The American people will not tolerate somebody who puts his own pleasure and fundraising ahead of the national security, especially when the result is the murder of our ambassador and three other Americans. If they find out, if they are shown conclusively that the president put his own pleasure and his own political needs, fundraising, ahead of all this, that they won’t tolerate. Well, the Obama phone woman will, but most Americans won’t put up with it. This is profound, what has been reported in the State-Controlled Media profound. It’s profound. This AP and McClatchy unearthed this.


RUSH: Mindy in West Valley, Utah. I’m glad you waited. You’re on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Thanks so much for taking my call. This is so amazing. I wanted to talk about the Benghazi cover-up and the video.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: I personally find it appalling that the Obama regime was willing to arrest an American and lay all the blame on that person, and I was just wondering: How far were they willing to take this? A man could go to trial and possibly lose his life.

RUSH: Well, see, he’s in jail because of a parole violation on bank fraud.

CALLER: (sigh)

RUSH: That’s what they’re saying. It just happens to coincide with his video production. Here’s the scary thing about that, and your instincts are right on the money. What Obama wants the world to see, what Obama wants Islam to see is that we put the guy in jail. He doesn’t care if they hear the guy’s in jail on a bank fraud parole violation. He is very content for the world to see that a guy who did a video that Obama doesn’t like and is blaming for all kinds of hell, is in jail.

That ought to scare everybody. And remember Obama at the UN. (impression) “People wonder why we just don’t ban the video. Well, the reason is enshrined in our laws.” Well, I’m sorry, but every tinhorn at the UN knows about our First Amendment! They don’t need to have it explained to ’em by Obama. Yet he felt the need to explain to these tinhorn dictators why he hadn’t banned the video. (impression) “It’s enshrined in our laws, damn it!” is what he meant, Mindy.

CALLER: It’s pretty scary.

RUSH: Well, yeah, it is. It is. And you’re right to point it out.


RUSH: Anyway, the bottom line here on this Benghazi stuff is for the next debate. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what Obama said in the Oval Office. It doesn’t matter whether he called it a terror attack or not. That’s no longer the story. It goes much deeper than that.

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