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RUSH: Gina in Conifer, Colorado, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I don’t like the tone of the show today here. I’m one of more than 10,000 people that were at that Red Rocks rally for Romney a couple nights ago here in Colorado.

RUSH: Are you sure the media didn’t just Photoshop those pictures and make it look like a lot of people were there that really weren’t there?

CALLER: Rush, the media —

RUSH: Come on, be truthful, nobody showed up. The media just Photoshopped the pictures.

CALLER: Have you ever been to the Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado?



RUSH: But I’ve been Fort Collins. I’ve been to Fort Collins for Dan’s Bake Sale.

CALLER: Okay, well, this is an outdoor amphitheater set in the Red Rocks. You cannot believe how beautiful it is. We get there, the gates opened at 4:30, so we got down there about five. The town below Red Rocks, which is about two and a half miles down the hill, was a total parking lot. You couldn’t get through. We waited in line for an hour, we got up to the gate, they turned us away, the parking was entirely full. Passengers in cars were hopping out of their cars and hiking it the two-and-a-half miles up to the amphitheater. We had to park down in the town with thousands of other people. Old and young alike, people were walking. It was two-and-a-half miles, we asked the guard down at the bottom of the road. This is up in the hills in Jefferson County, the amphitheater, people were walking up the road the two-and-a-half miles.

Some of us walked on a dirt trail, hiked up it to that amphitheater, waited for another hour or more with thousands and thousands of people. We found out later that there are some sources saying that they’ve never had a crowd like that at the amphitheater. More than 10,000 people. We were jammed in there like sardines. There were people on the steps. There were people standing on the top. You could not believe it. The highway, interstate 470, which is a couple miles from the town was at a complete standstill. We could see the line of cars at a complete standstill while we were waiting on the hill for them to let us in the amphitheater. I’m so frustrated. This is happening all across the country —

RUSH: Okay, take a breath.

CALLER: — the last caller is dead wrong. She is dead wrong. People are not listening to the mainstream media. People like me, regular people like me, are involved. We are engaged. We know what’s happening. We know what we gotta do, and nobody is gonna be able to stop us when we go to vote on November 6th.

RUSH: Amen. Now, Gina. Take just a second and take a breath. You’re great but you didn’t breathe there. You had a lot that you wanted to say.

CALLER: Can you tell I’m Italian, Rush?

RUSH: Well, no, but I believe it.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: You didn’t stutter once. Here’s the thing. I am so glad you called because you’re illustrating my point. I’ve seen these pictures for Romney, and I’ve commented on them, and not just in Colorado. He’s been drawing crowds like this in Florida, which we’ve been pointing out here. He’s been drawing crowds like this everywhere he and Ryan go. And I’m so glad you called and talked about it. These crowd sizes are indicative of voter enthusiasm. They are indicative of people being engaged and involved. If you were overconfident and you thought this was in the bag, you wouldn’t be showing up to hear Romney. You wouldn’t go through what you went through, would you?


RUSH: And, by the way, I need to ask you a question. Seriously, Gina, you can help me if you tell me something. You said at the beginning of your call you didn’t like the tone of today’s show. There’s no wrong answer here. What is it you don’t like about —

CALLER: I don’t like the tone of the show because we need to stay positive. We are hungry for new leadership in this country.

RUSH: But wait a minute. Do you realize I was called on the carpet for being too —

CALLER: I know, I’m so mad at your last caller. I respectfully disagree with her. I saw old people — Rush, the people that were sitting beside my husband and I, we had to help her — it took us more than an hour to get all the way down to the parking lot. There were so many people in there to go down the steps. This is an outdoor amphitheater, old people that hiked up there to hear Romney and to show their support. They coulda gone home.

RUSH: Okay, now —

CALLER: Parking lots were full. We need to stay positive here.

RUSH: Gina.

CALLER: This is no time to give up.

RUSH: I agree. I think it’s far more infectious. I think being positive and optimistic is infectious. It breeds more of it. Anyway, I need to ask you a question. Was the Romney rally worth all that you went through?

CALLER: Oh, my gosh, yes. You know, when Paul Ryan — I don’t think either one of those two has ever been to Red Rocks amphitheater. It is an incredible, incredible outdoor amphitheater. It’s huge. And when Paul Ryan walked out, he was visibly moved, but when Mitt Romney walked out and stood before the podium, he put his hand up by his chest and he just looked up, and he was visibly moved at the size of the crowd and the enthusiasm and the beauty around him that night.

RUSH: And let me mention just one thing. I’ve got it somewhere. I don’t know if it’s a sound bite or if it’s in my stack. Brian Williams, NBC, the Nightly News anchor, is now saying that Romney’s crowds are just unbelievably over the top enthusiastic, large, positive, clean and pure as the wind-driven snow. Obama’s crowds, they’re 90% smaller than they were four years ago.

CALLER: I sure as heck am not gonna find out what Obama’s crowds are like. I couldn’t care less. I’m just excited that Romney’s crowds are as enthusiastic as they are. Rush, can you imagine? We walked five miles two nights ago just to see Mitt Romney.

RUSH: I know, I heard you. That’s why I asked you if it was worth it.

CALLER: Oh, my gosh, was it worth it. I keep saying to my husband, “Thank you for bringing me here. Thank you for bringing me here tonight.” And I just want to encourage your listeners, you know what? No, this isn’t in the bag ’cause we don’t know what Obama’s gonna do. We don’t trust them. We’ve seen what they’re capable of. But I believe that there’s definitely hope, and I think we got a good shot at this.

RUSH: Look, when you describe what you went through to get there and what a lot of other people went through to get there, when you talk about how many people were there, when you talk about the energy level and the love and the excitement that was there, what I hear when you say something like that, those are the kind of things that make me say to myself, “There’s something going on out there.”


RUSH: There’s something going on out in the country that’s not being reported, that’s not being seen. The media is not actively reporting it, but it’s happening.

CALLER: It is happening.

RUSH: And you are walking, talking evidence of it.

CALLER: I am walking, talking evidence of that. I am. I’m a regular person living in Colorado, going to work every day — thank God we have jobs — and yes, it is happening. And nobody’s telling your audience about it, and unless they’re going to these rallies, they don’t know what’s happening. So I just want everybody to rest easy, okay?

RUSH: No, no, no. (laughing) That’s a bad bit of advice for the people —

CALLER: Well, you know what I mean, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah, I do.

CALLER: You know what I mean.

RUSH: Look, you’ve been so great. I want to give you an option to claim a gift that I’d like to give you. Are you ready for the list of options?

CALLER: Oh, my gosh. When I hear you give out options to people, I start crying, ’cause it’s so great. I don’t even want one of your options. I have everything I need. Give it to somebody who needs it more than me.

RUSH: Okay, are you sure? You don’t even want to hear the list?

CALLER: No, I know the list. I could probably tell you the list. The colors, everything you have. I think it’s fantastic. I love it. I love when you do these giveaways, but I really don’t need it. It just makes my day that I was able to call today, and I hope I encouraged somebody.

RUSH: You have no idea.

CALLER: Rush, we so appreciate you.

RUSH: You have no idea.

CALLER: Thank you for everything you do.

RUSH: Gina, it’s the other way around. It’s people like you who make the country work. It’s people like you and what you’re doing in your daily life to influence others around you. This is precisely the kind of thing that we urge taking place on this program. Live your life, influence people as such. You don’t have to get in their face and point fingers at ’em. You’re fabulous, and I’m so honored that you’re in this audience.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: I’ll take the iPhone I was gonna give you and I’ll give it to me.

CALLER: No, give it to your next military caller that comes, as my gift to them.

RUSH: Okay, deal, I’ll do that.


RUSH: I’ll do that.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: Okay, Gina, have a good one and we’ll talk to you soon someday.

CALLER: Okay, thank you, bye-bye.

RUSH: Bye.


RUSH: Okay. I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a transcript. It was Brian Williams on MSNBC, and there is still a ban on all audio from MSNBC. I refuse to play it. That’s where he was. He was talking to F. Chuck Todd, and he said to F. Chuck Todd, “This is not ’08. These are not the crowds. This is not the candidate. What we’re doing out here is basically devoting half of our Rock Center broadcast tonight to a minute-by-minute what it’s like.

“We asked the Romney campaign for the same access, to do the same thing with them. One of the points that I’m gonna make palpably obvious to you is this is not ’08. These are not the crowds; this is not the candidate.” He’s talking about Obama. “He’s an incumbent looking for reelection. The country’s been through a financial shock. We’re in kind of an outdoor-park courtyard. It’s hard to say any of this with clarity, with surety, but the last time this could have been 50,000 people today, and today I think we’re pushing five.”

Meaning in this same place in 2008, Obama’s drawing crowds of 50,000, maybe more; it’s only 5,000 here. Meanwhile, Romney is drawing those kinds of crowds all over the countries, and you don’t draw those kinds of crowds from people who don’t think there’s a chance. You don’t draw those kinds of crowds from people who have given up or don’t think there’s a chance or much hope. It’s quite the opposite. Obama’s out there…

Do you know what he’s touting today? He’s out touting the Colin Powell endorsement. Do you know what that’s worth to him? How is that any different than what happened in 2008? Who do you think is gonna be inspired to change on the Republican side? Are any undecided Republicans going to say, “Oh, Colin Powell’s voting Obama? Okay, that’s it! I’m in for Obama.” That ain’t gonna happen. That, folks, is not how this stuff happens.

Romney is out there saying that Obama is running on empty, and he is.

They are throwing stuff up against the wall in the Obama campaign and hoping something sticks. This War on Women? The War on Women? Look at all the money and time and effort they put into that, and according to the polls that they hold dear, the gender gap has closed. It doesn’t exist. Romney and Obama are tied in women. In the Real Clear Politics average poll, they’re tied, after all this time on the War on Women.


RUSH: Here’s Laura in Erie, Pennsylvania. I’m glad you waited. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I want to join Gina ’cause she speaks for millions of Americans that just really appreciate your optimistic, entertaining show every day and look forward to it. So keep up that optimism. We’re gonna do this all the way, and Romney-Ryan will be in. I’m calling because I didn’t believe the polls from the beginning about this gender gap stuff. I remember — and I think your show probably highlighted it in the archives.

Back in 2009 there was this Gallup poll that said over 50% for the first time of Americans call themselves pro-life. It was 51% to 42% pro-choice. And I kept saying, “How can over half of Americans call themselves pro-life and then, you know, the media is talking about this gender gap that there are more women going for Obama?” It didn’t make any sense.

RUSH: If more women were going for Obama, then why did they need the War on Women in the first place?

CALLER: Exactly!

RUSH: Why did they have to go out and make this big pitch for ’em and construct this silly idea that Republicans had this backwards view of women. This is all silly. Folks, this is not the stuff that winning campaigns do. Clinton might have gotten away with some of this kind of stuff, but Clinton had a record to run on. He didn’t have this kind of garbage carrying around and shackling him and so forth. Look, Laura, I have to go because of time constraints. I really appreciate the call. Thanks much.

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