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RUSH: Folks, I’m gonna give you some advice. For those of you who are faint of heart, for those of you who scare easily, for those of you who… LetÂ’s say you live in St. Louis. In the St. Louis Post-Dispatch today there are two pictures. There’s a picture of a compassionate and caring and very attached and very hurting Obama, hugging a New Jerseyan who’s lost everything. Right next to it is a picture of Romney in front of a large gathering waving and doing campaign appearances.

Of course, the juxtaposition is Romney doesn’t care; Obama cares. If you live in St. Louis and you’re conservative, you look at that and think, “Oh, my God. Oh, it’s finished. It’s over with. See, that’s what Christie did. That’s what Christie did for us. We don’t have a chance.” If youÂ’re like that, turn it off! I don’t want you reading the Internet. I don’t want you watching television.

I don’t want you doing anything that is going to affect your turnout.

If you scare easily, if you’re looking for reasons to be upset, if you’re not confident anyway, stay away from the Internet and television starting now. Just come here every day from noon to three, and I — with no reason to lie to you — will tell you what’s up. I’ve always told you: “I will tell you when it’s time to panic.” It is not time to panic. So… (interruption) Well, yeah, if you get too angry, too.

No, no, no, I don’t care about anger. I don’t care about that. I just don’t want turnout affected. It’s a turnout election now, pure turnout.

ThereÂ’s not a whole lot of persuading left that can be done, do you think? Most of the persuasion has taken place. Ah, maybe some of the undecideds, you never know, but it’s a turnout race now. So if you’re gonna watch stuff on the Internet and television that’s gonna depress you, don’t.

Just don’t turn it on.


RUSH: You know at this press conference last night with Governor Christie (continuing in his role as Greek column of President Obama) was saying that the first thing they had to do was get gasoline into the state. By the way, folks, Jonah Goldberg, our old buddy at National Review Online, had a pretty good take here. He said, “The irony here is exquisite. Obama does his job for a couple days ago and everybody yells, ‘Game-changer!’”

How many of you…? I know you’re out there. You called here yesterday. I get e-mails from you. “Rush, it’s over. It’s over! Did you see that? The press and Christie, they’re helping Obama look presidential,” and I tried to explain that the fundamentals of this election are deeper than this. But the real point to be made here is: So the guy acts presidential and does his job for a couple days and everybody says “game-changer”?

Wait a second. In addition to that, what game-changer? I thought he had it wrapped up anyway. Nate Silver says it’s over: 51-48 Obama, a 79% chance. Let’s see. Pew says it’s over. CBS/New York Times says it’s over. I mean, they’re not saying this, but with their polling they’re trying to make everybody think it’s over. What game-changer? Why’s everybody getting so hot to trot that Obama did his job for a couple days?

A, it logically means that people instinctively know he hasn’t been doing anything that amounts to anything for a long time. The second thing is: If he’s gonna win anyway, why do you need to change the game? What game-changer? See, the left (and even Obama himself, if you listen carefully) and the media, if you listen carefully, will tell you that they fear Obama is losing. They’ll tell you they think Romney’s surging.

Not in those words. It’s little things like this. Obama acts presidential. He gets a picture, a picture hugging a woman in New Jersey, and “Oh, no, it’s over! Oh, no, it’s a game-changer.” He’s supposed to be doing that every day. And I’ll tell you something else. This is just me. Obama went to New Jersey with Chris Christie, but in Queens and even in parts of New Jersey — Hoboken, in lower Manhattan — nobody’s doing anything.

I don’t know if they’re calling anybody and getting straight through or not. But don’t forget, Obama goes out and basically admits the government is not functioning. He’s gotta give special orders for the government to freaking function. When Romney says, “I want to do that every day,” Obama says, “Yeah, taking us back to the problems that got us into this mess.”

But for every woman that Obama hugged in New Jersey are 15,000 people in line for a gallon of gasoline for their generators in New Jersey and Queens and so forth.

That’s what, I mean. If this stuff is gonna upset you, don’t watch it.

Turn off the TV now.

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