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RUSH: From Bloomberg News, here’s the headline: “Commuter Delays Rage as New York City Begins Bounce Back from Hurricane Sandy — Miles-long traffic jams and intersections choked with cyclists –” Nothing angers drivers more than a pack of cyclists, arrogant cyclists who think they own the road. They’re worse than joggers. So you got people on bicycles all over the place. They “greeted commuters trying to get to work in New York as the most populous US city struggled back to its feet.”

Mayor Bloomberg is limiting cars into the city. You gotta have three people in the car or you don’t get in. They’re turning people away. So you don’t get in unless you got three people in the car. Now, again, the election is Tuesday.

Snerdley, have you heard about the roving bands of kids that are ransacking whatever they can? There is looting going on, yeah, and they’re calling these wolf packs, these kids. And of course there are no guns in the hands of the innocent in New York City. The south end is dark, that’s right, southern Manhattan. In fact, Page Six of the New York Post today was practically devoted to all the Hollywood types that had to leave Tribeca and lower Manhattan to check into hotels on the Upper East Side ’cause there’s no power in their lofts and so forth. I mean, a big list of ’em and how they’re all hanging around at the bars and how cool it is.

So you got two cities: the city with power, Times Square north, maybe a little south of Times Square, and then the rest of it with no power. You got the kids with looting going on. Bloomberg trying to limit the number of people getting in. Houses burn to the ground over in Queens. The Knicks and the Nets game Saturday night postponed because Brooklyn is still a mess. The Giants and the Steelers are gonna play on Sunday afternoon if anybody can get there to watch it. I’m not trying to be negative here, but I don’t know what Christie can do about this. I mean, all compassion in the world and you got Obama flying in and flying out and posing for pictures, but tempers are only gonna continue to rise because the mess is too big. You can’t get in there and get back to any sense of normalcy at any time soon.

And of course who gets blamed? You think Romney’s gonna get blamed for any of this? How? He’s not doing anything. It’s always people in power that get blamed. If people want to go that route, it’s always people in power. I’m just trying to talk you off the ledge. I don’t know what the impact of this is on the election. I’m just sharing with you my thoughts. But I don’t know, nobody does. We’re not gonna know ’til Tuesday.

There’s Henry Blodget Business Insider, he’s got a little piece here. Apparently a Chinese restaurant in a part of Manhattan with no power somehow was able to prepare a buffet of food. The place was lighted with candlelight and it was invaded by a health department inspector who walked in with a flashlight and started examining the soup and other things to see if this restaurateur was violating any regulations while he was trying to feed people in the midst of this crisis. I don’t know if the restaurant was cited, it doesn’t say. It just says that the inspector went in there, started hassling everybody. Yeah, the Chinese restaurant needs a waiver from government so people can eat.


RUSH: Con Ed says it now expects to restore power to “the vast majority of customers” by November 10th and 11th with remaining customers getting power back a week or more later, the 18th or 19th.

Con Ed, in a press release, said that customers who receive power via underground networks are expected to get their power back sooner. Well, now, that’s two weeks with no power. How’s that gonna affect ’em, Snerdley? It could potentially be bad. Two weeks without power. I mean, the expectations are this gets fixed tomorrow. New Yorkers, though, they’ve endured blackouts for days and so forth.

But that was just, you know, the grid failing somewhere.

This is a different thing.

And Obama didn’t go to New York; he went to New Jersey. He palled around with Christie. Some say Obama was there. ItÂ’s hard to tell, but he was.

What we have here is a montage. State-Run Media, they’re all excited here, folks, because Obama looked presidential with Chris Christie.

MICHELLE CARUSO-CABRERA: When I saw President Obama with Governor Chris Christie, I thought he looked really presidential. It was a great moment.

GRETCHEN HAMEL: What President Obama has done with this hurricane is act presidential.

CHARLES PAYNE: Obama is looking more and more presidential as this crisis unfolds.

ROBERT COSTA: He’s been presidential in the handling of this crisis in New Jersey.

LARRY KUDLOW: Barack Obama did himself a lot of good.

KEITH BOYKIN: It showed Barack Obama as a commander in chief.

DOUG BRINKLEY: What you are seeing is Barack Obama as commander in chief. Talking to the Red Cross, working with the Army Corps of Engineers.

RUSH: You know, he does his job for a couple days, and everybody is all excited, he looks presidential. What did he look like on Tuesday? What did he look like Monday? Do these people not know what they are admitting? It’s like our old buddy Jonah Goldberg at National Review said, “The irony is exquisite, Obama does his job a couple days, everybody else, game-changer.” Game change what? Thought he’s winning. What game does he need to change? These people are admitting that Obama is in trouble. They are admitting that Obama is not looking good. They are admitting that Obama is falling down on the job. They’re admitting all of that when they go get all excited how presidential he looked. That’s his job. What is he supposed to be looking like every day?


Yeah, I’ll repeat it. I had a pretty good point in the first hour. Very simply, it’s this. Obama goes out there, and he’s with Christie, and he promises everybody that he’s gonna wave all the red tape. He’s gonna make sure that the phones at the bureaucracy are answered in 15 minutes. (paraphrasing) “I’m gonna call ’em up, I’m gonna make sure that it works,” thereby admitting that the big problem here is the government. What does he want to do? He wants to make it bigger. He wants to have more regulation. Barack Obama admitted that in order to get efficient help in rebuilding the damage to the hurricane, the nor’easter, gotta get government out of the way. That’s what he admitted.

That’s what Romney wants to do. That’s what Romney’s campaign is. That’s what we conservatives want to do, we want to make government more efficient, get it out of people’s lives when it isn’t necessary. Stop all these regulations that just create bottlenecks and inefficiency all over the place. That’s what Romney wants stopped. What does Obama say? Obama says, “Well, that’s gonna take us back to policies that got us in the trouble in the first place.” No. Obama is really stepping in it with this, and so is the media. Now, to me he’s stepping in it. I don’t know how many other people see it this way, and if you didn’t see it this way, you do now since I’m pointing it out to you. I don’t know how many other people did. I don’t imagine many people saw this the way I just reported it on the Romney stuff, but I don’t know how you argue otherwise.

Christie and Obama both essentially said they’re gonna get government out of people’s way, meaning government is in the way. Christie said he asked Obama to waive all the federal formulations for gasoline in New Jersey and get any gasoline at all in there. California does this whenever there’s a crisis. What does it ultimately mean? It means government is in the way. Government makes things harder. Government stands in the way of things getting done. Obama promised to get government out of the way, and what does he stand for? More of it, bigger. Obama’s nailing his own coffin with these comments. So is Christie, if you ask me. And then to go out and say that the guy who wants to do that all the time — I mean, if getting the government out of the way will help in the aftermath of this, why wouldn’t it help every day? It would.

Streamlining government, making it smaller, getting it out of people’s way would help every day. But we’re only gonna do it in a crisis. We’re only gonna do it in an emergency. I think these guys are hammering nails in their coffins. I actually think the Romney campaign looks like a turnout election now, as opposed to mass changing of minds, mass persuasion. I really think Romney ought to make a point of this. He ought to say, “Obama, Christie, both are talking about getting government out of the way to speed the recovery process. That’s what I want to do every day. That’s what my campaign’s all about.” I’d make ’em eat their own words. But that, ladies and gentlemen, is just me.

Next sound bite, Albert Hunt, formerly the Wall Street Journal, now where is he? Bloomberg Television Street Smart. During the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, they’re on some show, Street Smart, and Adam Johnson, the co-host, said to Al Hunt, “I want to get your take on the partnership here of Obama and Christie.”

HUNT: I couldn’t help but think back to seven years ago, New Orleans. Compare George W. Bush and Barack Obama today or compare Kathleen Blanco and Chris Christie today. Or compare Brownie. Remember the infamous FEMA head who was, you know, a horse trainer? The contrast is striking. It’s unfair because it was easier to do this today than it was back during Katrina, but, nevertheless, what they did today, all of those men, was exactly what they should be doing and they did it very well and itÂ’s going to help them all politically.

RUSH: You know, this business, this post-Katrina stuff is being lied about. The military was on the scene immediately. Does anybody remember General Honore? He was a big hero. He was on site. Who was piloting the choppers to rescue people? It was the National Guard. It was the military. People were down there. Al Hunt wants to make it look like this whole region is getting back to normal real fast?

Go over to Queens.

Go to Brooklyn.

Go to lower Manhattan.

Go to Hoboken.

Hell, go to where Christie and Obama were!

Nothing’s getting any better yet. ItÂ’s unrealistic to think that it would. What, just because Christie and Obama walked the soil, all of a sudden it’s better there? Not to the people who live there. This is all such a crock! “I can’t help but compare this to New Orleans.” What’s different? Somebody tell me. What is different? (interruption) No, I want to know what’s different. (interruption) Obama went to Atlantic City; Bush didn’t go, he flew over.
Okay, what’s different Kathleen Blanco and Ray Nagin let the buses drown and I’ve seen taxicabs drowning in New Jersey. “Stuck on stupid” was what Honore said. I don’t know what’s different. I do not know what’s different. The only thing different is that the residents of New York are not moving to Houston. The residents of New Orleans got out of there, made tracks for Houston and Texas.

We don’t have Shep Smith on the top of the Superdome crying, and Anderson Cooper isnÂ’t out there, “Where’s Obama? Where’s Obama?” We don’t have any of that going on. (interruption) Yeah, where are the claims of rape and child abuse that were rampant during Katrina that we learned later never happened? Yet we do have looting going on in New York, and “wolf packs.” What’s different?


No, I am mad about it. We’ve got pictures of looting. I am mad about this. This business about Katrina has been one of these media myths and Democrat Party myths that’s been allowed to stick. There is nothing that has been done in New York area now that was not done within the same time frame in Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. So these people, Al Hunt and the rest of these people… What’s different? The optics?

How are the optics helping people?

“Well, Obama cares!”

Okay, how’s that helping people?

“Obama says he’s gonna get the government out of the way.”

Is it? Is gasoline rolling into New Jersey, or are there still big lines in New Jersey? Are there big gas lines in New York? Where is all this relief? Where’s it materialized? No, I’m not being critical of what’s happening now. I’m strictly talking about media people and painting pictures that are not true. There’s no magic taking place in Northeast right now. There’s no magic relief taking place. There’s no houses being rebuilt.

Flood waters haven’t been pumped out of homes in Queens and Brooklyn or wherever. It hasn’t happened yesterday. The power is still not on in lower Manhattan and it’s not gonna go back on ’til November 11th. No matter how many trips Obama takes in there, and no matter how many beaches he walks with Christie, it isn’t gonna happen. What’s different?

This is why I detest, at times, these people in the media trying to draw these favorable comparisons to Democrat politicians and Republican politicians, when nothing is different. When the focus ought to be on the people. You know, all this talk, “How does this help Christie? How does this help Obama?” Who cares! I have a friend who lost his house, and he doesn’t care how any of this impacting Obama or Christie.

What does it matter, Al Hunt? You ought to be ashamed of yourself! “I couldn’t help but think back to seven years ago in New Orleans”? You’re supposed to be a big liberal with lots of compassion. Are you not thinking of the people who are suffering? Because nothing’s happening yet. It would be unrealistic to expect that it would be by now.

In fact, here is the Hoboken mayor, Hoboken, New Jersey. By the way, it’s where Tebow lives. Oh, wait a minute. I know Eli Manning lives there. I don’t know about Tebow. Tebow might live where Sanchez lives, on the golf club. I don’t know. Anyway, Eli Manning’s building is flooded, the lobby. He doesn’t live in the lobby. He lives in the penthouse, but the lobby of Eli Manning’s building is flooded.

Here’s the mayor of Hoboken, Dawn Zimmer…

ZIMMER: We are still very much in the crisis mode, continuing (sic) that floodwaters still haven’t completely receded, people are still stranded in their homes so we are putting out a call for additional resources that we need. One thing that we truly need, we need more fuel. So we are reaching out to agencies to see if we can get more fuel so that we can make sure that the National Guard can continue to operate, that our police department and our fire department can operate so that we can keep our community safe.

RUSH: Okay, you heard her, President Obama! Get some solar panels in there. She said they need fuel. Get some solar panels in there and get the people building windmills now. They need some fuel in there. Wait a minute. Here’s the mayor of Hoboken, “People are still stranded in their homes.” I thought the president and Governor Christie were dealing with this yesterday.

No, I’m not criticizing the governor and the president. I’m commenting on the media painting a picture that they’re getting all this work done and all this progress is taking place, and it isn’t. It happens that they’re painting this picture, mural electoral politics here, nothing more than that. Politicizing a disaster, and I’m simply reacting to it. Here’s the mayor of Hoboken.

She’s getting nothing, and everybodyÂ’s talk about how presidential Obama looks. Everybody’s talking about what a game-changer it is for Obama. Obama looks presidential. Tell that to the mayor of Hoboken! What good is it doing her? And here, speaking of which, Anderson Cooper, CNN’s Newsroom. He’s talking to their correspondent Brian Todd about a neighborhood in Hoboken recovering.

TODD: This is a volunteer from the neighborhood here. He and a couple of other guys have come out here on the corners here, clearing out storm drains, and I think that that’s responsible for a lot of the water receding. City workers [are] also doing what they can to siphon this out.

COOPER: How great is that, people coming out with whatever equipment they have — a ski pole in… in some cases or… or whatever they have — and just trying to clear storm drains. Obviously a strong sense of community there. That’s great to see.

RUSH: Wow! Anderson Cooper sounds a little surprised that Hoboken citizens are clearing their own storm drains. “Wow, that’s so great!” Anderson, what do you think happens in these disasters? Do you think government magicians show up and magically fix everything when these things happen? This why I mean they’re out of touch. It’s a shock to him. Well, not a shock, but he’s enthused to see people helping themselves. What else are they gonna do?

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