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RUSH: Eric in Margate, New Jersey. Hey, great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. ItÂ’s great to talk with you again.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Very much. How are you doing?

CALLER: Good. I talked to you during the oil spill back when they were putting the pollutants in. I wonder how many pollutants are in the water now? We rode the storm out here. We’re doing good. They’re not letting us off the island now. My beach is connected to Atlantic City Beach.

RUSH: What island…? Wait, wait, wait. What island are you on?

CALLER: Absecon Island. Absecon Island is divided into four cities: Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, and Longport.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: And my beach goes all the way up to Atlantic City Beach. (unintelligible)

RUSH: Gotcha.

CALLER: But I wanted to talk about Chris Christie. Chris Christie’s really for cap and trade, Rush. He wants to put a wind farm out 2-1/2 miles off Atlantic City. I don’t know if that’s still in play after this storm. And, plus, he’s up for reelection next year. So I think this was a real political move on his part yesterday even though there is a lot of devastation here, but I didn’t understand it at all. All these emergency vehicles are trying to get to us here. I’m on the island, and there’s nobody here, really, and they’re blocking roads for the president and stuff? I mean, that’s why I think Bloomberg refused him to come up to New York.

RUSH: Exactly. That’s why Bush did not touch down in New Orleans. It would gum up everything.


RUSH: It was a considerate thing to do.

CALLER: Rush, I thought New Jersey was in play up until, I don’t know, now. Do you remember the tape where they had the president and Joe Biden saying, “The first person we called for advice was Jon Corzine”? Do you remember that?

RUSH: Yeah, I don’t remember what specifically they were calling him about.

CALLER: I think it was about money or something.

RUSH: It was money. Yeah, it was money. Yeah. And we all laughed about it because itÂ’s no surprise they would call Corzine, who stole people’s money. Yeah.

CALLER: Rush, well, after what he just did — lost a billion dollars — the station ran a tape here that everybody in this state, Republicans and Democrats, can’t stand Jon Corzine.

RUSH: I know, but see, what happens is the Democrats circle the wagons around their failures to protect them because they protect the ideology. The Democrats take it very seriously. Democrats are all liberal. They’re all-in for it. So for example, when a Dan Rather embarrasses himself with that hoax story, what do they do? They circle the wagons and give him an award, a career lifetime achievement award.

ItÂ’s all so that the business that they’re in doesn’t take a hit. With Corzine, Corzine got caught — you’re right — stealing a billion dollars of clients’ money. What do they do? They circle the wagons! They don’t prosecute. They hoist him up, and then they say at the Obama campaign, “We need this guy’s help,” because they will not allow a hit to the ideology. One of the things I have expected in this campaign…

I think it may happen if Obama loses. I have really been expecting the Democrats to distance themselves and maybe throw Obama overboard in order to save the ideology and not let him take it down with him. If he loses, I think after the election that’s what you’re gonna see. Because they can’t allow this election to be perceived as their ideas got defeated.

They’re going to say, if Obama loses, that he lost because he didn’t care. “He didn’t campaign effectively. He didn’t make people think he wanted a second term. He really didn’t get in the game. He didn’t show up in that first debate.” They cannot permit the idea to settle in that Obama lost because his ideas stink; because his policies stink. They cannot allow that. This is why people are so mad at Christie.

I know people who think that what Christie did was, for all intents and purposes, endorse Obama. He did not… Fine, if you want the president to come in and give you some money and all that for your state in a disaster, you can do that. But you don’t need to go overboard in praising a failed president like Obama the way Christie did. Now, let me ask you. You are in New Jersey. Does that help Christie get reelected as governor? You tell me.


RUSH: In that state.

CALLER: Well, I’m gonna tell you something, Rush. We have a conservative candidate we ran against Christie before in the primary. His name was Steve Lonegan. He’s a blind man, but the man thinks just like you.

RUSH: I remember.

CALLER: And if we could get him to run again, I’m gonna tell you something. This man is absolutely fantastic. And he almost… He gave him a run for his money, but the establishment Republicans, it was all about Chris Christie. But if we can get him to run again, I don’t know. Maybe we can give him a run for his money. This man is so conservative… I don’t know if Christie is gonna get reelected or not because the teachers are all against him here. Christie, you know?

RUSH: Well, you got… I’m hearing all kinds of people say that the reason Christie did this is because he really wants to run for president 2016 and he can’t do that if Romney gets elected. There are people on the Republican side who actually think that. I mean, if that’s what people think, Christie has really orchestrated a major plunge here.

If this action of his has caused some in the Republican Party to think that he purposely undermined the nominee this year for his own benefit 2016 — and I know that there are Republicans that think that because I’ve talked to them. Well, I don’t talk to anybody. I get e-mails. But still, that’s devastating — and then the idea that what he effectively… I heard this, too. When I got up today, my e-mail inbox was loaded with people.

See, yesterday, when this program ended, Christie and Obama had not yet held any meaningful joint appearance. There was nothing to really react to other than his over-the-top request for Obama, but after the program ended, they got together and Christie started praising Obama to the hilt and Obama started praising Christie and how neither of them care about politics; it’s all about the people.

And I think fuses were lit, and my inbox this morning was smoking. I thought my iPhone was burning up. It was from Republicans who said that they’d exercised restraint yesterday but they were taking the gloves off today. And they also told me how they love my Greek column comments. But that’s neither here nor there. So it’s… I don’t know. It’s been disappointing to a lot of people, put it that way. I’m glad you called out there, Eric. Best of luck to you on the island.

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