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RUSH: I got polling data; if you want me to go through it, we can. Dick Morris is predicting a Romney landslide that includes Pennsylvania and over 300 electoral votes. The left has their guru predicting the same thing for Obama.

Landslide for Obama. There’s a guy, this Nate Silver guy that the left clings to. If it weren’t for him, they’d be suicidal. If it weren’t for this Nate Silver guy… HeÂ’s at the FiveThirtyEight Blog, it’s the New York Times. If it weren’t for this guy telling Democrats… He bet Scarborough today a thousand dollars that Obama wins big. Scarborough wasn’t there today. I don’t know where he was.

But he says he’s got a secret way of analyzing all these polls that nobody else knows. And he’s predicting Obama has a 79% chance of reelection, over 300 electoral votes, and the reason people listen to the kid is because he nailed it in 2008. The reason people say he nailed it is there are rumors that the regime was sharing their internals with him. Now, if the regime is sharing their internals with him this year, they can’t be giving him the right ones.

Because there’s no way he’s winning in a landslide. Halperin had it right. There are three outcomes here and two of them are bad for Obama: You’re gonna have a narrow Romney win or a landslide Romney win or a narrow Obama win. But you’re not gonna have an Obama landslide. So there are stories all over, if you read the right blogs — and I do. I read as much about the left as I do about the right.

There are people in San Francisco who literally say they woulda jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge already if it weren’t for this Nate Silver guy. (interruption) Yeah, but, I mean, it was right on the money. He predicted it right on the money. Snerdley said, “Who couldn’ta predicted that?” I mean, it was right on the money. So was Rasmussen, by the way. But, you know, for the left this is the only thing keeping them alive.

This one guy is the only thing keeping them from jumping off bridges. I’m not kidding you. I’ve read it myself. They say this. But Halperin said yesterday (and we played the sound bite) we got three possible outcomes here. You got a narrow Romney win or a big Romney win or a narrow Obama win. Karl Rove, he’s analyzing polls pretty close the way Dick Morris is but I don’t think… Rove is not predicting a 300-plus electoral vote landslide.

Morris is saying that Romney is gonna win Pennsylvania, and it’s not just him. He’s analyzing the last four elections (2010, 2008, 2006, 2004) and average them. He’s doing it with John McLaughlin, who is a highly reputed and recognized Republican pollster. So, I mean, we got the polling data that can go either way, however you want it to look. For example, the Fox poll. Try this.

There’s one network that’s been covering Benghazi, one network that’s been covering Benghazi. It’s Fox News Channel. So Fox puts out their poll today, or maybe it was yesterday afternoon. I don’t know. But they put it out. And Romney is cleaning up on the question of whoÂ’s better able to handle the economy, but on whoÂ’s better able to handle Benghazi? Obama is winning in the Fox News poll. Now, how does anybody…?

I know the Fox News poll doesn’t just poll people that watch Fox. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that. I just find it ironic that the one network covering this and getting the truth out about it puts a poll out that proves nobody’s watching ’em. That’s not fair to say, either. It just… What is, is just mind-boggling.

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