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RUSH: Breitbart is reporting Dingy Harry, the Senate majority leader, pledged to stonewall any attempt by Mitt Romney to pass his agenda if elected. Now, why would Harry Reid say that? Let’s look at this. In the first place, we’re told that we gotta have people walk across the aisle, bipartisanship. That was Obama, by the way. He was gonna end partisanship.

Obama was gonna bring us all together.

Okay, that didn’t happen. Obama is the most-partisan and divisive president in American history. I’m pretty confident in saying that. He’s the most divisive president in American history, on purpose and by design. Obama does not like half the country. Can I just be blunt? He does not like half the country. He does not like conservatives. He does not like Republicans. Yet he was the big bipartisan guy!

He was the guy who was going to come long and end partisanship, who was going to bring people together. Hope, change, all that. You know it. Now, Mitt Romney’s out talking about that. Mitt Romney is out talking about building this country back up, putting it together, moving it forward. Reversing the trajectory that we’re on, reversing the direction, streamlining it and all that. Harry Reid today pledged to block Romney’s agenda if elected.

Now, why say that?

It’s the Friday before the election.

Is Dingy Harry…? Is this a campaign statement, a campaign strategy? If so, who is it aimed to, or at? “Senate Democrats are committed to defending the middle class, and we will do everything in our power to defend them against Mitt Romney’s Tea Party agenda.” So, “Senate Democrats are committed to defending the middle class,” and I’m pledging to stonewall any attempt by Romney to implement his agenda.

Folks, how does that affect voters? I would think the independents would be outraged at something like that. Then the other question, “Well, why is he say this?” This is stuff to fire up your base, folks. This is the kind of stuff you say to keep the underwear crowd over at Daily Kos and the Democrat Underground happy. This is the kind of stuff you say to keep San Franciscans from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge at the thought of Romney winning.

But why is he even contemplating Romney winning on the Friday before the election? Why issue a statement that even contemplates Romney winning? Doesn’t that agrue against the whole purpose of the last three days and the claim that they have put Obama over the top? So here’s two statements. We’ve got Bill Clinton who in Lake Worth Florida today said (impression), “I may be the only guy in America, but I’m actually excited about more of Obama. Ha-ha-ha!”

And here’s Harry Reid pledging to stop Romney in his tracks. Again, these are the nice people, don’t forget. Yes, these are the people who care. These are the people who are gentle and thoughtful and cooperative. They want to work with people to get things done. In a contest of who is the most-partisan person in American politics, it would be a close contest between Barack Obama and Harry Reid.

Is this toning it down any?

Here we are in the midst of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath trying to bring people together. That’s why we’re gonna run the New York marathon! That’s for you in New York. We’re gonna bring people together. But Harry Reid is saying this kind of stuff? It was first posted at an ultra-left website, Talking Points Memo. I’m sure that this is… I’ll answer my own questions. I’m better at it than anybody else is.

He’s trying to rally his own troops.

That’s what this is.

But it’s not coming off… Well, I don’t know how it’s coming off. It doesn’t sound good to me. This is supposed to rally the troops, but it seems like he’s afraid of losing. Why even contemplate Romney’s victory? Why even be thinking that? You want to rally the base? You tell ’em that we’re gonna go full speed ahead with much more of what you like so much about the first term! You can’t wait to implement the rest of Obama’s agenda. You can’t wait to work with Obama!

But for some reason, the two big spokesmen for the Obama campaign today cannot speak positively about the outcome Tuesday.

They’re talking negatively about it.

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