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RUSH: ABC on Good Morning America today actually said they’ve got a poll, eight out of ten approve of Obama’s handling.

Well, I’ve got some sound bites from people from Staten Island and from Queens. They’re not happy up there. In fact, this is gonna get worse — much worse — before it gets better, and now they’re gonna run the New York marathon. Do you know what Bloomberg’s doing? They are kicking refugees, essentially, out of hotels to make room for people coming into town for the marathon.

“Well, we need the money! Oh, yeah, we need the economic benefit of the New York marathon.”

Everybody, wherever you go, they’re outraged over this decision. How in the world…? When you have people starving, when you have people begging for food and begging for clothes — they have no place to stay, they’ve got no heat, it’s gonna get cold at night this weekend — how in the world do you do this? Well, liberalism, folks! I hate to be so simplistic with the answer, but it means something.

And I could really rock the boat if I added something else about what I really think of this marathon business. (interruption) Well, because it’s part of the Health Nazi Crowd, and they’re all leftists, too. It’s all part of the, “You can’t have something larger than 16 ounces to drink. You can’t eat any trans fat.” These are the people on the other side of that that are loved and adored.


RUSH: Oh, there’s a great hashtag on Twitter. Do you know what a hashtag is? (interruption) You don’t know what a hashtag is? Well, put your mind to it. You know what a “tag” is? (interruption) Okay, the hashtag is: #LetThemEatMarathons. I’m telling you, going ahead with this marathon in the midst of all this, kicking residents out of hotels to make room for marathoners? There are little children being kicked out! They’re bringing two giant generators that could power 400 houses into Central Park to power things for the marathon.

Yeah, and this is all at the behest of Mayor Doomberg.


RUSH: Oh, wow, folks, it’s not as bad as I thought. Not as bad, this marathon business. This afternoon in New York City Mayor Bloomberg held a press conference to update people about the recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy, and he said this about the running of the New York marathon on Sunday.

BLOOMBERG: The Road Runners Club has asked each runner in this weekend’s marathon to also contribute $26.20, which is a dollar for each mile of the race, and hopefully some will do a lot more than that. TheyÂ’re running this race to help New York City and the donations from all of the runners and the clubs are going to be a big relief to our relief efforts.

RUSH: You gotta be kidding.

BLOOMBERG: And if you remember, you go back to 9/11, I think Rudy made the right decision in those days to run the marathon. It pulled people together and we have to find some ways to express ourselves and show our solidarity with each other.

RUSH: There you have it, folks, there you have it. Solidarity with each other, holding hands, working hard with each other. This race is for you. You’re in Staten Island, this race is for you. This race is to rebuild New York. The New York marathon to rebuild New York, and how’s it gonna happen? Well, every competitor is gonna donate $26.20. You know how they got to that number? That’s a dollar a mile. ‘Cause the original idiot back in Greece who ran that distance to inform somebody that the bad guys were coming is the only reason we have marathons.


RUSH: A ribbon? Oh, oh, oh, have the runners wear a ribbon. What would you call this ribbon? Hurricane awareness ribbon? Everybody’s already aware. There you have it, folks, $26.20 from every marathoner. I’m New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and this race is for you.

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