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RUSH: I have not forgotten Benghazi. I have it right here, how CBS has engaged in journalistic malpractice. They announced, by the way, “Oh, guess what, you know what? We had tape of President Obama on September 12th unwilling to call it a terrorist attack.” CBS News has known since the next day that he didn’t call it a terror attack, and they let that second debate go by without saying anything, the Candy Crowley event go by. They just on Friday happened to say, “Oh, guess what, we found it in our 60 Minutes interview on September 12th that didn’t air.”

This Benghazi thing, four dead Americans. You people in the United States military, you’re the second most abused group by the Obama campaign in this election. Stunning. But Benghazi, foreign policy, there is literally no competence. We are a great nation at dangerous risk in the world, made more so with Obama in charge.

RUSH: No, no, no. This is additional CBS footage. This is not a recycling of what CBS already reported. This adds to what Sharyl Attkisson put out on October 19th, we talked about it then. There is more from the interview on September 12th that CBS did with Barack Obama, and it is even more damning. There are a lot of people on the Internet, Breitbart has a story about this out today, just recycling the earlier story. After a direct question from Steve Kroft, Obama refused to call Benghazi terrorism in his 60 Minutes interview. They did not air that. They just made that available last Friday. Scott Pelley, CBS, “Oh, by the way, you know what we just found?”

Now, this is important because Obama’s out there lying ever since the second debate saying he did call it terrorism, the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, when it wasn’t. He was trying to get off the fact he blamed the video, which he did blame the video. Candy Crowley helped him in the second debate. I really believe the reason Romney hasn’t talked about Benghazi is because of that second debate. I think Romney has figured the deck is stacked against him, just probably best not to bring it up and let the rest of the media that there is get the story out, and he’s gonna focus on the economy

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