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RUSH: I want to play you an audio sound bite from Cokie Roberts yesterday on ABC’s This Week. This is during the roundtable. George Stephanopoulos said, “If the president has an advantage in Ohio, even if it’s a small one, that puts more pressure on Governor Romney to do better in Wisconsin or this late play for Pennsylvania. What do you say to that, Cokie?”

ROBERTS: Pennsylvania’s a perfect place where this is a problem, because you have those Philadelphia suburbs, and that’s where all this conversation about contraception and rape and all that are having a hold, and, you know, it’s very interesting, because women have not traditionally voted on those issues. They voted on economic issues. But when you ask African-Americans and Hispanics what issues they vote on, they say the economy as well. And yet they’ve turned off the Republican Party in huge numbers. Women are having the same reaction this time around where they are beginning to feel unwelcome in the Republican Party.

RUSH: I just think that is a crock. I don’t know on what she’s basing that. She just gets through telling us that women vote on the economy, but now all of a sudden they’re not? See, she’s falling prey for this mythical, imaginary War on Women. And you women in the Philadelphia suburbs particularly, you are gonna vote on contraception; you’re gonna vote on abortion; you’re gonna vote on Roe v. Wade. That’s what Cokie Roberts says about you. Romney and Ryan are gonna reverse Roe v. Wade. I have to tell you, for better or worse, a president has no role in constitutional amendments. Reversing Roe v. Wade is not something a president can do.

Now, a president appoints Supreme Court justices, but, my gosh, even if he does that, the fact is Roe v. Wade might not come up. You never know that the opportunity is gonna be presented again. Who knows. And outside of that, there’s nothing a president can do, any president. Bill Clinton couldn’t save it. And Nina Burleigh was willing to give Clinton Lewinskies all day for saving Roe v. Wade, but he can’t save it. Presidents have no role in constitutional amendments, which is what it would take. And all of this talk about Romney taking this away or that away, you know, women in this campaign have been the most abused, intellectually, during this campaign than any other group. And by abused I mean demeaned and dumbed down by Obama and his senior advisers in the Democrat Party.

It is really stunning to see how women are being insulted daily by the Obama campaign. Assuming that women, for example, are nothing more than their vaginas, their sex organs. “Ladies, vote with your sex organs” was actually a web ad the Obama campaign put out. Obama supporters are dressed up as vaginas at campaign events. I’ve remarked two or three times, “I’m stunned how insulting the Obama campaign is to women.” They have been abused intellectually, more so than any other group in this campaign, and there’s Cokie Roberts falling right in line. It’s stunning to me. I’ll guarantee you, Cokie Roberts is not voting on her vagina. She’s voting on her ideology.

Cokie Roberts isn’t worried about Romney or Ryan taking away her precious right to an abortion because Cokie Roberts knows that no president can. And yet, she’s willing to fall right in line and spread this myth that’s part of the Obama campaign to gender up this fear precisely because of her ideology. So even Cokie Roberts is willing to join in this intellectual abuse of women. The SEIU, I mean, these people are panicked. They just sent a tweet out, the Service Employees International Union: “Romney’s War on Women game plan: If he can’t make birth control illegal, he’s gonna make it unaffordable.” He can’t! A, Romney’s not gonna have anything to say about birth control, and, B, he doesn’t care. He said so in a debate. Contraception is a state thing if it’s a discussion at all.

This whole thing was started by George Stephanopoulos in a debate in the Republican primaries with a question, and Romney says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, George,” and all Romney had to do was answer the question and they’ll say, “Romney is talking about contraception now.” They’re trying to say the same thing. Obama talks about vote for revenge, Romney goes out and says, “No, vote for love-of-country,” the Democrats say Romney’s talking about revenge. This campaign is as intellectually dishonest as any Democrat campaign’s ever been, if not more so.


RUSH: Now, this War on Women. You know, it’s been fascinating to watch this in one regard, maddening, too. But supposedly Romney and Ryan are gonna reverse Roe v. Wade and they’re gonna take contraception away from you, and that’s the essence of the War on Women. Romney, Ryan, Republicans are gonna take abortion away from you and they’re going to make sure that you don’t get contraception so that you have to get pregnant and you can’t get an abortion and therefore you have to stay home, stay in the kitchen. That’s the progressive line of thought they want everybody to fall into. Well, just as I said, reversing Roe v. Wade is nothing a president can do. A president cannot touch it. A president has no role in constitutional amendments.

All of this talk about Romney taking this or that away is simply another lie, and women in this campaign have been intellectually abused like I have never seen them abused. I’ve seen their intelligence insulted. This campaign is treating women as nothing more than sex objects, actually. They’re treating all of you women as though all you care about is having sex as often as you can and having as many abortions as you need to allow you to have all the sex. And then the abortion is only really necessary because they’re gonna make sure that you get all the contraception you want. That’s how you’re looked at, the Obama campaign, you are minks, and you take contraception, and when that doesn’t work then you’re gonna get your abortion, and the Republicans don’t want you to have any of that pleasure. That’s the essence of the War on Women.

Well, let me tell you about contraception. There was a Supreme Court decision in 1965, famous Supreme Court decision, Griswold. In that Supreme Court decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution protects the use of contraceptives. Contraceptives cannot be outlawed. This matter was settled 50 years ago. Mitt Romney cannot reverse Griswold v. Connecticut. Mitt Romney cannot reverse Roe v. Wade. If you know any women who believe that Romney’s gonna take away abortion or that Romney’s gonna take away their contraception, tell them, it’s not possible. Romney, Ryan can’t do either. The only issue here is whether people should pay for their own contraceptives or whether their neighbors should be forced to pay for their contraceptives. That’s all that this is about. You know it and I know it.

The issue is about whether or not the Catholic Church should be forced to make ’em available and whether or not you should get them free, i.e., your neighbors paying for them. Now, our wonderful president, Obama, insists that your neighbor should pay for your contraception. Barack Obama insists your neighbor should pay for everything. Your neighbor should pay for your health care. Your neighbor should pay for your unemployment compensation. Your neighbor should pay for your contraception. Barack Obama has run tens of millions of dollars in ads all over the country insisting that anybody who disagrees with him on this is against women. This is the Barack Obama War on Women. If you disagree with the fact that somebody else should buy your contraception, then those people hate women, those people are anti-woman. It’s absurd.

So, as a result of that, Romney is said to be against women. George Allen in Virginia is said to be against women. Connie Mack in Florida is said to be against women. Every Senate candidate and House candidate who says, “Hey, pay for your own contraception,” is smeared as being against women. Any candidate who says, “Hey, be self-reliant, is said to be against women or against men or against this or against that.” If I didn’t know better, watching this campaign, I would say that free contraceptives is more important to Obama than heart disease, diabetes, whatever. That’s how screwed up his campaign is.

The number one health issue in this country is contraception? That’s what his War on Women’s all about. That’s what he wants you women to think, that the most important thing in your life is contraception and that somebody else ought to pay for yours. And if somebody comes along and says, “No, you ought to pay for your own,” which is nine dollars a month, then they’re against women. So to boil it down, the War on Women, simply stated, is this: If you think women should buy their own contraception, you hate women. That’s it. That’s what the War on Women is.

Do you expect your neighbors to pay for your bullets for your gun? Do you expect your neighbors to buy your food? Do you expect your neighbors to buy your gasoline? Do you expect your neighbors to pay for your solar panels? Barack Obama thinks that your neighbor ought to buy your contraception. This is how he’s appealing to women.

And Romney wants to take contraception away, so Romney’s anti-woman. Romney can’t take anybody’s contraception away. In fact, I don’t think he cares about it, in the big scheme of things. And, meanwhile, Barack Obama claims, “We created more jobs in my administration than the previous. We tried it their way, and they created fewer jobs than us.” Just amazing. Literally amazing.


RUSH: What did George Bush ever do to women? Somebody tell me what Bush’s War on Women was. Do you know that Obama’s War on Women has led to the biggest decline in female employment in 40 years? You want to talk about a War on Women? Barack Obama: The largest decline in female employment in 40 years.

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