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RUSH: Woodbridge, Virginia. Hi, Melissa. It’s great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thank you so much for taking my call. I’m excited to talk to you today. My husband’s been a longtime listener and I have just started listening in the last few months.

RUSH: Wow, welcome. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Listen, Rush, I’m excited to vote tomorrow. I’m a military spouse. I’m a brand-new citizen, and I get to vote tomorrow for the first time, and I’m pumped about that. I think Romney’s a great candidate and I’ve got a bunch of reasons to tell you why.

RUSH: Okay, go right ahead.

CALLER: First of all, I’m one of the many women out there who is insulted by the Democratic campaign. All of the things that you’ve been saying this afternoon are just like, “Yep, check on that box, check on that box.” From what I’ve seen, Mitt hasn’t been petty or snarky or pedantic. I’m tired of Obama lecturing to me telling me how I should live. This is not cool. I’m also really glad that Romney has real business experience. You know, I work two jobs to pay my bills and save for things like laptops and vacations, and I don’t get to print money like Obama has been doing for the last four years. So he needs to go.

RUSH: Let me tell you something.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm?

RUSH: Last week or the week before, I forget which, we had a caller here from Colorado who was talking about a Romney rally out there. And I offered her her choice of prizes from my prize closet. She said, “No, save it for a military family,” and that’s you.

CALLER: (giggles) Wow! (giggles)

RUSH: She was right. It was a great idea, and I want to give you your choice. Here’s what you can choose from because you really need it, and we in the country owe all of you in the military a debt that we’ll never really be able to pay. We owe you gratitude that’s difficult to express. It’s just a little something, but you mentioned laptops. I’ve got the best Apple laptop — the best computer — ever made right now, the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro. Or you can have a new iPhone 5. You can have a new iPad or an iPad Mini.

CALLER: Oh, my goodness. Well, my laptop died, so… (chuckles)

RUSH: Well, then, you got a new one! Now, it’s a Mac. Do you know how to use a Mac?

CALLER: Yeah, I’ve been coveting a Mac for a while.

RUSH: Weeeell, then! Now you have one. We’re gonna FedEx it to you. You’ll have it tomorrow.

CALLER: Oh, my goodness.

RUSH: I’m gonna throw in one of these little iPad Minis for you, too.

CALLER: Rush you’re gonna make me cry here. (unintelligible)

RUSH: These are cute little things. You can hold it in one hand. You can hold it in one hand. It’s just mini.

CALLER: Oh, wow.

RUSH: I played with mine over the weekend and it really is fun. It’s cute. So you’ll have everything covered with these two things.


RUSH: But, seriously, thank you very much. It’s great to have you in the audience and your take on this is extremely valuable. Your take on Romney’s business acumen and experience is really crucial.

CALLER: Well, also, Rush… I mean, I grew up in Canada. I know what universal health care is like, and it’s not the panacea that everybody makes it out to be.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: You know, and with the Benghazi part. My husband’s a naval aviator, like I was saying. He’s served multiple times overseas. If we’re not gonna go in and defend our ambassadors, what message are we sending?

RUSH: Oh, exactly. That is just… That whole episode is shocking in its incompetence, the lying, the cover-up. This administration gives us nowhere near the best this country has to offer. This country will not, cannot be the best led by this man because he doesn’t believe in that concept. He doesn’t believe in America as the best.

He believes an America that’s guilty, an America that must pay for some of the excesses it has engaged in. Melissa, thanks for the call. I want you to hang on so that Mr. Snerdley can get your shipping address. Make sure it’s a FedEx address. That’s what we use. We’ll have your iPad Mini. It’s Wi-Fi only, but that’s cool. They don’t have the cellular versions out yet. And your MacBook Pro, 15-inch Retina. That’s Melissa in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Portage, Wisconsin, hello, Don, great to have you here. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello. Thanks for taking my call. I’ve been a longtime listener. I was a Clinton voter the first time around, and then I ran team in a semi-truck, and my partner always listened to you. I would get up and argue with you over the phone and eventually I was converted over. This past year, my wife… She has never voted. She never was involved in politics of any kind.

It bored her. We were on vacation. It was the week of the vice presidential debate, and the weather was bad and we were stuck in a cabin out in northern Wisconsin. I was listening to Rush all the time. She started listening to you, and she watched the debate and she was up off the couch and yelling at the TV. (chuckles) She got involved, and now she listens to Rush every day.

RUSH: (laughs)

CALLER: She’s listening now, and I just wanted to thank you for that. I was the liberal with the typical arguments of, you know, “Show me the smoking gun.”

RUSH: I understand.

CALLER: Anyway, I just wanted to thank you. She’s so excited, she listens to you now on a daily basis.

RUSH: I can’t tell you what a great end to the program you have provided. I’m gonna send you an iPad, too, or a computer. Tell Snerdley what you want.

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