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RUSH: Rudy Giuliani, ladies and gentlemen, has been heroic the past week on television regarding Benghazi, regarding Obama’s malfeasance and incompetence, dangerous incompetence. And we learned yesterday, of course, that CBS had an interview with Obama on September 12th, the day after the attack in Benghazi.

CBS has the audio. I mentioned this to you yesterday. Obama specifically says it’s too soon to know whether it’s a terrorist attack. Now, the reason this is important is because in the second debate Romney got Obama on record as saying that he had said it was a terrorist attack in the Rose Garden, and Candy Crowley — in brilliant incompetence on her part — joined in. She teamed up against Romney with Obama.

She said, “Oh, yeah, here’s the transcript! Here’s the transcript. Yes, he said it was terrorism.” He never did. In fact, the next day he said he didn’t know, and CBS didn’t air it. CBS had it for two weeks and knew all along that Obama had not called it a terrorist attack. CBS could have aired what they edited out of the original broadcast and settled this. And you would think, as journalists, that that’s what they would do.

They knew something that nobody else knew. That’s what journalism is: You find out what people don’t know, and you tell ’em. Well, they found out what they knew and it didn’t help Obama. So they held it until last Friday, when Scott Pelley said, “Oh, by the way, we went back and we looked at our Obama interview on 60 Minutes.


RUSH: Now, finally Rudy. He was on Fox last night. He was with Fox & Friends this morning. He’s heroic on Benghazi. And not just Benghazi. This is on Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. Brian Kilmeade said, “You blasted FEMA. You said this response is similar to what we saw with Katrina. It seems the president’s getting a total pass. What could you have done if you were thinking ahead?”

GIULIANI: Preposition the water. Preposition generators. Kind of anticipate the fact that there would be a lack of gasoline and have a lot of that ready to go. And then, if I had forgot one of those things, there are airplanes to bring ’em in. When FEMA said, “Oh, we don’t have enough water because we didn’t preposition it,” first of all, everybody should yell out, “What, are you a bunch of idiots?” They could fly it in immediately. They could fly it in today. You can fly anything you want into Kennedy airport. This is as bad as Katrina.

RUSH: It is — it is. And this storm was a week out. There was a week’s worth of warning for people to stock up here from Obama to FEMA to whoever else. I’ll tell you, Rudy’s kicking butt on this stuff. And then Kilmeade said, “President Obama’s getting a total pass, and so are the governors, they’re getting a total pass.”

GIULIANI: This is like a F minus. This is about as bad as it gets. The president’s getting away with it. If this were President Bush, you don’t want to know what the media would be doing to him. Oh, my goodness. But they’re trying to protect this man, just like they’re protecting him on Benghazi. Same problem, by the way. Campaigner-in-chief took over for commander-in-chief. Chris Christie embraced him, great job. He takes off for Las Vegas with his jacket, “Commander-in-chief,” actually should say “Campaigner-in-chief,” and then he forgets about us. As soon as he got his credit, he’s off and running, and his FEMA is fumbling day after day after day.

RUSH: That is exactly right. As soon as Obama got the credit with one stop, getting accolades, getting praise, getting “job well done” attaboys from Chris Christie, Obama’s gone, mission accomplished. (Obama impression) “Yeah, that’s exactly right, Limbaugh. I made it look like I care. I made it look like I’m working on it and I’m gone.” He knows exactly who his friends are. And Rudy, he’s nailing this just like he’s nailing Benghazi.

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