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RUSH: Yesterday this program provided a bunch of fodder for the left to bounce off of. Here’s another example. This is Bob Bennett. Now, Bob Bennett is — which Bob Bennett is this? Oh, this is the RINO Bob Bennett. You know, there are so many Bennetts out there. There’s Bill Bennett, and then there’s his brother Uncle Bob, and then there is Rita Braver, the CBS reporterette. Her husband is a Bennett who does book deals. He’s an agent for everybody, and that’s a Bob Bennett. And this guy is Robert Bennett, who is the former senator from Utah. And that’s who this sound bite is. Oh, he hates Republicans. This was during a National Journal forum entitled The Day After, the 2012 election debrief. The panelist here, former Utah Republican senator Bob Bennett.

BENNETT: The Woodward book, the one fellow who does not come off well in the Woodward book is the president of the United States. Not because he is the socialist Saul Alinsky type that all of the Republicans claim he is. I got to know him in the Senate, and I never found that out about him until after Rush Limbaugh informed me. (laughing) I hope he has learned by virtue of this campaign, yeah, you won, and that’s great, but if you’re gonna govern, you have got to listen to people who have credentials other than those that you conferred upon them, and you’ve got to give those people a place at the table.

RUSH: Now, listen to this Looney Toon. This guy’s on a forum telling Obama what he’s gotta do to govern basically bitching at me. Mr. Bennett, Senator Bennett, he is an Alinskyite, and that does mean something. He taught Alinskyism.

See, these RINOs? They sit out there and they reject… I don’t know why. Because it scares ’em? They think it’s extreme? I don’t know what. Rita Braver. That’s who it is. Rita Braver is married to the Bob Bennett book agent guy. Anyway, this former Republican Senator is making fun or laughing at the fact that Obama is something he doesn’t know. Meanwhile, he’s sitting there talking about how Obama’s gotta learn to compromise.

Why do you think he doesn’t? He’s an Alinskyist! He’s an Alinskyite. That’s amazing to me. He’s just blind, utterly blind, worthlessly blind. (interruption) Well, it is why Bennett was tossed out, but still he’s sitting there all arrogant. He doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. He dares to sit there and say (impression), “The Obama that was in the Woodward book is not very good guy. I served with him in the Senate.

“I didn’t know he was an Alinskyite, whatever the hell that is, ’til Rush Limbaugh told me. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” And he goes on to talk about how Obama’s stubborn and won’t work with anybody. George Stephanopoulos, on ABC’s World News Tonight, is excited that there’s a “civil war” in the GOP. Diane Sawyer said, Recycliiiiiiiiiing! “George, give me your bottom line on the Republicans now. We talked about the soul-searching. What do they (hiccup) do next?”

STEPHANOPOULOS: Soul-searching, perhaps civil war. You gotta look at this party right now. They have won the popular vote only once since 1988 in the presidential rate and it was probably best summed up by Al Cardenas, head of the American Conservative Union. He said the party is “too old too white and too male.” They lost young women, single women, by almost 40 points; Hispanics by almost 40 points; blacks by more than 80 points. This is a party that has to create a much bigger tent.

RUSH: See, there you go, and the Republican Party believes this. This Al Cardenas, the head of the American Conservative Union, said the party is too old, too white, too male. Three million Republicans didn’t vote. And if they had, these numbers on single women and Hispanics would not have mattered because Romney would have won. But the theme is that the Republicans are too exclusive.

Look, I don’t want to bore you. We mentioned this in the first hour and a half of this program. I’m just telling you this is where they are. This is what the Republican Party is listening to. They listen to people like Stephanopoulos and this conservative guy, Al Cardenas. Too old, too white, too male. Lost single women, Hispanics. Again, I’m just gonna ask the question: The Hispanic voters, why do they vote Democrat? And it isn’t immigration policy.

It is not immigration policy. That’s not why Hispanics vote for Democrats. Republicans, to get the 75% of Hispanics that vote for Democrats, are gonna have to become members of the welfare state. And then they’re gonna have to compete for the welfare state vote better at it than the Democrats do. Or they’re gonna have to embark on an outreach program to explain to ’em why the welfare state’s not in anybody’s best interest, and try to talk ’em out of it.

But that’s why 75% of Hispanics vote Democrat. And this is academic, scholarly research produced yesterday by Heather Mac Donald. I’m not making it up. She’s the scholar on this stuff. Seventy-five percent vote Democrat because they believe in the big expansion of government, social safety net, and progressive taxation. It had nothing to do with immigration policy. Single women vote for the Democrat Party because the Democrat Party is their husband.

They don’t have to get married. The husband, provider, whatever, is Democrats. If the Republican Party wants to take over that role, fine. In addition, the Democrat Party is not only the husband which provides the birth control pills and all the abortions they want. If you want to get that vote, that’s what you gotta do, or you have to reach that constituency and tell ’em why they’re wrong and talk ’em out of it.

But to get those voters as they exist, I asked the question yesterday: “Okay, what do we have to have to do? Do we have to become pro-choice? Do we have to start passing out birth control pills on the corner? Do we have to tell the Catholic Church to shut the hell up? Is that what we have to do?” That’s what the Democrats do. That’s how they get their votes. But the Republican Party thinks they have gotta do something here.

“We got to get those votes. Those votes are why we’re losing everything,” and, meanwhile, three million of their own voters stayed home. Herman Cain was on the radio yesterday, and he was asked, “We had conservatives in the primary, and yet we wound with a Massachusetts moderate as the nominee, Mr. Cain. How do we keep that mistake from happening again?”

CAIN: We need a third party to save this country. This country is in trouble, and it is clear that neither party is going to fix the problems we face. I don’t believe the Republican Party has the ability to rebrand itself against the mainstream media machine that blatantly works to support this president and other liberals as well as the Democrats.

RUSH: Well, I understand what he’s saying. But if somebody forms a third party the media will just go after it same way. Charles Krauthammer was on Special Report with Bret Baier last night for the All-Star Panel, talking about Republicans and the Hispanic vote. Get ready here…

KRAUTHAMMER: … Hispanics, and that is not an intrinsic ethnic affinity problem. It’s a policy problem. The Republicans are… Romney ran to the right of Rick Perry in the primaries on that issue. He never recovered. I think, uh, Republicans can change their position. Be a lot more open to actual amnesty with enforcement. Amnesty, everything short of citizenship. And to make a bold change in their policy enforcement and then immediately after, a guarantee of amnesty. That would change everything. If you had a Rubio arguing that, it would completely upend all the ethnic alignment.

RUSH: There you have it, folks. We just come out for amnesty, and that’s how we get the Hispanic vote. And then we come out for abortion and we get the women’s vote. We get Marco Rubio to come out for amnesty and problem solved. But except the problem is, the problem is that the Hispanic vote is not voting amnesty! Folks, I’m sorry to have to be repetitive here. The Hispanic vote is not voting for the Democrat Party on the basis of immigration policy. That is not why 75% of the Hispanics that vote for the Democrats are voting for them. It’s nothing to do with immigration policy.

This is a trap.

It’s a real trap.


RUSH: I really don’t believe what I just heard on Fox News, the sound bite that we played, that we’ve gotta go for amnesty. We have to get Marco Rubio out there to make the pitch for amnesty. That is such a misreading. Seventy-two percent of the people that voted Tuesday were white. You would not know that listening to the media. By the way, George Stephanopoulos? You’re too old, you’re too male, and you’re too white to be on TV.

You are not what the American viewer wants anymore.

I mean, we’re gonna sit here and be told that voters don’t want too white, too old? They’re not gonna vote for ’em? What the hell are you doing on television? Make way for an Hispanic or get some pregnant woman on there who’s gonna have an abortion — and have that televised, and then you’ll really get ratings. What is this? George Stephanopoulos is too old, too white, too male to be on TV. Bret Baier, too old, too white… Well, he’s not too old, but he’s gonna be too old someday.

We gotta get rid of all the white people on TV.

They simply are not the way to get an audience.


RUSH: Well, looks like ratings were down, TV ratings on election night, over 2008. It’s obviously because the networks are too white, too old, and too male. Brian Williams, old, white male. George Stephanopoulos, old, white male. CBS — who the hell even did CBS? Scott Pelley, old, gosh, ancient old, wrinkles, white, male. Is it any wonder? Is it any wonder whatsoever? Meanwhile, Fox kicked butt because there’s Megyn Kelly in high heels walking all over the place trying to keep Karl Rove happy. Makes a difference, folks. These guys are on to something.


RUSH: Elizabeth in Palm City, Florida. Really glad you waited. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I’m a naturalized American citizen of Hispanic background, who, about 26 years ago earned the right to vote. And I wanted to give you my opinion on the so-called Hispanic vote. I think it’s very important to note that there’s two types of Hispanic voters. The Hispanic voter who earned the right to vote, who is always conservative, family oriented, religiously bound person, and then you have the illegals that, through amnesty and after all these years, were able to become citizens and vote. In my opinion, the first type of Hispanic is the type that the gentleman from the Journal, the first article that you said, that we believe in the American way and hard work and everything that America has to offer.

RUSH: There’s no question. See, here’s the thing. The Hispanic vote is not monolithic just like the women vote is not monolithic and the male vote’s not monolithic. They don’t all think the same. And clearly there are Hispanics who believe in hard work, they were all over the Republican convention. They’re all over the Republican Party. But the majority of them vote Democrat, and they vote Democrat because they believe in an expansionist government. They believe in Santa Claus. They believe in progressive taxation. This has been documented, empirical data, in studies. It’s not somebody’s opinion. Heather Mac Donald’s looked into it. There’s no question about it.

The vast majority of Hispanics do not vote Democrat because of immigration policy. It counts, but fourth or fifth on the list. The Republicans think that the Hispanic vote votes entirely on immigration policy, and it doesn’t, and therefore they think, and we just heard Dr. Krauthammer say that the Republicans ought to get Marco Rubio up there to sponsor an amnesty program, and that would fix the problem. It wouldn’t. I’m gonna tell you something else, folks. This Santa Claus business, I need to draw a little distinction. It’s really not the government that’s Santa Claus. It’s the Democrat Party that’s Santa Claus. When you get right down to it, it’s the Democrat Party that’s promising all this freebie stuff. It’s the Democrat Party that’s conveying to people, “You’ll be okay, vote for us, we’ll take care of you. If you lose your job, fine. If you lose your job, we’ll make sure you eat, have a phone, have a car, have gasoline, free minutes on the phone, big TV set out there, and then we’ll also find a way to send you to a work training center to make it look like –” the Democrat Party is Santa Claus. That’s the appeal.

Now, when they happen to run the government, yes, the government’s Santa Claus. The government’s the repository for the money. But it’s the Democrats that choose to spend it the way they spend it, i.e., free stuff. It’s the appeal of the Democrat Party. The question is are we outnumbered by people that want that out of a political party. Conservatives want political parties and governments to get the hell out of the way. Turn us loose. Let us use our own ambition, desire, talent, to become the best we can be. We want to triumph. We want to prosper. The Democrat Party has done its best to distort the whole definition of prosperity and where it comes from. The Democrat Party has done everything it can to make sure that people do not think hard work equals prosperity.

Hard work means you’re gonna get screwed. Having to work means you’re gonna get screwed. The Democrat Party lives and breathes today on distorting the entire explanation of how prosperity happens and how wealth is created. And if the people that vote for the Democrat Party were ever truly informed and educated about prosperity, where it comes from and how it happens, the Democrats would be finished. But that’s a long time off. People who vote for the Democrat Party have a distorted understanding of how prosperity is created, how wealth is created, the source of it, and all that. Well, some do think it’s evil, some think it’s unfair. Some think that wealth and prosperity is unfair, and the Democrat Party feeds off that, too. No question about it. Thanks, Elizabeth.

It’s Prince William County, Virginia. Angela, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush. Again, I live in Prince William County, and I was one of the many volunteers on Election Day, and I had a lot of people that volunteered for me in 11 precincts, and we had everybody from black people to male and female, Christians, Hispanics, people of Indian descent, Native Americans, young white male and females. But when we looked at the numbers, we realized that a significant number of people did not vote and we still don’t know why. I listened to the gentleman named Ken and I’m beginning to understand there was a lot of talk about people just simply would not vote for Romney because he wasn’t conservative enough. But I also want to say that I think that you are just totally wrong about the reason why a lot of black people and Latino people don’t vote with the Republican Party or how they view the Republican Party, and it’s been consistent across the board. The Republican Party is the party of old white males. And whenever you combine that with an absolute through and through corrupt media that want to say not only are they old white males, but they’re racist old white males —

RUSH: Okay, see, now, that’s the point. Now, I have never said that’s not how they see the Republican Party. I think it’s a bit of a distortion. Let me ask you this.


RUSH: I’m not arguing. You know, don’t misinterpret the tone in my voice. I’m not trying to put you on the spot. But you say that I’m wrong, that a lot of minorities look at the Republican Party as old white men. What’s wrong with white guys? What’s wrong with old white men? What is that?

CALLER: Okay, look, whenever you use the word “conservative,” “Republican” for a lot of people, because of the media, and I’m talking about across the board, everything from movies, to music —

RUSH: Yep.

CALLER: — to the news, the word “conservative” in itself for a lot of people means racist or supporter of racism.

RUSH: Right, it means racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe.

CALLER: People making those types of statements “return to values that made us great,” for a lot of black people that means return to slave-like conditions or Jim Crow. There are a lot of people —

RUSH: Now, hold it just a second. How stupid is that? Serious, how ridiculous is that?

CALLER: Again, whenever you have a media that is corrupt as it is, and whenever you have people like your Michael Eric Dysons and your Tavis Smileys and all that combined in that, that people, unfortunately, do trust as —

RUSH: I understand. I know that this is what the Democrats have said about us. I know it’s what the media says and your Michael Eric Dysons and Tavis Smileys and all these people, I understand that. My question, I guess is — it’s untrue — I don’t want to accept the premise of it, ’cause it isn’t true. There is no desire to return to slavery. There’s no desire to return to Jim Crow, none of it. It’s just the exact opposite. Why does Clarence Thomas being a Republican not refute that? I want to know, Angela, why does Condoleezza Rice not refute that? Why does Marco Rubio not refute that? Tell me.

CALLER: Well, simply because for a lot of black people, whenever they see black people, even like myself, supporting the Republican Party that they believe is racist, we’re seen as Uncle Tom sellouts, regardless of what you may say —

RUSH: That’s right, Uncle Tom. Well, whose fault is that? Let me tell you something. That’s not Republican Party’s fault because there’s not a grain of truth in it, just like I had heard a story, a woman actually showed up and said she wasn’t gonna vote for Mitt Romney because he’s cruel to dogs. Why did she think that? Because the Democrats ran a commercial about Romney taking his dog on vacation on the roof of the car. Now, I’m sorry, but the fact that a bunch of uninformed, ill-informed people think that Republicans want to go back to slavery, that is not a Republican problem. I don’t know how the Republicans solve it.

There is no move to go back to slavery. There is no move for any of these things these people fear. These are lies that are being spread by the Democrat Party and the media. It’s their problem. Nah, that’s not the right — it is a problem for us, but it isn’t true. And I’m just telling you, we’re being outnumbered by people who think this way, and there’s not a damn thing policy-wise we can do to change it. Coming out for amnesty is not going to change the Hispanic guy you’re talking about’s view of the Republican Party. It isn’t gonna make any difference. I am long here. I gotta take a break. I wish I had more time

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