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RUSH: Charleston, Virginia. This is Chris. Great to have you, sir, on the program. Thank you for waiting. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, it’s a huge honor to speak with you. I’m in Charleston, South Carolina, just so you know.

RUSH: Oh, sorry. I can’t get anything right today.

CALLER: No, you’re doing great. I agree with all of the reasons you’ve given that played a role in Obama’s reelection, but one that I haven’t heard you mention is something that the president recommended himself, and it was to vote for him out of a sense of revenge.

RUSH: Well, as far as the fact that his voters voted for him, you can’t rule that out.

CALLER: I think he knew that would and did resonate with his base, and I do think that one of the things that animates people on the left is getting even, in quotes, with anyone that don’t agree with them.

RUSH: There’s no question about that. They take greater satisfaction in defeating us than they do the advancement or success of their own agenda.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Well, okay, I’ll grant that and what it all means is that Obama did not reach out gloriously and magnanimously and inclusively like we’re being told we have to be. The Democrats can win with ruthless, mean-spirited, lying, character assassination. It works, they win. Nobody ever tells them, and they never tell themselves, “You know what? We’re not inclusive enough.” They can go out, they can distort, they can lie, they can destroy the character and the career of their opponents, and that’s fine, that’s considered brilliant politics. And the Republicans lose, and, “Oh, weren’t inclusive enough. Oh, we aren’t nice enough. Our people on the radio sound too mean.”

Meanwhile, the more you look into it, the more you get a feel for it, the greater the realization that there’s still a reluctance to accept the nature of our enemy and deal with them accordingly to explain why we’re losing these elections. And, sorry, that ain’t happening here. We know who the enemy is here. We know who the opponent is. “Enemy is not a good word. You’re just dividing people, Rush, you’re just alienating, calling ’em the enemy.” (laughing) What are they calling you? Murderers and felons. They’re calling you extremists, hatemongers and so forth. That doesn’t seem to bother you. Anyway. Good point, Chris. I appreciate it.

Seventy-point-four million Americans enrolled in Medicaid in 2011, one out of every five Americans. That’s a record. That is 22% of the population. It means there’s one person on Medicaid for every five Americans in 2011. Medicaid’s intended for the poor. It’s just another item, it’s like the food stamp number. It’s more systemic failure of the American system authored and controlled by the Democrats and has put us on a path that cannot possibly be sustained.

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