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RUSH: Some questions, ladies and gentlemen. When Democrats lose elections — and they do lose elections. We all agree? When Democrats lose elections, do they ever discuss the possibility they may have to become pro-life?

Okay. When Democrats lose elections, do they ever say, “You know what? We may have to give up this gay marriage position of ours and sort of abandon that. We may need to stand up for traditional marriage.” Do the Democrats ever say that when they lose elections? No. After the Democrats lose elections, do they ever say, “You know, I think we’ve got to abandon this effort to shut down Second Amendment.

“We’re gonna have to understand it. We’re really out of touch. We’re alienating our voters who love guns. We’re gonna have to become big advocates of the Second Amendment”? Do Democrats ever say that when they lose elections? Do the Democrats, after they lose elections, all run to the media and start agonizing over where they’re going wrong? Do Democrats, when they are losing elections, ever blame their media?

Do they ever say that their media is alienating people? Do they ever say their media is too mean-spirited? Do they ever say their media is too dishonest? Do they ever blame their media when they lose elections? They don’t do that, do they? When Democrats lose elections, do they tell themselves, “You know, we better tone down our rhetoric a little bit. We better dial it back. We are offending people that go to church and we’re offending people who have a traditional, historical view of America.

“We’d better tone it down. We’re gonna be in real trouble here”? Do they ever say that when they lose? When the Democrats lose elections, are their comedians blamed as being too harsh and too cruel and filled with hate speech? No, it doesn’t happen. But we do all of that. The Republicans are in the process of doing all of that. Do the Democrats ever, when they lose elections, openly discuss abandoning their core principles?

No, they don’t.

What do they do?

They blame the stupidity of voters, and they double down on all of it. And they say they really didn’t lose anyway. They come up with excuses to explain the loss that does not have anything to do with them.


RUSH: Do the Democrats, after losing elections, ever say, “You know what? We’re gonna have to cut taxes if we are ever going to get back in touch with the American people. We’re going to have change our tax increase policy, and we’re gonna have to stop bashing the rich. We’re gonna have to stop calling the rich felons and accusing them of essentially letting women die. We’re gonna have to stop doing that”?

Do they ever say that? They don’t. In fact, they don’t even ever blame themselves. They blame events, tricks, or what have you. They circle the wagons. They say, “Well, we just didn’t get our message out,” when they lose. But they never — they never — turn the firing squad on each other. Even Dan Rather, after that bogus report on George W. Bush and the National Guard, what did they do?

In order to protect the institution of the news media that they run, they gave Dan Rather a series of journalism lifetime-achievement awards. Brokaw and Jennings arranged it. Whenever a major Democrat flop or failure or embarrassment occurs, they rally around and they elevate that person so that what they stand for doesn’t take a hit. They will not allow renegade individuals (and they have plenty of ’em) to do any damage to their agenda and what they believe.

We, on the other hand, are the exact opposite.

We lose elections, and we start making tracks to abandon our principles and loyalists as fast as we can. All to please them.

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